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Index to Volumes 39 to 41

39 (2000-01) - 40 (2001-02) - 41 (2002-03)


Vol. 39 2000-2001 Back to Top

Allamel, Frédéric. 2000-2001. "From Builders to Town Dreamers: Some Ethical Considerations in Self-Taught Architecture." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 5-15.

_______. 2001. "'Prophet' Royal Robertson's Architectural Odyssey: Psycho-Spatial Drama in Three Acts." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 152-168.

Andreach, Robert J. 2001. "The Missing Five Years and Subjectivity in Beth Henley's Abundance." Vol. 39, no.3, 141-150.

Augspurger, Mike. 2001. "Heading West: All the King's Men and Robert Rossen's Search for the Ideal." Vol. 39, no.3, 51-64.

Barnett, Pamela E. 2001. "'Miscegenation,' Rape, and 'Race' in Alice Walker's Meridian." Vol. 39, no.3, 65-81.

Bonner, Judith H. 2000-2001. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XIII." Vol. 39, nos. 1-2, 263-277.

Brownlee, James Henry. 2001. "Man as Wayfarer: Discourse and Walker Percy's The Last Gentleman." Vol. 39, no.3, 96-108.

Cantalupo, Barbara. 2001. "Poe's Female Narrators." Vol. 39, no.4, 49-57.

Cárdenas, Jaime, Jr. 2001. "Brusque and Exotic: Anthony Quinn, National Identity, and Masculinity, 1951-1966." Vol. 39, no.4, 175-188.

Cardinal, Roger. 2000-2001. "The Vulnerability of Outsider Architecture." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 169-186.

Chouard, Géraldine. 2001. "Ties that Bind: The Poetics of Anger in 'Why I Live at the P.O.' by Eudora Welty." Vol. 39, no.3, 34-50.

Day, Kevin. 2000-2001. "Allegorical Architecture: Interpreting the Symbolisms of A. G. Rizzoli." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 78-99.

Debord, Guy. 2000-2001. "On Wild Architecture." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 16-18.

Décimo, Mark, and Sandra Persuy. 2000-2001. "Megalometallic Hero-Making; or, The Ordinary in the Life of Billy Tripp." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 136-151.

Ellis, Jim. 2001. "The Erotics of Citizenship: Derek Jarman's Jubilee and Isaac Julien's Young Soul Rebels." Vol. 39, no.4, 148-160.

Falicov, Tamara L. 2001. "Film Production in Argentina Under Democracy, 1983-1989: The Official Story ( La historia oficial ) as an International Film." Vol. 39, no.4, 123-134.

Fay, Jennifer. 2001. "Constructing America for German Reconstruction: American Films and Re-education of Occupied Germany, 1945-1947." Vol. 39, no.4, 87-100.

Foata, Anne. 2001. "Tragedy on the Road to Enigma: Ritual Death in Harry Crews's The Gospel Singer." Vol. 39, no.4, 58-62.

Folks, Jeffrey J. 2001. "Twain and the Garden of the World: Cultural Considerations on the American Frontier." Vol. 39, no.3, 82-95.

Frey, David S. 2001. "International Factors in the Growth and Evolution of Hungary's National Sound Film Culture, 1929-33." Vol. 39, no.4, 108-122.

Guagliardo, Huey. 2001. "A Conversation with John M. Barry." Vol. 39, no.4, 67-81.

Hardwig, Bill. 2001. "Cocks, Balls, Bats, and Banjos: Masculinity and Competition in the Bluegrass Music of Bill Monroe." Vol. 39, no.4, 35-48.

Hayes, Jeffrey R. 2000-2001. "Dr. Evermor's Machine on the Prairie: Art, History, and the Mirror Eye." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 112-135.

Henninger, Katherine. 2001. "The Death of the Southern Male Gaze: Josephine Humphreys's Cultured Revisionings." Vol. 39, no.4, 17-34.

Hickman, Lisa C. 2001. "The Teller's Tale: An Afternoon on Faulkner's Minmagary ." Vol. 39, no.3, 151-161.

Hobbs, June Hadden. 2001. "Tombstone Erotics and Gender in the Graveyards of the South." Vol. 39, no.3, 10-33.

Joiner, Dorothy. 2000-2001. "The Land of Pasaquan." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 71-77.

Juncker, Clara. 2001. "A Modern Priscilla: Self-Representation in Mamie Garvin Fields's Carolina Memoir." Vol. 39, no.3, 122-129.

Lassus, Bernard. 2000-2001. "Live-In Landscapers and the 'démesurable.'" Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 217-229.

Loza, Susana. 2001. "Orientalism and Film Noir: (Un)Mapping Textual Territories and (En)Countering the Narratives." Vol. 39, no.4, 161-174.

Macpherson, Heidi Slettedahl. 2001. "Comic Constructions: Fictions of Mothering in Anne Tyler's Ladder of Years." Vol. 39, no.3, 130-140..

Marelli, Gianfranco. 2000-2001. "A New Living Architecture: The Situationists, the Urban Space, the Revolution." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 47-65.

Maurice, Jean-François. 2000-2001. "The Pebblestones of Freedom." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 230-238.

Metz, Holly. 2000-2001. "Where I Am Going: Kea's Ark , Newark, New Jersey." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 197-216.

Montpied, Bruno. 2000-2001. "Outsider Art, the Situationist Utopia: A Parallel." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 19-46.

Nogueira, Claudia Barbosa. 2001. "Vanishing Points: Roads and National Identities in Modern Brazilian Film." Vol. 39, no.4, 135-147.

O'Neil, Brian. 2001. "Projecting Light into Hollywood's Shadows: Trans/National Cinemas and Cultural Identity." Vol. 39, no.4, 83-86.

Persuy, Sandra and Mark Décimo. 2000-2001. "Megalometallic Hero-Making; or, The Ordinary in the Life of Billy Tripp." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 136-151.

Potts, James B. 2001. "The Shade of Faulkner's Horse: Archetypal Immortality in the Postmodern South." Vol. 39, no.3, 109-121.

Richards, Gary. 2001. "Scripting Scarlett O'Goldberg: Margaret Mitchell, Tennessee Williams, and the Production of Southern Jewishness in The Last Night of Ballyhoo." Vol. 39, no.4, 5-16.

Robbins, Kenneth. 2001. "The Normal Third: A Memoir." Vol. 39, no.3, 192-197.

Ruffin, Paul. 2001. "Through With Putting in the Seed." Vol. 39, no.4, 201-202.

Schuth, H. Wayne. 2001. "Mike Nichols's Film Adaptation of Primary Colors." Vol. 39, no.4, 63-66.

Snyder, Robert E. 2001. "Without Sanctuary: An American Holocaust?" (review essay). Vol. 39, no.3, 162-171.

Sundholm, John. 2001. "Narrative Excess Without a Cause: The Institutional Reception of Hollywood Family Melodrama in 1950s Finland." Vol. 39, no.4, 101-107.

Thomsen, Christian W. 2000-2001. "Virtually Unlimited Design: Media Artists' Architectural Visions for the 21st Century." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 239-261.

Whitfeld, Jenenne. 2000-2001. "Thoughts on Tyree Guyton's Heidelberg Project." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 187-196.

Young, Stephen. 2000-2001. "'All of world-kind have been right here': The Theology and Architecture of Rev. H. D. Dennis." Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 100-111.


Bales, Jack, ed. Conversations with Willie Morris (Hugh Ruppersburg). Vol. 39, no.3, 187-188.

Barthelme, Frederick. The Law of Averages (Irving Malin). Vol. 39, no.4, 198-199.

Bauer, Margaret Donovan. The Fiction of Ellen Gilchrist (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 283-284.

Bennett, Barbara. Understanding Jill McCorkle (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 39, no.4, 194-196.

Bercaw, Nancy, ed. Gender and the Southern Body Politic (Harriette Buchanan). Vol. 39, no.3, 186-187.

Berry, Chad. Southern Migrants, Northern Exiles (Dwight B. Billings). Vol. 39, no.3, 177-178.

Cashin, Edward J. William Bartram and the American Revolution on the Southern Frontier (Tamara Harvey). Vol. 39, no.3, 183-184.

Clark, William Bedford, ed. Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren. Volume One: The Apprentice Years, 1924-1934 (Lucy Ferriss). Vol. 39, no.3, 178-180.

Cohn, Deborah N. History and Memory in the Two Souths: Recent Southern and Spanish American Fiction (Sueli Cavendish). Vol. 39, no.3, 180-182.

Davis, Mary Kemp. Nat Turner Before the Bar of Judgment: Fictional Representations of the Southampton Slave Insurrection (Christopher Metress). Vol. 39, no.3, 175-177.

Eichelberger, Julia. Prophets of Recognition: Ideology and the Individual in Novels by Ralph Ellison, Toni Morrison, Saul Bellow, and Eudora Welty (Géraldine Chouard). Vol. 39, no.3, 173-175.

Giannone, Richard. Flannery O'Connor: Hermit Novelist   (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 281-283.

Gordon, Sarah, ed. Flannery O'Connor: In Celebration of Genius (Kelly Gerald). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 280-281.

Hart, Henry. James Dickey: The World as a Lie (Irving Malin). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 287-288.

Jacobs, Philip Walker. The Life and Photography of Doris Ulmann (June Hadden Hobbs). Vol. 39, no.4, 189-191.

Kobre, Michael. Walker Percy's Voices (Brannon W. Costello). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 288-290.

Kolin, Philip C. Williams: A Streetcard Named Desire (Annette J. Saddik). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 286-827.

Perkins, Margo V. Autobiography as Activism: Three Black Women of the Sixties (Alice Hall Petry). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 279-280.

Powell, Lawrence N. Troubled Memory: Anne Levy, The Holocaust, and David Duke's Louisiana (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 39, nos.1-2, 284-286.

Pridgen, Allen. Walker Percy's Sacramental Landscapes: The Search in the Desert (Lewis A. Lawson). Vol. 39, no.3, 184-185.

Romines, Ann, ed. Willa Cather's Southern Connections: New Essays on Cather and the South (Nicholas Birns). Vol. 39, no.4, 191-192.

Towns, W. Stuart. Oratory and Rhetoric in the Nineteenth-Century South: A Rhetoric of Defense (Eric Carl Link). Vol. 39, no.4, 192-194.

_______. Public Address in the Twentieth-Century South: The Evolution of  a Region (Eric Carl Link). Vol. 39, no.4, 192-194.

Tracey, Karen. Plots and Proposals: American Women's Fiction, 1850-90 (Alice Hall Petry). Vol. 39, no.4, 196-198.

Welty, Eudora. Country Churchyards (June Hadden Hobbs). Vol. 39, no.4, 189-191.


Coen, Joel, dir. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 39, no.3, 189-190.

Raimi, Sam, dir. The Gift (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 39, no.3, 190-191.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.


Back to Top

Vol. 40 2001-2002 Back to Top

Arnold, Edwin T. 2002. "Introduction. Donald Harington." Vol. 40, No. 2, 5-8.

_______, ed. 2002. "The William Styron-Donald Harington Letters." Vol. 40, no.2, 99-141.

Berry, Wendell. 2002. "Continuing to Think About Robert Hazel and His Poems." Vol. 40, no.3, 41-50.

Bonner, Judith H. 2001. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South, Part XIV." Vol. 40, no.1, 153-166.

Boren, Mark Edelman. 2002. "The Southern Super Collider: William Faulkner Smashes Language into Reality in As I Lay Dying." Vol. 40, no.4, 21-38.

Butler, Jack. 2002. "An Appreciation [Donald Harington]." Vol. 40, no.2, 142-143.

Buttel, Robert. 2002. "Robert Hazel's Prophetic Voice." Vol. 40, no.3, 103-114.

Byrd-Cook, Linda J. 2002. "Reconciliation with the Great Mother Goddess in Lee Smith's Saving Grace." Vol. 40, no.4, 97-112.

Carson, Anne Elizabeth. 2001. "'Break forth and wash the slime from this earth!': O'Connor's Apocalyptic Tornadoes." Vol. 40, no.1, 19-27.

Champion, Laurie. 2001. "Socioeconomics in Selected Short Stories of Zora Neale Hurston."  Vol. 40, no.1, 79-92.

Chaney, Michael A. 2002. "Touring the Spectacle of Slavery at Magnolia Gardens Plantation." Vol. 40, no.4, 126-140.

Chappell, Fred. 2002. "Treasures of Ruin: Donald Harington's Covert I." Vol. 40, no.2, 9-19.

Chinn, Nancy. 2002. "Slavery as Illness: Medicine in Willa Cather's Sapphira and the Slave Girl. " Vol. 40, no.4, 68-82.

Cullick, Jonathan S. 2002. "'A Valuable Connection': Communication and Communion in Walker Percy's The Thanatos Syndrome." Vol. 40, no.4, 113-125.

Davis, David A. 2001. "Climbing Out of 'The Briar Patch': Robert Penn Warren and the Divided Conscience of Segregation." Vol. 40, no.1, 109-120.

Disheroon-Green, Suzanne. 2002. "Whither Thou Goest, We Will Go: Lovers and Ladies in The Awakening." Vol. 40, no.4, 83-96.

Donahue, Peter and Philip Heldrich. 2002. "Soft Coal: The Sadness and Poetic Vision of Robert Hazel." Vol. 40, no.3, 137-147.

Gerald, Kelly. 2002. "Passionate Observer: Eudora Welty at the Mississippi Museum of Art." Exhibition review. Vol. 40, no.3, 156-162.

Hakutani, Yoshinobu. 2001. "Richard Wright, Toni Morrison, and the African 'Primal Outlook upon Life.'" Vol. 40, no.1, 39-53.

Hall, James Baker. 2002. "Robert." Vol. 40, no.3, 27-40.

Harington, Donald. 2002. "Falling Off the Mountain." Vol. 40, no.2, 144-153.

Henry, Susan Copeland. 2001. "Blasphemy in Blackwell: Peter Taylor's 'The Decline and Fall of the Episcopal Church (in the Year of Our Lord 1952).'" Vol. 40, no.1, 54-66.

Horvath, Brooke. 2002. "A Pure Product of America." Vol. 40, no.3, 85-93.

Hovet, Theodore R., and Grace-Ann Hovet. 2001. "'Fine Fancy Gentlemen' and 'Yappy Folk': Contending Voices in To Kill a Mockingbird."  Vol. 40, no.1, 67-78.

Hughes, Linda K. 2002. "Harington's Highlanders: Donald Harington's Ozarks and the Mapping of Cultures." Vol. 40, no.2, 39-50.

Hyde, Gene. 2002. "'The Southern Highlands as Literary Landscape': An Interview with Fred Chappell and Donald Harington." Vol. 40, no.2, 86-98.         

Josyph, Peter. 2001. "Getting the Voices Right: A Conversation with Robert Morgan About The Gardener's Son."  Vol. 40, no.1, 121-131.

_______. 2001. "Losing Home: A Conversation with Ted Tally About All the Pretty Horses." Vol. 40, no.1, 132-146.

Kennedy, Richard S. 2001. "A Look Into Thomas Wolfe's Workshop." Review essay. Vol. 40, no.1, 147-151.

Kuehl, John. 2002. "Introduction. Robert Hazel." Vol. 40, no.3, 7-18.

Kuehl, Linda Kandel. 2002. "A Note on Robert Hazel's Fiction." Vol. 40, no.3, 75-77.

_______. 2002. "Preface [Robert Hazel]." Vol. 40, no.3, 5-6. 

Maus, Derek. 2002. "Another Roadside Epiphany: Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood and Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls as Religious Satires." Vol. 40, no.4, 53-67.

McClanahan, Ed. 2002. "Bob's Lost Years: The Early Sixties." Vol. 40, no.3, 57- 59.

McCorkle, Jill. 2002. "Admiration [Donald Harington]." Vol. 40, no.2, 154.

McMillen, Neil R. 2002. "Mississippi's Inside Agitators." Review essay. Vol. 40, no.2, 159-163.

Moseley, William. 2002. "Teaching Off-Line." Vol. 40, no.3, 51-56.

Nelson, Eric. 2002. "Words Are Real." Vol. 40, no.3, 78-84.

Nicolaisen, Peter. 2002. "Southern Conservatism at Bay." Review essay. Vol. 40, no.3, 163-171.

Noble, Bonnie J. 2002. "'Laud and love her simply': Lucas Cranach the Elder's Madonna in the North Carolina Museum of Art." Vol. 40, no.4, 4-20.

Peckham, Joel. 2001. "Segregation/Integration: Race, History, and Theoretical Practice in the American South." Vol. 40, no.1, 28-38.

Peek, Charles A. 2002. "Belated Easter." Vol. 40, no.2, 182-184.

Polk, Noel. 2002. "I. J." Vol. 40, no.3, 181-186.

Ratner, Rochelle. 2002. "Thanks for the Memories." Vol. 40, no.3, 69-71. 

Reed, Deborah. 2002. "Hazel." Vol. 40, no.3, 60-61.    

Rubin, Louis D., Jr. 2002. "Storming Heaven by Frontal Assault: A Memory of Robert Hazel." Vol. 40, no.3, 19-26.

Smith, Lee. 2002. "Confessions of a Stay Moron." Vol. 40, no.2, 20-22..

Spacks, Barry. 2002. "Robert Hazel's Varying Graces." Vol. 40, no.3, 94-102.

Tate, Sarah House. 2002. "Remembering Robert: A Very Agile Fury." Vol. 40, no.3, 62-68.

Town, Caren J. 2001. "Location and Identity in Anne Tyler's Ladder of Years." Vol. 40, no.1, 7-18.

Vonalt, Larry. 2002. "An Interview with Donald Harington." Vol. 40, no.2, 69-85.

_______. 2002. "Storytelling in Donald Harington's Stay More." Vol. 40, no.2, 23- 38.

Wall, Carey. 2002. "Ritual Technique and Renewal in Eudora Welty's 'Kin.'" Vol. 40, no.4, 39-52.

Wallenstein, Barry. 2002. "Robert Hazel: The Early Poems; Toward a New Selected Poems." Vol. 40, no.3, 122-131.

Walter, Brian. 2002. "Childhood's End: War and Innocence in When Angels Rest."  Vol. 40, no.2, 51-65.

Weiss, Sanford. 2002. "Robert Hazel: Poetry for the Two Hands." Vol. 40, no.3, 132-136.

White, William M. 2002. "Honey Robert and His Clock of Clay." Vol. 40, no.3, 148- 155. 

Whyatt, Frances. 2002. "Knowing Bob: A Look Back." Vol. 40, no.3, 72-74.

Williamson, J. W. 2002. "Notes on The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks." Vol. 40, no.2, 66-68.

Wright, Emily Powers. 2001. "The 'Other South' of Caroline Miller: A Case Study in Regional Stereotypes and Canon Formation." Vol. 40, no.1, 93-108.


Austenfeld, Thomas Carl. American Women Writers and the Nazis: Ethics and Politics in Boyle, Porter, Stafford, and Hellman (Darlene Harbour Unrue). Vol. 40, no.2, 176-177.

Bingham, Emily S., and Thomas A. Underwood, eds. The Southern Agrarians and the New Deal: Essays After I'll Take My Stand (Review essay, Peter Nicolaisen). Vol. 40, no.3, 163-171. 

Bruccoli, Matthew J., and Parker Buck, eds. To Loot My Life Clean: Thomas Wolfe-Maxwell Perkins Correspondence (Review essay, Richard S. Kennedy). Vol. 40, no.1, 147-151.

Carter, Jimmy. An Hour Before Daylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 40, no.1, 167-168.

Chopin, Kate. Suzanne Disheroon Green and David J. Caudle, eds. At Fault: A Scholarly Edition with Background Readings (Allan Burns). Vol. 40, no.2, 168-169.

Clayton, Alec. Until the Dawn (Larry Johnson). Vol. 40, no.1, 173-174.

Disheroon-Green, Suzanne, and Lisa Abney, eds. Songs of the New South: Writing Contemporary Louisiana (Olivia Pass). Vol. 40, no.2, 174-176.

Driggs, Sarah Shield,  Richard Guy Wilson, and Robert P. Winthrop. Richmond's Monument Avenue (Susan Donaldson). Vol. 40, no.3, 173-174.

Freeman, John. Standing On My Father's Grave (Larry Johnson). Vol. 40, no.2, 180-181.

Ginés, Montserrat. The Southern Inheritors of Don Quixote (Taylor Hagood). Vol. 40, no.2, 170-172.

Henry, Aaron, with Constance Curry. Aaron Henry: The Fire Ever Burning (Review essay, Neil R. McMillen). Vol. 40, no.2, 159-163.

Hinds, Mary Hancock. Infinite Elvis: An Annotated Bibliography (Brooke Horvath). Vol. 40, no.2, 169-170.

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth. Mississippi Quilts (Géraldine Chouard). Vol. 40, no.2, 165-167.

Lang, John. Understanding Fred Chappell (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 40, no.2, 164-165.

Mason, Gilbert R., with James Patterson Smith. Beaches, Blood, and Ballots: A Black Doctor's Civil Rights Struggle (Review essay, Neil R. McMillen). Vol. 40, no.2, 159-163.

McAlexander, Hubert H. Peter Taylor: A Writer's Life (Linda Kandel Kuehl). Vol. 40, no.3, 175-176.

_______. Peter Taylor: A Writer's Life (Peter Nicolaisen). Vol. 40, no.2, 177-180.

Meisenhelder, Susan Edwards. Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick: Race and Gender in the Works of Zora Neale Hurston (Genevieve West). Vol. 40, no.2, 172-174.

Murphy, Paul V. The Rebuke of History: The Southern Agrarians and American Conservative Thought (Review essay, Peter Nicolaisen). Vol. 40, no.3, 163-171.

Nevils, Rene Pol, and Deborah George Hardy. Ignatius Rising: The Life of John Kennedy Toole (W. Kenneth Holditch). Vol. 40, no.1, 168-170.

Pollack, Harriet, and Suzanne Marrs. Eudora Welty and Politics: Did the Writer Crusade? (Stephen M. Fuller). Vol. 40, no.1, 170-172.

Winchell, Mark Royden. Where No Flag Flies: Donald Davidson and the Souther Resistance (Review essay, Peter Nicolaisen). Vol. 40, no.3, 163-171.

Wolfe, Thomas. Arlyn Bruccoli and Matthew J.Bruccoli, eds.  O Lost: A Story of the Buried Life (Review essay, Richard S. Kennedy). Vol. 40, no.1, 147-151.


Foster, Marc, dir.  Monster's Ball (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 40, no.3, 177-178.

Green, David Gordon, writ., dir. George Washington (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 40, no.1, 178-179 

Greenwald, Maggie, writ., dir. Songcatcher (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 40, no.1, 176-178.

Howard, Arliss, dir. Big Bad Love (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 40, no.3, 178-179.

Nelson, Tim Blake, dir. O (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 40, no.1, 175-176.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.

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Vol. 41 2002-2003 Back to Top

Aiken, David. 2003. "A Christian in Search of Religious Freedom." Vol. 41, no.2, 93-99.

Anderson, Nancy G. 2003. "'A Game Played Against Time': Life in Bourbonville." Vol. 41, no.4, 22-42.

Baker, Barbara A. 2003. "Riffing on Memory and Playing Through the Break: Blues in Lewis Nordan's Music of the Swamp and Wolf Whistle." Vol. 41, no.3, 20-42.

Bonner, Judith H. 2002. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XV." Vol. 41, no.1, 107-125.

Bowman, Glen. 2003. "Neither Saint nor Sinner: An Analysis of Richard Marius as Biographer of Thomas More." Vol. 41, no.4, 78-91.

Boyd, Molly. 2003. "The Southern American Adam: Simms's Alternative Myth." Vol. 41, no.2, 73-83.

Brennan, Matthew C. 2003. "Simms, Wordsworth, and 'The Mysterious Teachings of the Natural World.'" Vol. 41, no.2, 37-47.

Brison, Randall K. 2003. "An Interview with Richard Marius." Vol. 41, no.4, 96-104.

Carney, Mary. 2003. "Gothic Undercurrents in the Novels of Lewis Nordan." Vol. 41, no.3, 78-91.

Cartwright, Keith. 2003. "Notes Towards a Voodoo Hermeneutics: Soul Rhythms, Marvelous Transitions, and Passages to the Creole Saints in Praisesong for the Widow." Vol. 41, no.4, 127-143.

Chung, Hyeyurn. 2002. "The Myth of Objectivity in T. S. Stribling's Birthright and Unfinished Cathedral." Vol. 41, no.1, 51-66.

Clabough, Casey. 2002. "William Hoffman's Fictional Journey" [Interview]. Vol. 41, no.1, 80-86. 

Conyers, A. J. 2003. "Simms's Incarnational Theology and the Emerging American Religion." Vol. 41, no.2, 84-92.

Dupuy, Edward J. 2003. "Music, Mirrors, and Mermaids: Shakespeare and the Transformative Power of Language in Lewis Nordan's Music of the Swamp ." Vol. 41, no.3, 43-49.

_______. 2003. "An Interview with Lewis Nordan." Vol. 41, No. 3, 95-108.

_______. 2003. "Introduction" [Lewis Nordan Special Feature]. Vol. 41, no.3, 5-6.

Fisher, Benjamin R. 2003. "'To Shadow forth Its Presence': Simms's Gothic Narrative Poems." Vol. 41, no.2, 60-72.

Folks, Jeffrey J. 2003. "Richard Marius and Cultural Orphanhood."  Vol. 41, no.4, 68-77.

Folks, Jeffrey J. and Nancy Summers Folks. 2003. "Preface" [Richard Marius Special Feature]. Vol. 41, no.4,  5-6.

Frankel, Simon J. 2003. "Marius the Cyclist-and Teacher, and Friend." Vol. 41, no.4, 92-95. 

Gómez-Vega, Ibis. 2003. "Intersecting Oppressions and the Emotional Paralysis of the Working Poor in Anne Tyler's 'Average Waves in Unprotected Waters.'" Vol. 41, no.3, 109-120.

Guagliardo, Huey. 2003. "'A Life of Loneliness and Oddity': Freaks, Alienation, and the Consoling Power of Narrative in Lewis Nordan's Fiction." Vol. 41, no.3, 64-73.

Herring, T. Scott. 2002. "Makeovers: Regional Universalism and the Newer South's Public Spheres." Vol. 41, no.1, 87-105.

Jones, Paul Christian. 2003. "Simms's Last Word on Slavery: The Racial Politics of 'Bald-Head Bill Bauldy' and 'The Humours of the Manager.'" Vol. 41, no.2, 110-118.

Justus, James H. 2003. "Saving Lies, Imagining Truth: Two Marius Narratives." Vol. 41, no.4, 43-51.

Klemmer, Philip, Sr. and Philip Klemmer, Jr. 2003. "Mabe's Disease" [Postscript]. Vol. 41, no.4, 171-77.

Lessig, Matthew. 2003. "The Store, or T. S. Stribling's Paragraph in the History of Critical Race Studies," Vol. 41, no.3, 137-155.

Levitsky, Holli G. 2002. "Suicide and Sex: The Cost of Desire (is Death)."  Vol. 41, no.1, 29-38.

Link, Eric Carl. 2003. "American Nationalism and the Defense of Poetry." Vol. 41, no.2, 48-59.

Maguire, Roberta S. 2003. "From the Blues to Jazz: Lewis Nordan's Fiction as 'Equipment for Living.'" Vol. 41, no.3, 7-19.

_______. 2002. "Walker Percy and Albert Murray: The Story of Two 'Part Anglo-Saxon Alabamians.'" Vol. 41, no.1, 10-28.

Newton, David. W. 2003. "Voices from the Enchanted Circle: Simms and the Poetics of the American Renaissance." Vol. 41, no.2, 23-36.

Nicolaisen, Peter. 2003. "Southwood" [Postscript]. Vol. 41, no.2, 161-166.

Nordan, Lewis. 2003. "Owling." Vol. 41, no.3, 92-94.

Norman, Ralph. 2003. "The Conquest of Disbelief in After the War: First World, First Person, and the Gift of Friendship." Vol. 41, no.4, 7-21.

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