Principal Investigator

M. Zachary Darnell

Nina Bell Suggs Assistant Professor
Division of Coastal Sciences
School of Ocean Science and Engineering
The University of Southern Misssissippi

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Graduate Students

Adam Kemberling (M.S. student)

Adam is examining offshore movements and habitat use of spawning female blue crabs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Helen Olmi (Ph.D. student)

Helen is investigating migratory movements and fishing mortality of the LA blue crab spawning stock.

Lennah Shakeri (M.S. student)

Lennah is examining effects of habitat fragmentation on blue crab populations.

Christian Hayes (Ph.D. student)

Christian splits his time between The Craboratory and Kelly Darnell's Coastal Ecology and Seagrass Biology lab and is investigating habitat use patterns of nekton in turtlegrass.

Former Craboratory Members

Abby Kuhn (M.S., 2017)

Effects of temperature on growth and molting in blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) and lesser blue crabs (Callinectes similis).

Samantha Hicks (M.S., 2016)

Samantha's thesis focused on blue crab maternal care behaviors. She is now working for the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center.

Sarah Cunningham

Sarah worked as lab manager from 2015–2017, keeping both crabs and grad students alive, healthy, and happy .