Jeff playing with tracking radar

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Megan Hughes
(Ph. D. student; M.S., University of Vermont, B.A., Earlham College): Behavioral plasticity in passerine migrants as a response to constraints on food resource acquisition during stopover.

Kristina Paxton
(Ph.D. student; M.S. Northern Arizona University, B.S. University of Texas): The influence of connectivity on migration stopover strategies

T.J. Zenzal
(M.S. Student; BS University of Scranton).
Ruby-throated Hummingbird stopover ecology.

Jill Gautreaux
M.S. student, BS. Louisiana State University. Multi-scale investigation of stopover ecology within an urbanized coastal landscape.

Kristen Covino
PhD student. BS. Canisius College, MS University of Maine. Behavioral endocrinology and the transition between phases of the annual cycle of migratory songbirds.

Will Lewis
MS student. BS. Albion College. Response of gut microbiota to the energetic demands of long-distance passerine migration.





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