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Index to Volumes 44 and 45

44 (2006-07) - 45 (2007-08)


Vol. 44 2006-2007 Back to Top

Accilien, Cécile. 2007. "The Art of Ulrick Jean-Pierre." Vol. 44, no.3, 127-129.

Bonner, Judith H. 2006. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XVIII." Vol. 44, no.1, 160-184.

Brown, Anne Gray. 2006. "The Scribe of River Lake Plantation: A Coversation with Ernest J. Gaines." Vol. 44, no.1, 9-31.

Cardon, Lauren S. "'Good Breeding': Margaret Mitchell's Multi-Ethnic South." Vol. 44, no.4, 61-82.

Corne, James Steward. 2006. "The Long Road South." Vol. 44, no.1, 103-119..

Davidson, Adenike Marie. 2006. "Marginal Spaces, Marginal Texts: Alice Dunbar-Nelson and the African American Prose Poem." Vol. 44, no.1, 51-64.

Dubois, Laurent. 2007. The Haitian Revolution and the Sale of Louisiana." Vol. 44, no.3, 18-41.

Duplantier, Jean-Marc Allard. 2007. "Creole Louisiana's Haitian Exile(s)." Vol. 44, no.3, 68-84.

Edge, John T. 2007. " White Trash Cooking , Twenty Years Later." Vol. 44, no.2, 88-94.

Egerton, John. 2007. "As God Is My Witness, I'll Never Go Hungry Again." Vol. 44, no.2, 16-18.

Ellis, Clifton and Gina Haney. 2007. "Visual Culture and Ideology: The Gothic Revival in the Backlot of Antebellum Charleston." Vol. 44, no.4, 9-40.

Evans, Amy. 2007. "The Mississippi Hot Tamale Trail" (photographic essay). Vol. 44, no.2, 115-125.

Greene, Kate. 2007. "Southern Misfits: Politics, Religion, and Identity in the Music of Indigo Girls." Vol. 44, no.4, 155-174.

Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo. 2007. "The Franco-African Peoples of Haiti and Louisiana." Vol. 44, no.3, 10-17.

Hall, Robert L. 2007. "Africa and the American South: Culinary Connections." Vol. 44, no.2, 19-52.

Harris, Jessica B. 2007. "Three is a Magic Number." Vol. 44, no.2, 9-15.

Holden, Jack D. 2007. "Echoes of an Island Past: Flush Panel Armoires in Saint-Domingue and Louisiana." Vol. 44, no.3, 118-126.

Holditch, W. Kenneth. 2007. "Southern Comfort: Food and Drink in the Plays of Tennessee Williams." Vol. 44, no.2, 53-73.

Hood, Judy. 2007. "Born With a Skillet in Her Hands." Vol. 44, no.2, 74-87.

Hopkins, Robert. 2007. "The Mysterious Disappearance and Death of Edgar A. Poe." Vol. 44, no.4, 41-60.

Kenny, Gale L. 2006. "Mastering Childhood: Paternalism, Slavery, and the Southern Domestic in Caroline Howard Gilman's Antebellum Children's Literature." Vol. 44, no.1, 65-87.

Kress, Dana. 2007. "Pierre-Aristide Desdunes, Les Cenelles , and the Challenge of Nineteenth-Century Creole Literature." Vol. 44, no.3, 42-67.

Le Gardeur, René J. Jr. 2007. "The New Orleans Theatre 1792 - 1803." Vol. 44, no.3, 85-115.

Lemmon, Alfred. 2007. "Biographical Sketch of René J. Le Gardeur, Jr." Vol. 44, no.3, 116-117.

Link, Alex. 2007. "Means, Meaning and Mediated Space in "A Good Man is Hard to Find"." Vol. 44, no.4, 125-138.

McKnight, Maureen. 2007. "Discerning Nostalgia in Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God ." Vol. 44, no.4, 83-115.

Miller, Shawn E. 2007. "'An Aching Lust to Hurt Somebody Back': The Exile's Patrimony in Bastard out of Carolina ." Vol. 44, no.4, 139-154.

Miller, Wendy Pearce. 2007. "Implicit Protest in Elizabeth Madox Roberts The Time of Man ." Vol. 44, no.4, 116-124.

Patout, Gerald F. Jr. 2007. "Culinary Resources of The Historic New Orleans Collection Library." Vol. 44, no.2, 95-103.

Polk, Noel. 2007. "Notes of Another Native Son" (Richard Wright award address). Vol. 44, no.2, 126-137.

Pollin, Burton R. 2006. "Kilmer's Promotion of Poe." Vol. 44, no.1, 120-150.

Roumillat, Shelene C. 2007. "Four Hundred Years of French Presence in Louisiana: Treasures from the National Library of France. The Historic New Orleans Collection. 3 March - 2 June 2007" (review essay). Vol. 44, no.3, 160-181.

Sivils, Matthew Wynn. 2006. "Reading Trees in Southern Literature." Vol. 44, no.1, 88-102.

Smith, Judge Soule. 2007. " Mint Julep (ca. 1890)." Vol. 44, no.2, 113.

Snyder, Robert. 2006. "Between Midnight & Day: The Last Unpublished Blues Archive" (review essay). Vol. 44, no.1, 151-159.

Sparks,. Randy J. 2006. "The Southern Way of Death: The Meaning of Death in Antebellum White Evangelical Culture." Vol. 44, no.1, 32-50.

St. John, Robert..2007. "The Invasion of the Whores de Orvrays." Vol. 44, no.2, 108-111.

St. John, Robert. 2007. "The Payback Party of 1976." Vol. 44, no.2, 104-107.

Sweat, Judge N.S. 'Soggy' Jr. 2007. " Whiskey Speech (1952)." Vol. 44, no.2, 112-113.

Turner, Daniel Cross. 2007. "Heterotopic Space in Andrew Hudgins' After the Lost War ." Vol. 44, no.4, 175-195.

Watterson, Henry. 2007. " Julep (ca. 1910)." Vol. 44, no.2, 114.


Bolton, Charles C. The Hardest Deal of All: The Battle Over School Integration in Mississippi, 1870-1980 (Gail L. Sunderman). Vol. 44, no.4, 211-214.

Brown, David. Southern Outcast: Hilton Rowan Helper and The Impending Crisis of the South (Martha Schoolman). Vol. 44, no.4, 201-204.

Burnett, Lonnie A. The Pen Makes A Good Sword: John Forsyth of The Mobile Register (Lorman Ratner). Vol. 44, no.4, 199-201.

Dubois, Laurent. A Colony of Citizens: Revolution & Slave Emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1787-1804 (Bernard Moitt). Vol. 44, no.3, 209-212.

Fischer, Sibylle. Modernity Disavowed: Haiti and the Cultures of Slavery in the Age of Revolution (Sarah Franklin). Vol. 44, no.3, 212-214.

Gross, Ariela. Double Character: Slavery and Mastery in the Antebellum Courtroom (Robert J. Cottrol). Vol. 44, no.4, 196-198.

Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo. Slavery and African Ethnicities in the Americas: Restoring the Links (Adam Rothman). Vol. 44, no.3, 217-220.

Hoffschwelle, Mary S. The Rosenwald Schools of the American South (Mary Hansen). Vol. 44, no.4, 204-206.

Horowitz, Roger. Putting Meat on the American Table: Taste Technology, Transformation (Andrew P. Haley). Vol. 44, no.2, 155-157.

Jones, Suzanne W. Race Mixing: Southern Fiction Since the Sixties (W. Lawrence Hogue). Vol. 44, no.1, 194-197.

Justus, James H. Fetching the Old Southwest: Humorous Writing from Longstreet to Twain (Gregg Camfield). Vol. 44, no.1, 188-190.

Kolin, Philip C. The Tennessee Williams Encyclopedia (Joseph Millichap). Vol. 44, no.4, 206-208.

Krauth, Leland. Mark Twain & Company: Six Literary Relations (Michael J. Kiskis). Vol. 44, no.1, 185-187.

LeClercq, Anne Sinkler Whaley. An Antebellum Plantation Household: Including the South Carolina Low Country Receipts and Remedies of Emily Wharton Sinkler with Eighty-Two Newly Discovered Receipts (Julie L. Locher). Vol. 44, no.2, 151-154.

Nash, Gary B. The Forgotten Fifth - African Americans in the Age of Revolutio n (Christian Pinnen). Vol. 44, no.3, 206-208.

Polk, Noel and Ann J. Abadie, eds. Faulkner and War: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2001 (Theresa M. Towner). Vol. 44, no.4, 208-211.

Shapiro, Laura. Something from the Oven: Reinventing Dinner in the 1950s America (Kelly Cantrell). Vol. 44, no.2, 158-160.

Walker, Daniel E. No More, No More: Slavery and Cultural Resistance in Havana and New Orleans (Andrew McMichael). Vol. 44, no.3, 215-217.

Weaks-Baxter, Mary. Reclaiming the American Farmer: The Reinvention of a Regional Mythology in Twentieth-Century Southern Writing (William Conlogue). Vol. 44, no.1, 191-193.

Wilson, Pricilla. Gourd Girls (Minoa Uffelman). Vol. 44, no.2, 161-163.


Abrams, Leonard, dir. Review of Quilombo Country (2006) (Phillip Gentile). Vol. 44, no.3, 182-205.

Avnet, Jon, dir. "Food & Drink in Southern Film": Review of Fried Green Tomatoes (Scott Dixon McDowell). Vol. 44, no.2, 138-140.

McDowell, Scott Dixon, dir. "Food & Drink in Southern Film": Review of King Cake (Scott Dixon McDowell). Vol. 44, no.2, 141-142.

Sclamme, Thomas, dir. "Food & Drink in Southern Film": Review of Miss Firecracker (Scott Dixon McDowell). Vol. 44, no.2, 142-144.

Woodward, Stan, dir. "Food & Drink in Southern Film": Review of It's Grits (Scott Dixon McDowell). Vol. 44, no.2, 140-141.


Tureaud, A.P. Jr. "Lost Ledgers Found." Vol. 44, no.3, 150-159.


The Historic New Orleans Collection. "Common Routes: St. Domingue - Louisiana. The Historic New Orleans Collection. 14 March - 30 June 2006." Vol. 44, no.3, 140-149.

Jean-Pierre, Ulrick. Vol. 44, no.3, 130-139.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.


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Vol. 45 2007-2008 Back to Top

Anderson, Devery S. 2008. "A Wallet, a White Woman, and a Whistle: Fact and Fiction in Emmett Till's Encounter in Money, Mississippi." Vol. 45, no.4, 10-21.

Applewhite, James. 2007. "On Being a Southern Poet."Vol. 45, no.1, 19.

Bonner, Judith H. 2007. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XIX." Vol. 45, no.1, 148-176.

Briggs, Gabriel A. 2008. " Imperium In Imperio : Sutton E. Griggs and the New Negro of the South." Vol. 45, no.3, 153-176

Brock, Van K. 2007. "A Poetics of an Outsider."Vol. 45, no.1, 35-48.

Brown, Stacey Lynn. 2007. "The Southern Poet as Expatriate." Vol. 45, no.1, 112-116.

Chandler, Karen. 2008. "Preserving "that Racial Memory": Figurative Language, Sonnet Sequence, and the Work of Remembrance in Marilyn Nelson's A Wreath for Emmett Till ." Vol. 45, no.4, 101-117.

Dillard, J.L. 2008. "A Sketch of the History of Black English." Vol. 45, no.2, 53-86.

Donovan, Gregory. 2007. "Several Denials and a Few Confessions: Southern Poety and Southern Journals." Vol. 45, no.1, 10-18.

Ernest, John. 2008. "William Wells Brown Maps the South in My Southern Home: Or, The South and Its People ." Vol. 45, no.3, 88-107.

Foster, Frances Smith. 2008. "Afterwards; Or, Whistling "Dixie" on the Front Porch of My Southern Home." Vol. 45, no.3, 177-184.

Graves, Jesse. 2007. "Lattice Work: Formal Tendencies in the Poetry of Robert Morgan and Ron Rash." Vol. 45, no.1, 78-86.

Hamer, Forrest. 2007. "The Goldsboro Narratives." Vol. 45, no. 1, 69-71.

Johnson, Sherita L. 2008. "Editor's Introduction." Vol. 45, no.3, 5-9.

Johnson, Sherita L. 2008. ""In the Sunny South": Reconstructing Frances Harper as Southern." Vol. 45, no.3, 70-87.

Kartiganer, Donald M. 2008. ""Listening to the Voices": Public and Fictional Language in Faulkner." Vol. 45, no.2, 28-43.

Kolin, Philip C. 2008. "The Legacy of Emmett Till." Vol. 45, no.4, 6-8.

Kolin, Philip C. 2008. "Sacred Vision and Dramatic Space: Voices, Time, and History in The Face of Emmett Till ." Vol. 45, no.4, 76-100.

Kretzschmar, William A. Jr. 2008. "Language in the Deep South: Southern Accents Past and Present." Vol. 45, no.2, 9-27.

May, Vivian M. 2008. ""By a Black Woman of the South": Race, Place, and Gender in the Work of Anna Julia Cooper." Vol. 45, no.3, 127-152.

Metress, Christopher. 2008. "Truth Be Told: William Bradford Huie's Emmett Till Cycle." Vol. 45, no.4, 48-75.

Miller, Heather Ross. 2007. "Randall Jarrell: The Echoes of a Teacher." Vol. 45, no.1, 134-139.

Raines, Davis and Tricia Walker. 2008. "Poetry for the People: Country Music and American Social Change." Vol. 45, no.2, 44-52.

Schell, Jennifer. 2008. ""This Life Is a Stage": Performing the South in William Wells Brown's Clotel or, The President's Daughter ." Vol. 45, no.3, 48-69.

Schiller, Ben. 2008. "Learning Their Letters: Critical Literacy, Epistolary Culture, and Slavery in the Antebellum South." Vol. 45, no.3, 11-29.

Warner, Anne Bradford. 2008. "Harriet Jacobs at Home in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl ." Vol. 45, no.3, 30-47.

Watkins, Rychetta N. 2008. "The Southern Roots of Ida B. Wells-Barnett's Revolutionary Activism." Vol. 45, no.3, 108-126.

Young, Harvey. 2008. ""A New Fear Known to Me": Emmett Till's Influence and the Black Panther Party." Vol. 45, no.4, 22-47.

Zelner, Tisha M. 2008. "Reference Works for Scholars of the South" (Bibliographic Essay). Vol. 45, no.2, 114-169.

Zheng, Jianqing. 2008. "A Guided Tour through Hell: A Photographic Essay of Emmett Till's Mississippi Delta." Vol. 45, no.4, 118-124.


Chitwood, Michael. From Whence (Tony R. Morris). Vol. 45, no.1, 183-186.

Collins, Julia C. The Curse of Caste; or The Slave Bride: A Rediscovered African American Novel (Willie J. Harrell Jr.). Vol. 45, no.3, 187-190.

Gander, Forrest. A Faithful Existence: Reading, Memory, and Transcendence (Deja Earley). Vol. 45, no.1, 177-178.

Gussow, Adam. Journeyman's Road: Modern Blues Lives from Faulkner's Mississippi to Post-9/11 New York (R. A. Lawson). Vol. 45, no.2, 176-179.

Harvey, Gordon E., Richard D. Starnes and Glenn Feldman, eds. History and Hope in the Heart of Dixie: Scholarship, Activism, and Wayne Flynt in the Modern South (James Downs). Vol. 45, no.2, 170-173.

Harwell, David Horace. Walker Percy Remembered: A Portrait in the Words of Those Who Knew Him (Robert Walter Rudnicki). Vol. 45, no.2, 185-187.

Houck, Davis W. and Matthew A. Grindy, eds. Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press (David R. Davies). Vol. 45, no.4, 178-179.

McManus, Ray. Driving through the Country before You Are Born (Tony R. Morris). Vol. 45, no.1, 183-186.

Pollack, Harriet and Christopher Metress, eds. Emmett Till in Literary Memory and Imagination (Margaret Earley Whitt). Vol. 45, no.4, 175-177.

Presnell, Barbara. Piece Work (Tom C. Hunley). Vol. 45, no.1, 178-180.

Riss, Arthur. Race, Slavery, and Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature (Tynes Cowan). Vol. 45, no.3, 185-187.

Schuyler, Lorraine Gates. The Weight of Their Votes: Southern Women and Poltical Leverage in the 1920s (Misty Grantham). Vol. 45, no.2, 179-182.

Scott, Anne Firor. Pauli Murray and Caroline Ware: Forty Years of Letters in Black and White (Flora B. Brown). Vol. 45, no.2, 182-185.

Simmons, Ryan. Chesnutt and Realism: A Study of the Novels (Charles Duncan). Vol. 45, no.3, 190-192.

Walker, Melissa. Southern Farmers and Their Stories: Memory and Meaning in Oral History (Douglas Hurt). Vol. 45, no.2, 173-176.

Watson, Jay, ed. Conversations with Larry Brown (Dede Yow). Vol. 45, no.2, 187-190.

Williams, Miller. Making a Poem: Some Thoughts about Poetry and the People Who Write It (Carol Ann Johnston). Vol. 45, no.1, 180-182.

Young, John K. Black Writers, White Publishers: Marketplace Politics in Twentieth Century African American Literature (Rebecka Rutledge Fisher). Vol. 45, no.1, 186-189.


Beauchamp, Christopher, dir. Review of The Untold Story of Emmett Till (2005) (Christopher Campbell). Vol. 45, no.4, 172-174.


Golphin, Vincent F.A. " Emmett Till and the Force of American Memory." Vol. 45, no.4, 125-131.

Osborne, Mamie Fortune. "An Interview with David Jordan on Emmett Till." Vol. 45, no.4, 136-151.

Tisdale, David. "An Interview with Peggy Jean Connor: A Pioneer in Mississippi Civil Rights." Vol. 45, no.4, 132-135.


Campbell, Will D. "Religious Emphasis Week, Ole Miss, 1956." Vol. 45, no.2, 94-106.

Wilson, Charles Reagan. "Will Campbell: An Appreciation." Vol. 45, no.2, 107-109.


Burnett, Charles. "Horton Foote Award for Special Achievement in Screenwriting Acceptance Address." Vol. 45, no.2, 110-113.

Cochran, Thad. "The Sound and the Fury: Southern Voices in the United States Senate." Vol. 45, no.2, 87-93.


Adisa, Opal Palmer. "You Should Know." Vol. 45, no.4, 161-164.

Allen, Gilbert. "The Dead of Summer." Vol. 45, no.1, 92.

_______. "Officials Are Optimistic He Has Been Killed." Vol. 45, no.1, 94.

_______. "The New South." Vol. 45, no.1, 93.

Applewhite, James. "Driving Home the Preacher's Wife." Vol. 45, no.1, 23-24.

_______. "Homeward, Under Congregated Cloud." Vol. 45, no.1, 25-26.

_______. "Mortality." Vol. 45, no.1, 20.

_______. "The Radio Astronomer." Vol. 45, no.1, 21.

_______. "The Warbird." Vol. 45, no.1, 22.

Arrington, Kim. "When I Consider the Open Casket." Vol. 45, no.4, 170.

Autrey, Ken. "Comfort." Vol. 45, no.1, 104.

_______. "Good Friday." Vol. 45, no.1, 105.

_______. "The Woodpecker." Vol. 45, no.1, 106-107.

Bailey, Scott. "Pasture." Vol. 45, no.1, 117.

Ball, Angela. "Reclining Mother and Child." Vol. 45, no.1, 33.

_______. "Self-Portrait (Blue)." Vol. 45, no.1, 32.

_______. "Self-Portrait Half Naked with Amber Necklace." Vol. 45, no.1, 34.

Bassett, Michael. "In The Stomach." Vol. 45, no.1, 99.

_______. "No telling how many yearlings." Vol. 45, no.1, 100.

_______. "Scene in Evening." Vol. 45, no.1, 101.

Bedell, Jack B. "Burn to New." Vol. 45, no.1, 119.

_______. "Fête de la Quémande." Vol. 45, no.1, 118.

Brock. Van K. "Cold Front: The Darkening Time." Vol. 45, no.1, 49-50.

_______. "To Amaro José (1914-1954)." Vol. 45, no.1, 51.

Cherry, Kelly. "Looking for My Dead Mother's Phone Number." Vol. 45, no.1, 31.

Chichikov, Pavel. "Truth Is Resurrected." Vol. 45, no.4, 168.

Dillard, R. H. W. "Dust." Vol. 45, no.1, 52.

Gardner, Stephen. "Alexander Catches Small Fish from the Springmaid Pier." Vol. 45, no.1, 109.

_______. "Alexander Dreams About Her." Vol. 45, no.1, 110.

_______. "Alexander Stumbles Over Mercy." Vol. 45, no.1, 108.

_______. "Taking the Switchback." Vol. 45, no.1, 111.

Graham, Melanie. "To Carolyn Bryant." Vol. 45, no.4, 165.

Graves, Jesse. "Firing Order." Vol. 45, no.1, 72-73.

_______. "River Gods." Vol. 45, no.1, 77.

_______. "Tennessee Landscape, with Blighted Pine." Vol. 45, no.1, 74-76.

Johnson, Julia. "All Things." Vol. 45, no.1, 103.

_______. "Possession." Vol. 45, no.1, 102.

Kallet, Marilyn. "No Ghost." Vol. 45, no.1, 61.

_______. "Two More Gorillas Sent from Chicago." Vol. 45, no.1, 59-60.

_______. "Ode to Justice." Vol. 45, no.1, 62-64.

_______. "Truck Prayer." Vol. 45, no.1, 65.

Kimbrell, James. "A Definition." Vol. 45, no.1, 125.

Maddox, Marjorie. "Till Death Do Them Join." Vol. 45, no.4, 169.

Miller, Heather Ross. "Drizzling Rain: Smelter Town." Vol. 45, no.1, 133.

_______. "Southern Light and Power." Vol. 45, no.1, 132.

Morgan, Robert. "Kudzu Cousins." Vol. 45, no.1, 88.

_______. "Reading the Worms." Vol. 45, no.1, 89.

_______. "Snakes in the Attic." Vol. 45, no.1, 87.

Norris, C. Carter. "Miss Clotee, 92, Speaks from Her Nursing Home Bed." Vol. 45, no.4, 171.

Parham, Robert. "Hen House." Vol. 45, no.1, 121.

_______. "Playing With Water." Vol. 45, no.1, 122.

_______. "Resentment at Shadows." Vol. 45, no.1, 120.

Phillips, Carl. "Beautiful Dreamer." Vol. 45, no.4, 160.

Rash, Ron. "Good Friday, 2001: Shelton Laurel." Vol. 45, no.1, 91.

_______. "Woodshed in Watauga County." Vol. 45, no.1, 90.

Sanchez, Sonia. "14 Haiku." Vol. 45, no.4, 157-159.

Scott, Deborah Lawson. "Litter on a Schedule." Vol. 45, no.1, 127.

_______. "We'll Go in a Minute." Vol. 45, no.1, 126.

Sens, Jean-Mark. "Earth's Cavities." Vol. 45, no.1, 124.

_______. "Rabbinical Rabbit." Vol. 45, no.1, 123.

Shakir, Nancy. "Kwansaba for Emmett Till." Vol. 45, no.4, 166.

Smith, Charlie. "Addendum to the Sermon." Vol. 45, no.1, 128.

_______. "If I Drowned Myself." Vol. 45, no.1, 131.

_______. "If I Wasn't So Mean." Vol. 45, no.1, 130.

_______. "Moultrie." Vol. 45, no.1, 129.

Smith, Dave. "Croaker Bucket." Vol. 45, no.1, 68.

_______. "Fran's Barn." Vol. 45, no.1, 66-67.

Smith, R. T. "Mockingbird." Vol. 45, no.1, 27-28.

_______. "Wilson's Ivory-bill." Vol. 45, no.1, 29-30.

Stiles, Dennis Ward. "In a Dream, the Cows." Vol. 45, no.1, 97.

_______. "Milk." Vol. 45, no.1, 98.

_______. "Sex Education." Vol. 45, no.1, 95-96.

Walker, Lindsay Marianna. "To the Murderers of Emmett Till." Vol. 45, no.4, 167.

Wright, Charles. "Baritone Bone." Vol. 45, no.1, 141.

_______. "Born Again II." Vol. 45, no.1, 144.

_______. "By the Waters of Babylon." Vol. 45, no.1, 140.

_______. "Double Salt." Vol. 45, no.1, 142.

_______. "No Entry." Vol. 45, no.1, 145.

_______. "Phantom Load." Vol. 45, no.1, 143.

York, Jake Adam. "from A Map of the County ." Vol. 45, no.1, 55-56.

_______. "Gone With the Wind." Vol. 45, no.1, 53-54.

_______. "Six poems from The Lamps Are Never Out ." Vol. 45, no.1, 57-58.


Dicker/sun, Glenda. "Let The People See What I've Seen: In Praise of Mamie Till." Vol. 45, no.4, 152-154

Parish, Lindlae. "A White Mother's Reflection on Emmett." Vol. 45, no.4, 155-156.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.

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