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Index to Volumes 42 and 43

42 (2003-04) - 43 (2005-06)


Vol. 42 2003-2004 Back to Top

Bonner, Judith H. 2003. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XVI." Vol. 42, no.1, 113-132.

Bowles, Emily. 2004. "'You Would Think Me Far Gone in Romance': Eliza Luncas Pinckney and Fictions of Female Identity in the Colonial South." Vol. 42, no.4, 35-51.

Clabough, Casey. 2004. "Will, Appetite, Alchemy, Faulkner, and Two French Poets: Fred Chappell's The Inkling ." Vol. 42, no.4, 5-18.

Cohn, Deborah. 2004. "The South and the Caribbean " (Review Essay). Vol. 42, no.3, 151-156.

_______. 2004. "William Faulkner's Ibero-American Novel Project: The Politics of Translation and the Cold War." Vol. 42, no.2, 5-18.

Costello, Brannon. 2004. "Playing Lady and Imitating Aristocrats: Race, Class, and Money in Delta Wedding and The Ponder Heart. " Vol. 42, no.3, 21-54.

Cummings, Denise K., Anne Goodwyn Jones, and Jeff Rice. 2003. "Introduction: Souths: Global and Local." Vol. 42, no.1, 5-10.

Denman, Stan. 2004. "Political Playing for the Soul of the American South: Theater and the Maintenancy of Cultural Hegemony in the American Bible Belt." Vol. 42, no.3, 64-72.

Edwards, Betty Bivins. 2004. "Food, Ritual, and the Southern Experience" (Photo Feature). Vol. 42, no.2, 65-72.

Ford, Sarah. 2004. "The Death of the Author: Eudora Welty's Canonical Status." Vol. 42, no.3, 86-94.

Holtman, Janet. 2004. "Failing Fictions: The Coflicting and Shifting Social Emphases of Kate Chopin's 'Local Color' Stories." Vol. 42, no.2, 73-88.

Haddox, Thomas F. 2004. "Making Patriarchy Work for You: Jill Conner Browne's Southern, Retrofeminist Conduct Manuals." Vol. 42, no.3, 113-129.

Hailey, Charlie. 2003. "Southern Camp (sites): Florida 's Vernacular Spaces from John Ruskin to the Tin Can Tourists of the World." Vol. 42, no.1, 75-96.

Hedrick, Tace. 2003. "Blood-Lines That Waver South: Hybridity, the 'South,' and American Bodies." Vol. 42, no.1, 39-52.

Holtman, Janet. 2004. "Failing Fictions: The Conflicting and Shifting Social Emphases of Kate Chopin's 'Local Color' Stories." Vol. 42, no.2, 73-88.

Joiner, Dorthy. 2004. "Betty Bivins Edwards: Food, Ritual, and the Southern Experience." Vol. 42, no.2, 60-64.

Junker, Clara. 2004. "Women at War: The Civil War Diaries of Floride Clemson and Cornelia Peake McDonald." Vol. 42, no.4, 90-106.

Lewis, Nghana tamu. 2004. "Mythic Consciousness, Cultural Politics: The Early Novels of Caroline Gordon." Vol. 42, no.2, 115-134.

Martinez, Maria del Carmen. 2003. "Mothers Mild and Monstrous: Familial Metaphors and the Elián Gonzalez Case." Vol. 42, no.1, 22-38.

Maxwell, Angie. 2004. "The South Beheld: The Influence of James Agee on James Dickey." Vol. 42, no.2, 135-151.

McDonald, Robert L. 2004. "Narrative and the 'Gift of Vision': The Photography of Jack Spencer." Vol. 42, no.4, 52-64.

McKean, Kate. 2003. "The People in My Books." Vol. 42, no.1, 149-153.

McMullen, Jennifer. 2004. "Gail Godwin's Message: To Those Who Want Wholeness." Vol. 42, no.3, 95-112.

Mickelsen, David J. 2004. "'You Ain't Never Caught a Rabbit': Covering and Signifyin' in Alice Walker's 'Nineteen Fifty-Five.'" Vol. 42, no.3, 5-20.

Millichap, Joseph. 2004. "Caroline Gordon, Aleck Maury, and the Heroic Cycle." Vol. 42, no.4, 73-89.

Mizrach, Steven. 2003. "The North in the South: Southern Florida as a Northern Colony." Vol. 42, no.1, 11-21.

Murray, Jennifer. 2004. "Approaching Community in Carson McCullers's The Heart is a Lonely Hunter ." Vol. 42, no.4, 107-114.

O'Connor, Jacqueline. 2004. "Moving into the Rooming House: Interiority and Stage Space in Tennessee Williams's Fugitive Kind and Vieux Carré ." Vol. 42, no.2, 19-36.

Patterson, Laura Sloan. 2004. "Sexing the Domestic: Eudora Welty's Delta Wedding and the Sexology Movement." Vol. 42, no.2, 37-59.

Peek, Charles A. 2004. "'That Evening Sun (g)': Blues Inscribing Black Space in White Stories." Vol. 42, no.3, 130-150.

Piacentino, Ed. 2004. "'The common humanity that is in us all': Toward Racial Reconciliation in Gaines's A Lesson Before Dying ." Vol. 42, no.3, 73-85.

Plunka, Gene A. 2004. "Beth Henley's The Debutante Ball and the Modern Neurosis." Vol. 42, no.4, 19-34.

Rudnicki, Robert W. 2004. "'Ineffable Sociabilities': Criss-Crossing, Game Playing, andSight-Seeing with Walker Percy in His Delta." Vol. 42, no.4, 117-126.

Ruffin, Paul. 2004. "Walking on Water." Vol. 42, no.2, 155-157.

Spencer, Jack. 2004. "The Photography of Jack Spencer" (Photo Feature). Vol. 42, no.4, 65-72.

Town, Caren J. 2004. "'A Whole World of Possibilities Spinning Around Her': Female Adolescence in the Contemporary Southern Fiction of Josephine Humphreys, Jill McCorkle, and Tina Ansa." Vol. 42, no.2, 89-108.

Unrue, Darlene Harbour. 2004. "Katherine Anne Porter's 'Magic': Levels of Meaning in a Neglected Masterpiece." Vol. 42, no.3, 55-63.

Ventura, Patricia. 2003. "Learning from Globalization-Era Las Vegas." Vol. 42, no.1, 97-112.

Wells, Jeremy. 2003. "Up from Savagery: Booker T. Washington and the Civilizing Mission." Vol. 42, no.1, 53-74.

Wright, Emily. 2004. "Caroline Miller, 1903-1992." Vol. 42, no.2, 109-114.


Ballard, Sandra L., and Patricia L. Hudson. Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia (Sean Wells). Vol. 42, no.4, 115-116.

Garrett, George. Southern Excursions: Views on Southern Letters in My Time (David Middleton). Vol. 42, no.4, 133-136.

Hare, John L. Will the Circle Be Unbroken?: Family and Sectionalism in Virginia Novels of Kennedy, Caruthers, and Tucker, 1830-1845 (Paul Christian Jones). Vol. 42, no.1, 140-143.

Kaplan, Cara, ed. Zora Neale Hurston: A Life in Letters (Genevieve West). Vol. 42, no.1, 137-138.

Mason, Bobbie Ann. Elvis Presley: A Penguin Life (Laurie Champion). Vol. 42, no.1, 138-140.

Perry, Carolyn, and Mary Louise Weaks, eds. The History of Southern Women's Literature (Nghana tamu Lewis). Vol. 42, no.3, 157-158.

Sparks, Randy J. Religion in Mississippi (Robert W. Hamblin). Vol. 42, no.1, 136-137.

Sullivan-González, Douglass, and Charles Reagan Wilson, eds. The South and the Caribbean: Review Essay (Deborah Cohn). Vol. 42, no.3, 151-156.

Voss, Ralph V., ed. Magical Muse: Millennial Essays on Tennessee Williams (Pearl Amelia McHaney). Vol. 42, no.1, 143-146.


Burton , Tim, dir. "Holy Mackerel": Review of Big Fish (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 42, no.2, 153-154.

McCanlies, Tim, writ./dir. "The Sound of Two Men Roaring": Review of Secondhand Lions. (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 42, no.1, 147-148.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.



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Vol. 43 2005-06 Back to Top

Andrews, William L.2006. "William Johnson's Diary: The Text and the Man Behind It." Vol. 43, no.2, 18-34.

Armstrong, Julie Buckner. 2005. "New Directions in Lynching Studies" (Review Essay). Vol. 43, no.1, 140-148.

Berlin, Ira. 2006. "Southern Free People of Color in the Age of William Johnson." Vol. 43, no.2, 9-17.

Bonner, Judith H. 2005. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XVII." Vol. 43, no.1, 107-139.

Breuninger, Scott. 2006. "'Social Gravity' and the Translatio Tradition in Early American Theories of Empire." Vol. 43, no.4, 70-108.

Bristol, Douglas W., Jr. 2006. "Regional Identity, Black Barbers, and the African American Tradition of Entrepreneurialism." Vol. 43, no.2, 74-96.

Carson, James Taylor. 2006. "When Is an Ocean Not an Ocean?: Geographies of the Atlantic World." Vol. 43, no.4, 16-45.

Clark, William Bedford. 2006. "Robert Penn Warren's Band of Angels at Fifty." Vol. 43, no.2, 176-185.

Curry, Leonard P. 2006. "Free Blacks in the Urban South: 1800-1850." Vol. 43, no.2, 35-51.

De Santis, Christopher C. 2005. "Pseudo-History Versus Social Critique: Faulkner's Reconstruction." Vol. 43, no.1, 9-27.

Elfenbein, Anna Shannon. 2005. "Living Lessons: The Evolving Racial Norm in the Novels of Anne Tyler." Vol. 43, no.1, 63-79.

Elkins, Suzy and Gerry Felton. 2006. "Highway Nine-Oh" [Afterword]. Vol. 43, no.3, 152-153.

Forte, Maximilian C. 2006. "Extinction: Ideologies Against Indigeneity in the Caribbean." Vol. 43, no.4, 46-69.

Graham-Bertolini, Alison. 2005. "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the Reckoning of Ideology." Vol. 43, no.1, 49-62.

Hodges, John O. 2005. "William Alexander Percy's Lanterns: A Reply from a Mississippi Sharecropper's Son." Vol. 43, no.1, 28-48.

Inglis, G. Douglas. 2006. "Searching for Free People of Color in Colonial Natchez." Vol. 43, no.2, 97-112.

Johnson, David S. 2006. "Tales from a Broken Coast." Vol. 43, no.3, 22-31.

King, Sally Wolff. 2005. "'He Liked to Call Me Padre': Bishop Duncan Gray Remembers William Faulkner" [Interview]. Vol. 43, no.1, 80-106.

Koger, Larry. 2006. "Black Masters: The Misunderstood Slaveowners." Vol. 43, no.2, 52-73.

Kronemer, Alex, Louis Barbash and Michael Wolfe. 2006. " Prince Among Slaves : A Documentary Film Project." Vol. 43, no.2, 137-157.

Kuskin, William and Justin Adcock. 2006. " Watermark " [Graphic Novella]. Vol. 43, no.3, 109-118.

Mason, Matthew. 2006. "Slavery, Servitude, and British Representations of Colonial North America." Vol. 43, no.4, 109-125.

Miles, Christopher. 2006. "¡Vaya Tormenta! In the Shadow of Katrina." Vol. 43, no.3, 32-39.

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. 2006. " Isle of Canes and Issues of Conscience: Master-Slave Sexual Dynamics and slaveholding by Free People of Color." Vol. 43, no.2, 158-175.

Morris, Merrill. 2006. "A Moment of Clarity? The American Media and Hurricane Katrina." Vol. 43, no.3, 40-46.

Rebok, Sandra. 2006. "Two Exponents of the Enlightenment: Transatlantic Communication by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander von Humboldt." Vol. 43, no.4, 126-152.

Rachal, John R. 2006. "Hurricane Time, or, "The Necessaries of Life": Day 1 to 11." Vol.43, no.3, 13-21.

Reed, Benjamin. 2006. "When the Levee Breaks" [Coda]. Vol. 43, no.3, 145-151.

Roggenbuck, Ted. 2006. " The Katrina Project: Hell and High Water " (Review Essay). Vol. 43, no.3, 141-144.

Sullivan, Lester. 2006. "A History of the William T. Johnson and Family Memorial Papers." Vol. 43, no.2, 113-136.

Vidal, Cécile. 2006. "The Reluctance of French Historians to Address Atlantic History." Vol. 43, no.4, 153-189.


Boles, John B., ed. Shapers of Southern History: Autobiographical Reflections (William K. Scarborough). Vol. 43, no.2, 195-198.

Brown, Gordon S. Toussaint's Clause: The Founding Fathers and the Haitian Revolution (Mathew Mason). Vol. 43, no.2, 187-190.

Brundage, W. Fitzhugh, ed. Booker T. Washington and Black Progress: Up From Slavery 100 Years Later (Jeremy Wells). Vol. 43, no.4, 190-192.

Croft, Robert W. A Zora Neale Hurston Companion (Genevieve West). Vol. 43, no.1, 149-150.

Hearn, Philip D. Hurricane Camille: Monster Storm of the Gulf Coast (Reynold J. Scott-Childress). Vol. 43, no.4, 157-159.

Kenneth W. Vickers. T. S. Stribling: A Life of the Tennessee Novelist (Matthew Lessing). Vol. 43, no.1, 151-153.

Minchin, Timothy J. Fighting Against the Odds: A History of Southern Labor since World War II (David M. Anderson). Vol. 43, no.2, 191-194.

Moyer, Susan M., ed. Katrina: Stories of Rescue, Recovery, and Rebuilding in the Eye of the Storm (Ken Murphy). Vol. 43, no.4, 154-156.

Oatis, Steven J. A Colonial Complex: South Carolina's Frontiers in the Era of the Yamasee War, 1680-1730 (James Taylor Carson). Vol. 43, no.4, 193-194.

Shangle, Robert D., ed. The Wrath of Hurricane Katrina: One of the World's Greatest Natural Disasters in Modern Times (Ken Murphy). Vol. 43, no.4, 154-156.

Triplett, Tommy and Mike McNair. Mississippi Coast: Before and After Katrina (Ken Murphy). Vol. 43, no.4, 154-156.

Ward, Joseph P., ed. Britain and the American South: From Colonialism to Rock and Roll (Richard H. King). Vol. 43, no.4, 195-197.


Bartlett, Bert. "The Daze of Katrina." Vol. 43, no.3, 70-72.

Gaubert, Marie. "Katrina Came Calling." Vol. 43, no.3, 88-91.

Guess, Ashlee. "Mother Nature's Wrath." Vol. 43, no.3, 86.

Herbert, Wanda A. "The One Thing I'm Glad I Left Behind." Vol. 43, no.3, 102-105.

Kenisky, Sue. "Encounter with a Monster." Vol. 43, no.3, 53-58.

Knight, Mimi. "Come Hell or High Water." Vol. 43, no.3, 95-97.

LeBlue, Yvette. "The Storm of the Century." Vol. 43, no.3, 87.

LeMalle, Kionna. "Learning Through the Storm." Vol. 43, no.3, 98-101.

Levee, Cindy Lou. "In the Curve of the Mississippi." Vol. 43, no.3, 59-64.

Odom, Stoo. "Stain." Vol. 43, no.3, 106-107.

Russell, Grayson. "A Biloxi Letter." Vol. 43, no.3, 65-69.

Strange, Jackie. "Gone with Katrina's Wind." Vol. 43, no.3, 79-83.

Ulken, Ellen. "The Pinwheel in the Storm." Vol. 43, no.3, 73-76.

Ward, Vicky. "Katrina Sky." Vol. 43, no.3, 77-78.

White, Robyn. "Invisible Perfection." Vol. 43, no.3, 92-94.

Wilkins, Davana Jolene. "Small Town Syndrome's Worst Nightmare." Vol. 43, no.3, 84-85.

Young, Andy. "There is a New Orleans." Vol. 43, no.3, 47-52.


Bass, Joby. [Plate 1, 2:1, 3.]

Brown, Cindy. [Plate 2:2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12.]

Byrd, Lauren. [Plate 11, 16.]

Press, Betty. [Plate 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15.]


Buttross, Peter, Jr. "A Beggar's Bravery." Vol. 43, no.3, 125-126.

_______. "Forgive Us." Vol. 43, no.3, 127.

Dailey, Bethany. "Mississippi November (after The Storm)." Vol. 43, no.3, 133.

Greene, Kate. "Adjust." Vol. 43, no.3, 128.

_______. "Fear Sounds." Vol. 43, no.3, 128.

_______. "Reconstruction." Vol. 43, no.3, 129.

Hopkins, Robert. "The Witching Hour." Vol. 43, no.3, 134.

_______. "Apocalypse." Vol. 43, no.3, 135-136.

Lott, Rhonda. "Bathing Suit." Vol. 43, no.3, 130.

Overby, Philip. "Bitch: August 29 - September 4, 2005." Vol. 43, no.3, 121-124.

Sciolino, Martina. "Paragraph C, Subsection III: Exclusion A." Vol. 43, no.3, 137-140.

Strange, Jackie. "City Forgotten." Vol. 43, no.3, 131-132.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.

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