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I Am Suicide
A compilation of haikus on gays in the 1960’s

My heart is not a
Gender. My soul is not sin.
Let me love freely.

I love you. Not the
World. Cause the world does not love
Us. So why be here?

Because I love you
Openly. I have to lose
You. Ain't that some shit.

I died today cause
My heart could not reach without
A gavel involved.

Live Love. Life Lost. I
Committed only one sin.
I am Suicide.

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Tiara Z.S. Rosales, also known as Star Rosales, is 21 year old student at the Univ. of Southern Mississippi that hails from Jackson, MS. She spent most of her prior years training in ballet, modern, and jazz dance, but found a natural talent and drive for the art of creative writing. Star aspires to be an advocate in the arts community and renown hip hop writer. More can be found at