SHREC 2018 - 2D Scene Sketch-Based 3D Scene Retrieval

UPDATES: during this track changes and updates will be posted here.

  • Feb-24-2018: The evaluation results have been released! Click here
  • Feb-24-2018: Time for the release of evaluation scores will be February 24, 10:00 PM (UTC-6)
  • Feb-06-2018: Time for the submission of results and method description will be February 22, 11:59 PM (UTC-6)
  • Feb-01-2018: Release of the complete dataset! Click here
  • Jan-31-2018: Time for the release of the complete dataset will be February 1, 8:00 PM (UTC-6)
  • Jan-25-2018: Example 2D scene sketches and 3D scene models are available now! Click here