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Index to Volumes 37 and 38

37 (1998-99) - 38 (1999-2000)


Vol. 37 1998-1999 Back to Top

Abbott, Reginald. 1999. "'Folks Gwine Talk Sumpin' Scan'lous': Margaret Mitchell, Frances Newman, and the Art of Gossip." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 221-237.

Ball, Gordon. 1999. "Bopsie." Vol. 37, no.2, 186-188.

Bledsoe, Erik. 1998. "An Interview with Harry Crews." Vol. 37, no.1, 97-117.

Bledsoe, Erik. 1998. "Introduction: Harry Crews." Vol. 37, no.1, 5-7

Bonner, Judith H. 1998. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part XI." Vol. 37, no.1, 139-158.

Bonner, Thomas, Jr., and Judith H. Bonner. 1999. "Kate Chopin's New Orleans: A Visual Essay." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 52-64.

Bottoms, David. 1999. "Turn Your Radio On: The Powers of Influence." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 85-92.

Bradshaw, Charles. 1999. "Language and Responsibility: The Failure of Discourse in Carson McCullers's The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter." Vol. 37, no.2, 118-126.

Brown, Larry. 1998. "Harry Crews: Mentor and Friend." Vol. 37, no.1, 8-12.

Champion, Laurie. 1999. "'When You Finally See Them': The Unconquered Eye in To Kill a Mockingbird." Vol. 37, no.2, 127-136.

Crews, Harry. 1998. "Assault of Memory." Vol. 37, no.1, 124-138.

De Santis, Christopher C. 1999. "Exchanging Our Country Marks." (review essay) Vol. 37, no.2, 63-66.

Dickson, Rebecca. 1999. "Kate Chopin, Mrs. Pontellier, and Narrative Control." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 38-44.

Edwards, Tim. 1998. "'Everthing Is Eating Everthing Else': The Naturalistic Impulse in Harry Crews's A Feast of Snakes." Vol. 37, no.1, 42-53.

Ellis, Anne. 1999. "Performing Appalachia: Roadside Theater and the Performance of Identity." Vol. 37, no.2, 47-58.

Ewell, Barbara. 1999. "Introduction: Kate Chopin." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 7-8.

Ewell, Barbara. 1999. "Unlinking Race and Gender: The Awakening as a Southern Novel." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 30-37.

Fick, Virginia Gunn. 1999. "William Styron: An Interview." Vol. 37, no.2, 158-162.

Fister, Charles. 1999. "Watching Days of Our Lives for thirty years with the sound off: Walker Percy and the 'Speaking Eye.'" Vol. 37, no.3-4, 160-168.

Fleming, Jeff. 1999. "Maya Lin: Topologies." Vol. 37, no.2, 59-62.

Ford, Sarah. 1999. "'What you huntin', man?': Lady May and Language in Eudora Welty's Losing Battles." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 180-186.

Friman, Alice and Bruce Gentry. 1999. "Fishing from the Poetry Boat: A Conversation with David Bottoms." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 93-105.

Gentry, Bruce. 1999. "Introduction: David Bottoms." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 65.

Groover, Kristina K. 1999. "Revisioning the Wilderness: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Ellen Foster." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 187-197.

Guagliardo, Huey. 1999. "The Marginal People in the Novels of Richard Ford." Vol. 37, no.2, 16-32.

Hill, Robert W. 1999. "Warbling with TV in the Background: David Bottoms in the Suburbs." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 80-84.

Jarvis, Christina. 1999. "'Like a lady I et': Faulkner, Food, and Femininity." Vol. 37, no.2, 105-117.

Johns, Larry Wayne. 1999. "Some Thoughts on Bottoms and Teaching." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 313-314.

Keeble, Robert. 1999. "The Moviegoer as Psychotext." Vol. 37, no.2, 137-150.

Kline, Michael. 1999. "Narrating the Grotesque: The Rhetoric of Humor in John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 283-291.

Kodat, Catherine Gunther. 1999. "'You have your ma's eyes': Modernity, Narration, and the Feminine in Allen Tate's The Fathers." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 198-211.

Lake, Elise S. 1998. "Having a Hard Time of It: Women in the Novels of Harry Crews." Vol. 37, no.1, 54-65.

Lee, Jennifer E. 1999. "The Sorceress and Her Inquisitor: Lancelot's 'Demonic Woman.'" Vol. 37, no.3-4, 169-179.

Long, Gary L. 1998. "Silences, Criticisms, and Laments: Political Implications in the Work of Harry Crews." Vol. 37, no.1, 27-41.

MacDonald, Gary. 1999. "Manly Beauty and Southern Heroism: The Example of William Gilmore Simms." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 266-75.

McDonald, Robert L. 1999. "'A blaze of glory': Image and Self-Promotion in Henley's The Miss Firecracker Contest." Vol. 37, no.2, 151-157.

McGregory, Jerrilyn. 1998. "Harry Crews's Home Place: An Excursion into Wiregrass Country and the Carnivalesque." Vol. 37, no.1, 66-73.

McLaurin, Tim. 1998. "'Is your novel worth a damn?': Meeting Harry Crews." Vol. 37, no.1, 13-14.

Menke, Pamela Glenn. 1999. "The Catalyst of Color and Women's Regional Writing: At Fault, Pembroke, and The Awakening." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 9-20.

Murphy, Peter G. 1999. "Colonization and the American Indian in Simms's 'Lucas de Ayllon.'" Vol. 37, no.3-4, 277-282.

Neill, Josephine Haley. 1999. "Fear of Flying: The Early Poetry of Agnes Grinstead Anderson." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 238-254.

Pollin, Burton R. 1999. "James Thurber: A Humorist Haunted by Poe." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 139-159.

Ritter, Alexander. 1999. "Charles Sealsfield (1793-1864; actual Karl Postl): Bibliography 1945-1998." Vol. 37, no.2, 163-174.

Romine, Scott. 1998. "Harry Crews's Away Games: Home and Sport in A Feast of Snakes and Body." Vol. 37, no.1, 74-87.

Ruffin, Paul. 1998. "The Lady with the Quick Simile." Vol. 37, no.1, 169-170.

Russ, Don. 1999. "'Up Toward Light': Resurrection, Transfiguration, Metamorphosis, and Evolution in David Bottom's Armored Hearts." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 66-72.

Ryan, Steven T. 1999. "The Father/Daughter Collaboration of Aleck Maury, Sportsman." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 212-220.

Sauve, Damon. 1998. "A Harry Crews Bibliography: Short Work and Critical Response." Vol. 37, no.1, 118-123.

Snyder, Robert E. 1999. "Picturing Southern Communities" (review essay). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 106-119.

Stout, Janis P. 1999. "On the Pitfalls of Literary Biography: The Case of Joan Givner and Katherine Anne Porter." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 129-138.

Suarez, Ernest. 1999. "A Deceptive Simplicity: The Poetry of David Bottoms." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 73-79.

Taylor, Helen. 1999. "Walking Through New Orleans: Kate Chopin and the Female Flâneur." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 21-29.

Toth, Emily. 1999. "Kate Chopin's Secret, Slippery Life Story." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 45-50.

Traber, Daniel S. 1999. "'Ruder Forms Survive,' or Slumming for Subjectivity: Self-Marginalization in Suttree." Vol. 37, no.2, 33-46.

Tracey, Karen. 1999. "Recasting Women's Roles: Southworth's Britomarte, the Man-Hater as Civil War Fiction." Vol. 37, no.2, 5-15.

Twomey, Jay. 1999. "Tempting the Child: The Lyrical Madness of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 255-265.

Wade, Carl A. 1999."Conformity, Resistance, and the Search for Selfhood in Kate Chopin's The Awakening." Vol. 37, no.2, 92-104.

Watkins, James H. 1998. "'The Use of I, Lovely and Terrifying Word': Autobiographical Authority and the Representation of 'Redneck' Masculinity in A Childhood." Vol. 37, no.1, 15-26.


Almon, Bert. William Humphrey: Destroyer of Myth (Joan Williams). Vol. 37, no.2, 183-184.

Avery, Laurence G., ed. A Paul Green Reader (James F. Schlatter). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 299-300.

Barnwell, Marion, ed. A Place Called Mississippi: Collected Narratives (William R. Glass). Vol. 37, no.2, 184-185.

Beattie, L. Elisabeth, ed. Savory Memories (Joyce LeMaster). Vol. 37, no.2, 182-183.

Bizzaro, Patrick, ed. Dream Garden: The Poetic Vision of Fred Chappell (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 37, no.2, 177-178.

Brown, Walter Lee. A Life of Albert Pike (Elliott West). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 295-296.

Carmean, Karen. Ernest J. Gaines: A Critical Companion (Jeffrey J. Folks). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 298-299.

Chadwick-Joshua, Jocelyn. The Jim Dilemma: Reading Race in Huckleberry Finn (Matthew Guinn). Vol. 37, no.2, 175-176.

Danchin, Sebastian. "Blues Boy": The Life and Music of B. B. King (Hugh Ruppersburg). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 293-294.

Dyer, Joyce, ed. Bloodroot: Reflections on Place by Appalachian Women Writers (Anna Dunlap Higgins). Vol. 37, no.1, 161-162.

Gaines, George Strother. Ed. James P. Pate. The Reminiscences of George Strother Gaines: Pioneer and Statesman of Early Alabama and Mississippi, 1805-1843 (Greg O'Brien). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 304-305.

Gomez, Michael A. Exchanging Our Country Marks: The Transformation of African Identities in the Colonial and Antebellum South (Christopher C. De Santis). Vol. 37, no.2, 63-66.

Goodman, Susan. Ellen Glasgow: A Biography (Margaret D. Bauer). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 301-302.

Govenar, Alan. Portraits of Community: African American Photography in Texas (Robert E. Snyder). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 106-119.

Grammar, John M. Pastoral and Politics in the Old South (Robert L. Phillips). Vol. 37, no.1, 164-165.

Gretlund, Jan Nordby, and Karl-Heinz Westarp, eds. The Late Novels of Eudora Welty (Laurie Champion). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 294-295.

Grider, Sylvia Ann, and Lou Halsell Rodenberger, eds. Texas Women Writers: A Tradition of Their Own (Bruce A. Glasrud). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 300-301.

Hadley, Charles D., and Lewis Bowman, eds. Party Activists in Southern Politics: Mirrors and Makers of Change (Jay Barth). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 303-304.

Harington, Donald. When Angels Rest (Irving Malin). Vol. 37, no.2, 180-181.

Kirschten, Robert. Approaching Prayer: Ritual and the Shape of Myth in A. R. Ammons and James Dickey (Irving Malin). Vol. 37, no.2, 181-182.

Kramer, Victor A., ed. Agee: Selected Literary Documents (Jeffrey J. Folks). Vol. 37, no.2, 179-180.

Litwack, Leon F. Trouble in Mind: Black Southerners in the Age of Jim Crow (Julie Armstrong). Vol. 37, no.2, 176-177.

Long, Judy, and Thomas Payton, eds. Southern Christmas: Literary Classics of the Holidays (Lisa C. Hickman). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 297.

Lyerly, Cynthia Lynn. Methodism and the Southern Mind, 1770-1810 (Robert M. Calhoon). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 305-306.

Marcus, Stanley. Minding the Store (Alvin Williams). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 296-297.

McCarthy, Cormac. Cities of the Plain (Lisa C. Hickman). Vol. 37, no.1, 159-160.

McDonald, Joyce. The Stuff of Our Forebears: Willa Cather's Southern Heritage (Joseph R. Urgo). Vol. 37, no.1, 163-164.

Parker, Anthony W. Scottish Highlanders in Colonial Georgia: The Recruitment, Emigration, and Settlement at Darien, 1735-1748 (J. A. Leo Lemay). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 302.

Parrish, Nancy C. Lee Smith, Annie Dillard, and the Hollins Group: A Genesis of Writers (Veronical Makowsky). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 308.

Steed, Robert P., John A. Clark, Lewis Bowman, and Charles D. Hadley, eds. Party Organization and Activism in the American South (Jay Barth). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 303-304.

Thomason, Michael V. R. To Remember a Vanishing World: D. L. Hightower's Photographs of Barbour County Alabama, C. 1930-1965 (Robert E. Snyder). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 106-119.

Watkins, James H., ed. Southern Selves: From Mark Twain and Eudora Welty to Maya Angelou and Kaye Gibbons (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 306-308.

Wilson, Charles Reagan. Judgment and Grace in Dixie: Southern Faiths from Faulkner to Elvis (Kevin Lewis). Vol. 37, no.1, 160-161.


Paxson, Duane (Dorothy Joiner). Vol. 37, no.1, 167-168.


Angelou, Maya, dir. Down in the Delta (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 309-310.

Bindler, S. R., dir. Hands on a Hard Body (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 37, no.3-4, 310-311.


Barnett, Richard M. "Catharsis." Vol. 37, no.1, 88-96.

Dupuy, Edward J., and Gene Beyt. "Where Light Is Heard: A Dialogue of Poems and Photographs." Vol. 37, no.2, 67-91.

Paschal, Huston. "Reflections on David Simonton's North Carolina at Night Photographs." Vol. 37, no.3-4, 120.

Simonton, David. North Carolina at Night. Vol. 37, no.3-4, 121-128.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.


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Vol. 38 1999-2000 Back to Top

Allamel, Fredéric. 2000. "Architectronics of a Honeymoon." Vol. 38, no.4, 38-47.

Arnold, Edwin T. 2000. "'Go to sleep': Dreams and Visions in the Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 34-58.

Arnold, Edwin T., and Dianne C. Luce. 2000. "Introduction: Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 7-9.

Arthos, John, Jr. 2000. "Ambiguity in the Event of Understanding: Peter Taylor and the Hermeneutic Situation." Vol. 38, no.2, 60-66.

Barbera, Jack. 1999. "Strangers in the Night: Three Interior Dramatic Monologues by Tennessee Williams." Vol. 38, no.1, 71-80.

Berry, K. Wesley. 1999. "Bioregional Pedagogy, Ecospiritual Autobiography, and The Horn Island Logs of Walter Inglis Anderson." Vol. 38, no.1, 147-158.

Berry, K. Wesley. 2000. "The Lay of the Land in Cormac McCarthy's The Orchard Keeper and Child of God." Vol. 38, no.4, 61-77.

Bonner, Judith H. 1999. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South, Part XII." Vol. 38, no.1, 203-218.

Bray, Robert. 1999. "Moise and the Man in the Fur Coat." Vol. 38, no.1, 59-70.

Brewton, Vince. 2000. "'An honour as well as a pleasure': Dueling, Violence, and Race in Pudd'nhead Wilson." Vol. 38, no.4, 101-18.

Brickman, Barbara Jane. 2000. "Imposition and Resistance in Cormac McCarthy's The Orchard Keeper." Vol. 38, no.2, 123-134.

Brinkmeyer, Robert H., Jr. 2000. "Inventing Southern Literature: A Review Essay." Vol. 38, no.3, 206­212.

Chollier, Christine. 2000. "Autotextuality, or Dialogic Imagination in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 10-33.

Compton, Mary Katherine. 2000. "Straying Toward the Promised Land: Abjection and Transgressive Wandering in The Bride of the Innisfallen." Vol. 38, no.4, 5-16.

Crandell, George W. 1999. "Peeping Tom: Voyeurism, Taboo, and Truth in the World of Tennessee Williams's Short Fiction." Vol. 38, no.1, 28-35.

De Santis, Christopher C. 2000. "The Dangerous Marrow of Southern Tradition: Charles W. Chesnutt, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and the Paternalist Ethos at the Turn of the Century." Vol. 38, no.2, 79-97.

Dorff, Linda. 1999. "'I prefer the "mad" ones': Tennessee Williams's Grotesque-Lyric Exegetical Poems." Vol. 38, no.1, 81-93.

Drake, Robert. 1999. "The Peabody Ducks and All the Rest." Vol. 38, no.1, 233-235.

Edminster, Warren. 2000. "Warped Perception in Peter Taylor's 'Porte Cochere.'" Vol. 38, no.2, 54-59.

Falasca, Laura. 2000. "Images of the South through the Image of Freaks: A Movie from The Ballad of the Sad Café." Vol. 38, no.4, 119-123.

Fisher, James. 1999. "'An Almost Posthumous Existence': Performance, Gender, and Sexuality in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone." Vol. 38, no.1, 45-57.

Fitter, Chris. 2000. "The Exceptionalist Mythos: W. J. Cash's Mind of the South and the Limitations of Particularist Historiography." Vol. 38, no.2, 98-110.

Flora, Joseph M. 1999. "A Suitable Villain: Mormonism in Clyde Edgerton's Redeye: A Western." Vol. 38, no.1, 159-163.

Folks, Jeffrey. 2000. "Late-Night Rambles with Richard Marius: An Interview." Vol. 38, no.4, 124-132.

Griffith, Albert J. 2000. "Journeys Through Space and Time, Fact and Fiction: The Tennessee Caravans of Peter Taylor." Vol. 38, no.2, 31-35

Guilleman, George. 2000. "'As of Some Site Where Life Had Not Succeeded': Sorrow, Allegory, and Pastoralism in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 72-98.

Guinn, Matthew. 1999. "The Grit Émigré in Harry Crews's Fiction." Vol. 38, no.1, 164-172.

Haddox, Thomas F. 1999. "Contextualizing Flannery O'Connor: Allen Tate, Caroline Gordon, and the Catholic Turn in Southern Literature." Vol. 38, no.1, 173-190.

Hale, Allean. 1999. "Tennessee Williams: The Preacher's Boy." Vol. 38, no.1, 10-20.

Heldrich, Philip. 2000. "Collision and Revision in Peter Taylor's 'The Old Forest.'" Vol. 38, no.2, 48-53.

Hollandsworth, Linda. 2000. "'Sophisticated Acts': The Friendship of Flannery O'Connor and William Sessions." Vol. 38, no.4, 93-100.

Holloway, David. 2000. "Modernism, Nature, and Utopia: Another Look at 'Optical Democracy' in Cormac McCarthy's Western Quartet." Vol. 38, no.3, 186-205.

Joiner, Dorothy. 1999. "Bruce Bobick's Altarpiece to Georgia Champions." Vol. 38, no.1, 141-146.

Jones, Paul Christian. 2000. "Copying What the Master Had Written: Frederick Douglass's 'The Heroic Slave' and the Southern Historical Romance." Vol. 38, no.4, 78-92.

Kolin, Kristin J. 1999. "Williams Smoking." Vol. 38, no.1, 9.

Kolin, Philip C. 1999. "Introduction: Tennessee Williams." Vol. 38, no.1, 7-8.

Kolin, Philip C. 1999. "Tennessee Williams's 'Interval': MGM and Beyond." Vol. 38, no.1, 21-27.

Kuehl, Linda Kandel. 2000. "Introduction: Peter Taylor." Vol. 38, no.2, 7-8.

Kullman, Colby H. 1999. "Tennessee Williams's Mississippi Delta: A Photo Essay." Vol. 38, no.1, 124-140.

Lilley, James D. 2000. "Of Whales and Men : The Dynamics of Cormac McCarthy's Environmental Imagination." Vol. 38, no.2, 111-122.

Luce, Dianne C. 2000. "The Vanishing World of Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 121-146.

Lux, Mary F. 1999. "Tenn Among the Lotus Eaters: Drugs in the Life and Fiction of Tennessee Williams." Vol. 38, no.1, 117-123.

Martin, Matthew R. 2000. "Vision and Revelation in Eudora Welty's Early Fiction and Photography." Vol. 38, no.4, 17-26.

McAlexander, Hubert H. 2000. "Peter Taylor's 1935 Travel Diary." Vol. 38, no.2, 9-20.

McCord, Charline R. 2000. "Interview with Valerie Sayers." Vol. 38, no.2, 135-152.

Metress, Christopher. 2000. "The Color of the Law: A Review Essay." Vol. 38, no.2, 153-157.

Murphy, Brenda. 1999. "Brick Pollit Agonistes: The Game in 'Three Players of a Summer Game' and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Vol. 38, no.1, 36-44.

Nelson, Ronald J. 2000. "Driving and Being Driven in Peter Taylor's Stoems." Vol. 38, no.2, 36-47.

Robinson, David M. 2000. "Personalities and Presences: Peter Taylor's Dramatizations of the Occult." Vol. 38, no.2, 67-74.

Ruckel, Terri Smith. 1999. "A 'Giggling, silly, bitchy, voluptuary': Tennessee Williams's Memoirs as Apologia Pro Vita Sua." Vol. 38, no.1, 94-103.

Scoones, Jacqueline. 2000. "The World on Fire: Ethics and Evolution in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 99-120.

Seaman, Gerda, and Ellen Walker. 2000. "'Where Is the Voice Coming From?': Eudora Welty's Life in Fiction." Vol. 38, no.4, 27-37.

Shackelford, D. Dean. 1999. "'The Transmutation of Experience': The Aesthetics and Themes of Tennessee Williams's Nonfiction." Vol. 38, no.1, 104-116.

Snyder, Phillip A. 2000. "Cowboy Codes in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 147-66.

Sullivan, Nell. 2000. "Boys Will Be Boys and Girls Will Be Gone: The Circuit of Male Desire in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 167-185.

Taylor, Eleanor Ross. 2000. "Before the Letters: Sgt. Peter Taylor, Letters from England, 1944-45." Vol. 38, no.2, 21-30.

Walker, Ellen, and Gerda Seaman. 2000. "'Where Is the Voice Coming From?': Eudora Welty's Life in Fiction." Vol. 38, no.4, 27-37.

Wegner, John. 2000. "'Wars and rumors of war' in Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy." Vol. 38, no.3, 59-71.

Williamson, Alan. 2000. "Peter Taylor in Charlottesville, End of the 1960s." Vol. 38, no.2, 75-78.

Woodson, Linda Townley. 2000. "'The Lighted Display Case': A Nietzschean Reading of Cormac McCarthy's Border Fiction." Vol. 38, no.4, 48-60.


Adams, Katherine J., and Lewis J. Gould, eds. Inside the Natchez Trace Collection: New Sources for Southern History (Pic Firmin). Vol. 38, no.4, 135-136.

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Bledsoe, Erik, ed. Getting Naked with Harry Crews (Frank W. Shelton). Vol. 38, no.3, 214-116.

Bonazzi, Robert. Man in the Mirror: John Howard Griffin and the Story of 'Black Like Me' (Christopher Metress). Vol. 38, no.1, 221-223.

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Carmichael, Jacqueline Miller. Trumpeting a Fiery Sound (Genevieve West). Vol. 38, no.1, 220-221.

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Fraser, Gertrude Jacinta. African American Midwifery in the South: Dialogues of Birth, Race, and Memory (Alice Hall Petry). Vol. 38, no.1, 227-228.

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Hobson, Fred. But Now I See: The White Southern Racial Conversion Narrative (Will Brantley). Vol. 38, no.4, 148-150.

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Murphy, Kay. Belief Blues (Larry Johnson). Vol. 38, no.1, 228-229.

Nordan, Lewis. Boy With Loaded Gun (Lisa C. Hickman). Vol. 38, no.3, 222-224.

O'Brien, Gail Williams. The Color of the Law: Race, Violence and Justice in the Post-World War II South (Christopher Metress). Vol. 38, no.2, 153-157.

Romine, Scott. The Narrative Forms of Southern Community (Anna Dunlap Higgins). Vol. 38, no.3, 219-221.

_______. The Narrative Forms of Southern Community (Richard H. King). 38.4, 137-139.

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