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Index to Volumes 32 to 36

32 (1993-94) - 33 (1994-95) - 34 (1995-96) - 35 (1996-97) - 36 (1997-98)


Vol. 32 1993-1994 Back to Top

Adams, Charles H. 1994. "Reading Ecologically: Language and Play in Bartram's Travels." Vol. 32, no.4, 65-74.

Almon, Bert. 1994. "William Humphrey's 'Broken-Backed Novel': Parody in The Ordways." Vol. 32, no.4, 107-116.

Arnold, Marilyn. 1993. "The Edge of Adolescence in Eudora Welty's 'Moon Lake'." Vol. 32, no.1, 49-61.

Bonner, Judith H. 1993. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South, Part VI." Vol. 32, no.1, 125-157.

Brownlee, Peter J. 1994. "Interview with William Christenberry." Vol. 32, no.3, 89-95.

Burger, Nash K. 1993. "Eudora Welty's Monsieur Boule and Other Friends: A Memoir of Good Times." Vol. 32, no.1, 40-48.

Clemmen, Yves. 1994. "Photographic Politics: The Text and Its Readings in Kate Chopin's The Awakening." Vol. 32, no.4, 75-79.

De Santis, Christopher C. 1994. "Representations of The Great Migration" (review essay). Vol. 32, no.4, 149-156.

Donlon, Jocelyn Hazelwood. 1994. "Gail Godwin Talks about Southern Storytelling." Vol. 32, no.3, 11-24.

Francis, William A. 1994. "With Wings to Fly: A Conversation with New Orleans Novelist Nancy Lemann." Vol. 32, no.3, 51-66.

Frega, Donnalee. 1994. "Interview with Tim McLaurin." Vol. 32, no.3, 67-88.

Gilman, Deborah. 1994. "Interview with Herbert Singleton." Vol. 32, no.3, 96-110.

Grootkerk, Paul. 1994. "Artistic Images of Mythological Reality: The Antebellum Plantation." Vol. 32, no.4, 33-44.

Herion-Sarafidis, Elisabeth. 1994. "Interview with Lee Smith." Vol. 32, no.2, 6-18.

Hersh, Allison. 1994. "Representations of Temporal Liminality in Caroline Gordon's 'The Brilliant Leaves' and Robert Penn Warren 's Meet Me in the Green Glen." Vol. 32, no.2, 79-94.

Hunt, V. 1994. "Interview with Lee Smith." Vol. 32, no.2, 30-36.

Introduction. 1994. "Interviews with Southern Writers, Artists and Filmmakers." Vol. 32, No. 3, 7-9.

Introduction. 1993. "The World of Eudora Welty." Vol. 32, No. 1, 7-8.

Ketchin, Susan. 1994. "An Interview with Larry Brown." Vol. 32, no.2, 95-109.

Kibler, James E., Jr. 1994. "An Artist, A Place and a Time." (review essay). Vol. 32, no.4, 157-161.

Long, Gary L. 1994. "Naked Americans: Violence in the Work of Harry Crews." Vol. 32, no.4, 117-130.

Lynch, Charles Edward. 1994. "Breaking the Kentucky Cycle: A Native's Struggle with Language and Identity." Vol. 32, no.4, 141-148.

Makowsky, Veronica. 1994. "Janice Holt Giles Reconsidered." Vol. 32, no.4, 97-105.

Meads, Kat. 1994. "Live and Onstage." (memoir). Vol. 32, no.2, 125-130.

Mitchell, Felicia. 1994. "Interview with Eve Shelnutt." Vol. 32, no.3, 43-50.

Mortimer, Gail L. 1994. "A Source for a Name and a Question of Naming in Eudora Welty's 'Moon Lake.'" Vol. 32, no.4, 80-83.

Mott, Donald R. 1994. "Glen Pitre: Life after Belizaire ." Vol. 32, no.3, 111-122.

Mott, Donald R. 1994. "Robert Russett: Artist and Experimental Filmmaker Extraordinaire." Vol. 32, no.3, 123-146.

Nissen, Axel. 1993. "Occasional Travelers in China Grove: Welty's 'Why I Live at the P.O.' Reconsidered." Vol. 32, no.1, 72-79.

Nordström, Alison Devine. 1994. "Ulterior Images: Photographs of the South in the Thirties and Forties." Vol. 32, no.2, 146-149.

Parker, Michael. 1994. "An Interview with Daphne Athas." Vol. 32, no.3, 25-42.

Parrish, Nancy C. 1994. "'Ghostland': Tourism in Lee Smith's Oral History." Vol. 32, no.2, 37-47.

Schlatter, James F. 1994. "Storyteller in the Wilderness: The American Imagination of Romulus Linney." Vol. 32, no.2, 63-78.

Smith, Elise L. 1994. "Belle Kinney and the Confederate Women's Monument." Vol. 32, no.4, 6-31.

Smith, Rebecca. 1994. "A Conversation with Lee Smith." Vol. 32, no.2, 19-29.

Smith, Rebecca. 1994. "Writing, Singing and Hearing a New Voice: Lee Smith's The Devil's Dream." Vol. 32, no.2, 48-62.

Stetsenko, Ekaterina. 1993. "Eudora Welty and Autobiography." Vol. 32, no.1, 16-26.

Vaschenko, Alexandr. 1993. "That Which 'The Whole World Knows': Functions of Folklore in Eudora Welty's Stories." Vol. 32, no.1, 9-15.

Vinh, Alphonse. 1994. "Talking with Josephine Humphreys." Vol. 32, no.4, 131-140.

Wall, Carey. 1994. "The Unplayfulness of Games, the Blocked Dialogue of House and Street: Ritual Practices and Racism." (review essay). Vol. 32, no.2, 131-145.

Werlock, Abby H.P. 1993. "Fathoming the Feminine: New Books on Mark Twain and Women." (review essay). Vol. 32, no.1, 119-123.

Westmacott, Richard. 1994. "Yards and Gardens of Rural African Americans as Vernacular Art." Vol. 32, no.4, 45-63.

Weston, Ruth D. 1993. "Images of the Depression in the Fiction of Eudora Welty." Vol. 32, no.1, 80-91.

Williams, Barbara Lee. 1994. "Clarence John Laughlin: Visionary Photographer." (review essay). Vol. 32, no.3, 177-184.

Williamson, J. W. 1994. "Hillbilly Gals and American Burlesque." Vol. 32, no.4, 84-96.

Wilson, Deborah. 1993. "The Altering/Alterity of History in Eudora Welty's The Robber Bridegroom." Vol. 32, no.1, 62-71.

Yakimenko, Natalia. 1993. "Idyllic Chronotop in Delta Wedding." Vol. 32, no.1, 21-26.

Young, Stephen Flinn. 1994. "A Conversation with Dixon McDowell: The Horton Foote Documentary." Vol. 32, no.3, 147-157.

Zverev, Aleksei. 1993. "Losing Battles Against the Background of the Sixties." Vol. 32, no.1, 27-30.


Adams, Frank T. James A. Dombrowski: An American Heretic, 1897-1983 (David J. Bodenhamer). Vol. 32, no.4, 166-167.

Adero, Malaika. Up South: Stories, Studies, and Letters of This Century's Black Migrations (Christopher C. De Santis). Review essay. Vol. 32, no.4, 149-156.

Baldwin, Cinda K. Great & Noble Jar: Traditional Stoneware of South Carolina (James E. Kibler, Jr.). Vol. 32, no.3, 193-196.

Baldwin, William. The Hard To Catch Mercy (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 32, no.4, 169-171.

Boren, Lynda S., and Sara deSaussure Davis . Kate Chopin Reconsidered: Beyond the Bayou (Thomas Bonner, Jr.). Vol. 32, no.4, 167-169.

Brantley, Will. Feminine Sense in Southern Memoir: Smith, Glasgow, Welty, Hellman, Porter, and Hurston (Martha A. Sledge). Vol. 32, no.3, 192-193.

Brown, John Gregory. Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery (Irving Malin). Vol. 32, no.4, 164-166.

Burch, Robert D. D. J.'s Worst Enemy (Anne Lundin). Vol. 32, no.3, 196-197.

_______. Renfroe 's Christmas (Anne Lundin). Vol. 32, no.3, 196-197.

Cajun Fonville: Louisiane Annees 30 (Alison Devine Nordström) Review essay. Vol. 32, no.2, 146-149.

Carlebach, Michael, and Eugene E Provenzo, Jr. Farm Security Administration Photographs of Florida (Alison Devine Nordström). Review essay. Vol. 32, no.2, 146-149.

Childress, Mark. Crazy in Alabama (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 32, no.2, 161.

Cook, Sylvia Jenkins. Erskine Caldwell and the Fiction of Poverty: The Flesh and the Spirit (William L. Howard). Vol. 32, no.2, 157-158.

Durban, Pam. The Laughing Place (Michael Griffith). Vol. 32, no.1, 160-162.

Escott, Paul D. W.J. Cash and the Minds of the South (Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr.). Vol. 32, no.2, 162-163.

Evans, Eli N. The Lonely Days Were Sundays: Reflections of a Jewish Southerner (Alison Steiner). Vol. 32, no.2, 169-170.

Gaines, Ernest J. A Lesson Before Dying (Michael Griffith). Vol. 32, no.2, 167-169.

Garson, Helen S. Truman Capote: A Study of the Short Fiction (Vincent Kling). Vol. 32, no.1, 163-165.

Gladney, Margaret Rose, ed. How Am I to Be Heard?: Letters of Lillian Smith (Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith). Vol. 32, no.2, 170-172.

Hammond, Ken, ed. State Lines (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 32, no.3, 199-201.

Harrison, Alferdteen . Black Exodus: The Great Migration from the American South (Christopher De Santis). Review essay. Vol. 32, no.4, 149-156.

Hoder-Salmon, Marilyn. Kate Chopin's The Awakening: Screenplay as Interpretation (Thomas Bonner, Jr.). Vol. 32, no.4, 167-169.

Humphries, Jefferson , ed. Southern Literature and Literary Theory (Hugh Ruppersburg). Vol. 32, no.2, 154-156.

Lawson, Lewis A., and Victor A. Kramer, eds. More Conversations with Walker Percy (Gary M. Ciuba). Vol. 32, no.3, 187-189.

Lemay , J.A. Leo. Did Pocahontas Save Captain John Smith? (Sam Worley). Vol. 32, no.3, 189-190.

Lumpkin, Katharine Du Pre. The Making of a Southerner (Carey Wall). Review essay. Vol. 32, no.2, 131-145.

Manning, Carol, ed. The Female Tradition in Southern Literature (Will Brantley). Vol. 32, no.2, 152-154.

McAlexander, Hubert H., ed. Critical Essays on Peter Taylor (Linda Kandel Kuehl). Vol. 32, no.1, 159-160.

Owens, Claire Myers Spotswood Owens. The Unpredictable Adventure: A Comedy of Woman's Independence (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 32, no.2, 165-167.

Ownby, Ted, ed. Black and White Interaction in the Antebellum South (Robert V. Haynes). Vol. 32, no.4, 163-164.

Price, Reynolds. Full Moon and Other Plays (R. C. Fuller). Vol. 32, no.2, 151-152.

Quirk, Tom. Coming to Grips with Huckleberry Finn: Essays on a Boy, a Book and a Man (Abby H.P. Werlock). Vol. 32, no.3, 185-187.

Reesman, Jeanne Campbell. American Designs: The Late Novels of James and Faulkner (Theresa M. Towner). Vol. 32, no.2, 163-165.

Richard, Mark. Fishboy (Irving Malin). Vol. 32, no.3, 198-199.

Scura, Dorothy M., ed . Ellen Glasgow: The Contemporary Reviews (Beth Harrison). Vol. 32, no.1, 165-166.

Severens, Martha. Alice Ravenel Huger Smith: An Artist, A Place , and a Time (James E. Kibler, Jr.). Review Essay. Vol. 32, no.4, 157-161.

Skandera-Trombley, Laura. Polishing Off a Genius: Mark Twain in the Company of Women (Abby H.P. Werlock). Review essay. Vol. 32, no.1, 119-123.

Stoneley, Peter. Mark Twain and the Feminine Aesthetic (Abby H.P. Werlock). Review Essay. Vol. 32, no.1, 119-123.

Suarez, Ernest. James Dickey and the Politics of Canon: Assessing the Savage Ideal (Irving Malin). Vol. 32, no.2, 158-160.

Sugars, Cynthia C., ed. The Letters of Conrad Aiken and Malcolm Lowry, 1929-1954 (Edward Butscher). Vol. 32, no.1, 162-163.

Vlach, John Michael. Back of the Big House: The Architecture of Plantation Slavery (Ann Lucas). Vol. 32, no.3, 197-198.

Wonham, Henry B. Mark Twain and the Art of the Tall Tale (Alan Gribben). Vol. 32, no.3, 201-202.

Zinman, David H. The Day Huey Long Was Shot: September 8, 1935 (Betty Carter). Vol. 32, no.3, 190-192.


Eastwood, Clint, dir. A Perfect World (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 32, no.4, 173-176.

Kloves, Steve, dir. Flesh and Bone (Steven G. KelIman). Vol. 32, no.4, 173-176.

Ward, Carol, dir. In the Eye of the Hurricane: Women's Stories of Reconstruction (Cheryl Saunders Mott). Vol. 32, no.1, 167-168.


Brackenbury, Deborah. " Archer , Florida ." no.1, 93-118.

Darden, Douglas. "Oxygen House: A Near Triptych on the Act of Breathing." no.2, 111-124.

Kwilecki, Paul. "Workers of Decatur County , Georgia ." no.3, 159-174.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.


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Vol. 33 1994-1995 Back to Top

Arnold, Edwin T. 1995. "Cormac McCarthy's The Stonemason : The Unmaking of a Play." Vol. 33, nos.2- 3, 117-129.

Bach, Peggy. 1995. "Evelyn Scott: From Tennessee to Greenwich Village." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 57-63.

Bach, Peggy. 1995. "Interview with David Madden: 'The Theatrical Image.'" Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 215-226.

Benfleld, LeAnne, and Lee Hunter. 1995. "Selective Checklist of Ellen Douglas Materials." Vol. 33, no.4, 149-151.

Bonner, Judith H. 1994. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South, Part VII." Vol. 33, no.1, 141-156.

Castille, Philip Dubuisson. 1995. "Red Scare and Film Noir: The Hollywood Adaptation of Robert Penn Warren 's All the King's Men." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 171-181.

Donaldson, Susan V. 1995. "Ellen Douglas's Black Cloud, White Cloud and the Fragmentation of Narrative." Vol. 33, no.4, 51-64.

Douglas, Ellen. 1995. "I Have Found It." Vol. 33, no.4, 7-13.

Fister, Charles. 1995. "Not Just Whistlin' Dixie : Music, Functional Silence and the Arbitrary Semiotics of Oppression in Ellen Douglas's Can't Quit You, Baby." Vol. 33, no.4, 99-119.

Foata, Anne. 1994. "Aphrodite Redux: Edna Pontellier's Dilemma in The Awakening by Kate Chopin." Vol. 33, no.1, 27-31.

Folks, Jeffrey J. 1995. "James Agee's Filmscript for The Night of the Hunter." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 151-160.

Friedman, Melvin J.1995. "In the Clap Shack : William Styron's Neglected Play." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 13-21.

Fuller, R. C. 1995. "Lunging in the Dark: Blindness and Vision, Disappointment and Aspiration in Reynolds Price's Trilogy." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 45-56.

Garrett, George. 1995. "Jesse Hill Ford's Play." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 183-186.

Garrett, George, David Madden, and Irving Malin. 1995. "Introduction." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 7-12.

Garson, Helen S. 1995. "From Success to Failure: Capote's The Grass Harp." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 35-43.

Greene, Sally. 1994. "Re-Placing the Hero: The Night Travellers as Novel of Female Self-Discovery." Vol. 33, no.1, 33-39.

Hammond, David. 1995. "'Parts of a Novel That Will Probably Never Get Written': An Interview with Elizabeth Spencer." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 85-106.

Horvath, Brooke and Lisa Logan. 1995. "Nobody Knows Best: Carson McCullers's Plays as Social Criticism." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 23-34.

Howard, Jennifer. 1995. "Interview with Mary Lee Settle." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 79-83.

Hunter, Lee and LeAnne Benfleld. 1995. "Selective Checklist of Ellen Douglas Materials." Vol. 33, no.4, 149-151.

Kinney, Arthur F. 1995. " Faulkner's Families : A Review Essay." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 227-230.

Koprince, Susan. 1994. " Tennessee Williams's Unseen Characters." Vol. 33, no.1, 87-95.

Kuehl, Linda Kandel. 1994. "Peter Taylor's Women: Old and New." Vol. 33, no.1, 47-53.

Kuehl, Linda Kandel. 1995. "Public Occasions and Private Evasions in the Plays of Peter Taylor." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 131-146.

Lawson, Lewis. 1994. "The Moviegoer Dates the Love Goddess." Vol. 33, no.1, 6-25.

Lillis, Karen E. 1994. "A Personal Perspective on Two Plays from Generation X: A Review Essay." Vol. 33, no.1, 131-135.

Logan, Lisa and Brooke Horvath. 1995. "Nobody Knows Best: Carson McCullers's Plays as Social Criticism." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 23-43.

Lowe, John. 1995. "From Mule Bones to Funny Bones: The Plays of Zora Neale Hurston." Vol. 33, nos.2- 3, 65-78.

Madden, David, George Garrett, and Irving Malin. 1995. "Introduction." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 7-12.

Mason, Angela L., and Timothy J. Viator. 1994. "Driving Miss Daisy: A Sociosemiotic Analysis." Vol. 33, no.1, 55-63.

McHaney, Thomas L., and Noel Polk. 1995. "Introduction: Ellen Douglas." Vol. 33, no.4, 5.

Mills, Henry P. 1995. "A New Face for Postmodern Scholarship: Announcing the Walker Percy Internet Project." Vol. 33, no.4, 159-163.

Morrison, Nan. 1994. "Gerald Gray's Wife and Lily: A Novel." (review essay). Vol. 33, no.1, 137-140.

Peterson, Beverly. 1994. "Aunt Phillis's Cabin: One Reply to Uncle Tom." Vol. 33, no.1, 97-112.

Petty, Leslie. 1995. "'She has some buried connection with these lives': Autobiographical Acts in Can't Quit You, Baby." Vol. 33, no.4, 121-129.

Polk, Noel and Thomas L. McHaney. 1995. "Introduction: Ellen Douglas." Vol. 33, no.4, 5.

Predmore, Richard. 1995. "Ownership in Dexter's Paris Trout." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 147-150.

Prenshaw, Peggy Whitman. 1995. "Sex and Wreckage in the Parlor: Welty's 'Bye-Bye Brevoort.'" Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 107-116.

Sarthou, Sharron Eve, and Thomas M. Verich. 1995. "The Ellen Douglas Manuscript Collection at The University of Mississippi." Vol. 33, no.4, 131-147

Shear, Walter. 1994. "Women and History in Peter Taylor's Short Stories." Vol. 33, no.1, 41-46.

Shoemaker, Jan. 1995. "Ellen Douglas: Reconstructing the Subject in 'Hold On' and Can't Quit You, Baby." Vol. 33, no.4, 83-98.

Strandberg, Victor. 1995. "Brother to Dragons : Poem/Play/Film." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 187-196.

Suarez, Ernest. 1995. "Deliverance: Dickey's Original Screenplay." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 161-169.

Sussman, Deborah. 1995. "Just for the Fun and Games of It: The Dramatic Writing of George Garrett." Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 197-213.

Tardieu, Betty. 1995. "'I'm in That Secular World, Even Though I Keep Looking Around for Someplace Else To Be': Interview with Ellen Douglas." Vol. 33, no.4, 23-59.

Verich, Thomas M., and Sharron Eve Sarthou. 1995. "The Ellen Douglas Manuscript Collection at The University of Mississippi." Vol. 33, no.4, 131-147.

Viator, Timothy J., and Angela L. Mason. 1994. "Driving Miss Daisy : A Sociosemiotic Analysis." Vol. 33, no.1, 55-63.

Viera, Carroll. 1994. "An Interview with Richard Marius." Vol. 33, no.1, 113-125.

Watts, Rhonda. 1995. "Ellen Douglas's Greenville." Vol. 33, no.4, 41-49.

West, Roger. 1995. "Reconjuring Charles Chesnutt: A Review Essay." Vol. 33, no.4, 153-158.

Wilson, Christine. 1995. "Interview with Ellen Douglas." Vol. 33, no.4, 15-21.

Wilson, Deborah. 1995. "'Re-inventing the Record': Ellen Douglas's A Lifetime Burning as An/'Other' Southern Narrative." Vol. 33, no.4, 65-82.

Winn, Thomas H. 1994. "Night Riders and Tobacco Wars: A Review Essay." Vol. 33, no.1, 127-130.


Alvarez, Ruth M., and Thomas E Walsh. Uncollected Early Prose of Katherine Anne Porter (Suzanne Jones). Vol. 33, no.1, 168.

Anderson, Mary Crow, ed. Two Scholarly Friends: Yates Snowden-John Bennett Correspondence, 1902-1932 (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 33, no.1, 158-160.

Berger, Arthur Asa. Li'l Abner: A Study in American Satire (James E. Caron). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 252-253.

Bernhard, Virginia, Betty Brandon, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Theda Perdue, and Elizabeth H. Turner, eds. Hidden Histories of Women in the New South (Claudia A. Limbert). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 253-255.

Betts, Doris. Souls Raised from the Dead (Irving Malin). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 247-248.

Campbell, Tracy . The Politics of Despair: Power and Resistance in the Tobacco Wars (Thomas H. Winn). Vol. 33, no.1, 127-130.

Chabrier, Gwendolyn. Faulkner's Families (Arthur F. Kinney). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 227-230.

Chesnutt, Charles W. The Conjure Woman and Other Conjure Tales (Roger West). Vol. 33, no.4, 153-158.

_______. The Journals of Charles W Chesnutt (Roger West). Vol. 33, no.4, 153-158.

Cheuse, Alan. The Grandmothers' Club (Claudia A. Limbert). Vol. 33, no.4, 168-169.

Clinton, Catherine, ed. Half Sisters of History: Southern Women and the American Past (Claudia A. Limbert). Vol. 33, no.4, 170-172.

Dufresne, John. Louisiana Power and Light (Brigette Wilds Craft). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 248-250.

Gover, Paula. White Boys and River Girls (Brigette Wilds Craft). Vol. 33, no.4, 169-170.

Goyen, William. Half a Look of Cain (Irving Malin). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 245-247.

Hill, Margaret Hunt, with Burt and Jane Boyar. H. L. and Lyda: Growing Up in the H. L. Hunt and Lyda Baker Hunt Family as Told by Their Eldest Daughter (Claudia A. Limbert). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 255-256.

Johansen, Ruthann Knechel. The Narrative Secret of Flannery O'Connor: The Trickster as Interpreter (Sura P. Rath). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 241-242.

King, Susan Petigru. Gerald Gray's Wife and Lily: A Novel ( Nan Morrison). Vol. 33, no.1, 137-140.

Klevar, Harvey L. Erskine Caldwell: A Biography (William L. Howard). Vol. 33, no.1, 160-162.

Kolin, Philip C., ed. Confronting Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire: Essays in Critical Pluralism (Pearl Amelia McHaney). Vol. 33, no.1, 164-166.

MacDonald, Edgar. James Branch Cabell and Richmond-in-Virginia (Susan V. Donaldson). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 256-258.

MacLean, Nancy . Behind the Mask of Chivalry: The Making of the Second Ku Klux Klan (Edward P. Akin). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 242-244.

Mark, Rebecca. The Dragon's Blood: Feminist Intertextuality in Eudora Welty's "The Golden Apples" (Barbara Ewell). Vol. 33, no.1, 166-167.

McCarthy, Cormac. The Crossing (Larry Johnson). Vol. 33, no.1, 171-172.

McFee, Michael, ed. The Language They Speak Is Things to Eat: Poems by Fifteen Contemporary North Carolina Poets (Dorie LaRue). Vol. 33, no.4, 165-166.

Price, Reynolds. A Whole New Life: An Illness and a Healing (R. C. Fuller). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 250-252.

Roberts, Diane. The Myth of Aunt Jemima: Representations of Race and Region (Joanne V. Hawks). Vol. 33, no.4, 172-173.

Roberts, Terry. Self and Community in the Fiction of Elizabeth Spencer (EIsa Nettels). Vol. 33, no.1, 170-171.

Ruppersburg, Hugh. Georgia Voices, Volume Two: Nonfiction (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 33, no.4, 173-175.

Simpson, Lewis P. The Fable of the Southern Writer (John F. Desmond). Vol. 33, no.1, 157-158.

Sloane, David E. E., ed. Mark Twain's Humor: Critical Essays (Wesley Britton). Vol. 33, no.4, 166-167.

Stahl, J. D. Mark Twain, Culture and Gender: Envisioning America Through Europe (Laura Skandera-Trombley). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 244-245.

Taylor, Peter. In the Tennessee Country (Irving Malin). Vol. 33, no.1, 162-163.

Waldrep, Christopher . Night Riders: Defending the Black Patch, 1890-1915 (Thomas H. Winn). Vol. 33, no.1, 127-130.

Waldron, Ann. Hodding Carter: The Reconstruction of a Racist (Neil R. McMillen). Vol. 33, no.1, 169-170.


Apted, Michael, dir. Nell (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 259-261.

Nair, Mira, dir. The Perez Family (Steven G. Kellman). Vol. 33, no.4, 177-179.

Bucci, Dave. Kid Carnivore (Karen E. Lulls). Vol. 33, no.1, 131-135.

Byrd, Donald/The Group. Drastic Cuts (Act I), Life Situations, Bristle (Act I) (Sally Radell). Vol. 33, no.1, 173-175.

Doug Elkins Dance Company. Testosterone, The Stuff of Recoiling, Untitled, The Patrooka Variations (Sally Radell). Vol. 33, nos.2-3, 263-264.

Hicks, Sander. The Perfect Example (Karen E. Lillis). Vol. 33, no.1, 1, 31-35.


Bickett, Louis Zoellar. "The Cultural Mudding Rituals." Vol. 33, no.1, 65-85. Photographs by David R. Hanlon. Comments by Ida Panicelli.

*Names of reviewers given in parentheses.

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Vol. 34 1995-1996 Back to Top

Arnold, Edwin T. 1996. "What the Movies Told Us." Vol. 34, no.3, 57-65.

Bonner,Judith H. 1995. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture, Part VIII." Vol. 34, no.1, 129-142.

Boyd, Molly. 1996. "William Faulkner's 'Doctor Martino.'" Vol. 34, no.2, 39-49.

Britton, Wesley. 1995. "Two Visions of Medievalism and Determinism: Mark Twain and John Kennedy Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces." Vol. 34, no.1, 17-23.

Brown, W. Dale. 1996. "Interview with Doris Betts." Vol. 34, no.2, 91-104.

Carney, Rob. 1996. "Clete Purcel to the Rampaging Rescue: Looking for the Hard-Boiled Tradition in James Lee Burke's Dixie City Jam." Vol. 34, no.4, 121-130.

Coveny, Nancy Coman, Kakie Urch, and Lori Shenefelt. 1996. "Divine Right's Trip Redux: Feminists Read the Southern Sixties." Vol. 34, no.3, 21-45.

Cullick, Jonathan S. 1996. "Levels of Historical Representation in All the King's Men." Vol. 34, no.2, 59-64.

Daugherty, Leo, and Stephen Flinn Young. 1996. "The Brown Shoes Email." Vol. 34, no.3, 95-121.

De Santis, Christopher C. 1995. "Innovative Phrasings in Literary Scholarship: Craig Werner's Playing the Changes " (review essay). Vol. 34, no.1, 125-128.

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