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Index to Volumes 27 to 31

27 (1988-89) - 28 (1989-90) - 29 (1990-91) - 30 (1991-92) - 31 (1992-93)


Vol. 27 1988-89 Back to Top

Abbott, Reginald. 1989. "A Southern Lady Still: A Reinterpretation of Frances Percy Newman's The Hard-Boiled Virgin." Vol. 27, no.4, 49-70.

Amberg, Robert. 1989. "Portfolio of Photographs." Vol. 27, no.4, 31-48.

Arnold, Edwin T. 1989. "An Interview with Virginia Caldwell." Vol. 27, no.3, 99-110.

_______. 1989. "Introduction," (Caldwell Issue). Vol. 27, no.3, 4-8.

Arnold, Marilyn. 1989. "Somnambulism in San Francisco: Eudora Welty's Western Story." Vol. 27, no.4, 16-24.

Arrington, Melvin S., Jr. 1989. "Herschel Brickell: The Spanish Connection." Vol. 27, no.4, 79-100.

Bloom, Ken. 1989. "Interview with Robert Amberg." Vol. 27, no.4, 25-30.

Bolsterli, Margaret Jones. 1989. "Reflections on Lillian Smith and the Guilts of the Betrayer." Vol. 27, no.4, 71-78.

Bonner, Judith. 1989. " Art and Letters: An Illustrated Periodical of Nineteenth-Century New Orleans." Vol. 27, no.2, 59-76.

Cook, Sylvia J. 1989. "Caldwell's Fiction: Growing Towards Trash?" Vol. 27, no.3, 49-58.

Eskew, Harry. 1989. "German Contributions to the Musical Culture of New Orleans." Vol. 27, no.2, 25-39.

Hersey, John. 1989. "Tribute to Erskine Caldwell." Vol. 27, no.3, 9-14.

Hoag, Ronald Wesley. 1989. "Canonize Caldwell's Georgia Boy: A Case for Resurrection." Vol. 27, no.3, 73-85.

Howard, William L. 1989. "Caldwell on Stage and Screen." Vol. 27, no.3, 59-72.

Kitajima, Fujisato. 1989. "Caldwell in Japan," Vol. 27, no.3, 42-48.

KIevar, Harvey L. 1989. "Caldwell's Women." Vol. 27, no. 3, 15-35.

_______. 1989. "Interview with Helen Caldwell Cushman." Vol. 27, no.3, 86-98.

Lemmon, Alfred. 1989. "New Orleans Popular Sheet Music Imprints: The Latin Tinge Prior to 1900." Vol. 27, no.2, 41-57.

Lohrenz, Mary. 1988. "Two Lives Intertwined on a Tennessee Plantation: Textile Production as Recorded in the Diary of Narcissa L. Erwin Black." Vol. 27, no.1, 73-93.

Masson, Ann and Bryce Reveley. 1988. "When Life's Brief Sun Was Set: Portraits of Southern Women in Mourning, 1830-1860." Vol. 27, no.1, 33-56.

Morrow, Mary Sue."Singing and Drinking in New Orleans: The Social and Musical Functions of Nineteenth-Century German Männerchöre." Vol. 27, no.2, 5-24.

Palmer, Heather. 1988. "Where Is Nineteenth-Century Southern Decorative Needlework?" Vol. 27, no.1, 57-71.

Petry, Alice Hall. 1989. "Miss O'Connor and Mrs. Mitchell: The Example of 'Everything That Rises.'" Vol. 27, no.4, 5-15.

Reveley, Bryce, and Ann Masson. 1988."When Life's Brief Sun Was Set: Portraits of Southern Women in Mourning, 1830-1860." Vol. 27, no.1, 33-56.

Stamper, Anita. 1988. "Introduction: Clothing as Artifact, an Emerging Field." Vol. 27, no.1, 4-7.

_______. 1988. "One Woman's Work: Clothing the Family in Nineteenth-Century Mississippi." Vol. 27, no.1, 95-104.

Stephens, Robert O. 1989. "Tourgée's Bricks Without Straw : History, Fiction and Irony." Vol. 27, no.4, 101-110.

Tandberg, Gerilyn. 1988. "Decoration and Decorum: Accessories of Nineteenth-Century Women." Vol. 27, no.1, 9-31.

Terrie, Henry. 1989. "Caldwell at Dartmouth." Vol. 27, no.3, 36-41.

Watson, Charles S. 1989. "The First Modern Dramatist of the South: Espy Williams." Vol. 27, no.2, 77-91.


Carpenter, Lucas, ed. The Autobiography of John Gould Fletcher (Thomas Daniel Young). Vol. 27, no.4, 116-117.

Dance, Helen Oakley. Stormy Monday: The T-Bone Walker Story (Arthur F. Kinney). Vol. 27, no.2, 101-103.

Desmond, John F. Risen Sons: Flannery O'Connor's Vision of History (Michael Kowalewski). Vol. 27, no.4, 112-113.

Dunn, Durwood. Cades Cove: The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community, 1818-1937 (Thomas D. Clark). Vol. 27, no.4, 122-123.

Frankl, Razelle. Televangelism: The Marketing of Popular Religion (Alan Woolfolk). Vol. 27, no.2, 105-107.

Henderson, George W. Ollie Miss (Donald R. Noble). Vol. 27, no.4, 114-115

Hobson, Linda Whitney, ed. Walker Percy: A Comprehensive Descriptive Bibliography (Lewis A. Lawson). Vol. 27, no.4, 117-118.

Kupperman, Karen Ordahl, ed. Captain John Smith: A Select Edition of His Writings (Carla Mulford). Vol. 27, no.4, 120-122.

Lamis, Alexander P. The Two-Party South (Randall H. Harber). Vol. 27, no.4, 125-126.

Lockridge, Kenneth A. The Diary, and Life of William Byrd II of Virginia, 1673-1744 (J. A. Leo Lemay). Vol. 27, no.2, 107-109.

Moser, Charlotte. Clyde Connell: The Art and Life of a Louisiana Woman (Susan V. Donaldson). Vol. 27, no.4, 111-112.

Reed, John Shelton. Southern Folk, Plain and Fancy: Native White Social Types (James G. Flanagan). Vol. 27, no.2, 103-105.

Rowe, Anne E. The Idea of Florida in the American Literary Imagination (Diane Roberts). Vol. 27, no.2, 97-99.

Russell, James Michael. Atlanta 1847-1890: City Building in the Old South and the New (Samuel Wilson, Jr.). Vol. 27, no.4, 127-128.

Waldron, Ann. Close Connections: Caroline Gordon and the Southern Renaissance (Donald R. Noble). Vol. 27, no.2, 95-97.

Waller, Anita L. Feud: Hatfields, McCoys, and Social Change in Appalachia: 1860-1900 (Mary M. Dunlap). Vol. 27, no.4, 124-125.

Williams, Michael J. S. A World of Words: Language and Displacement in the Fiction of Edgar Allen Poe (Kenneth Watson). Vol. 27, no.2, 99-101.

Wolfe, Margaret Ripley. Kingsport, Tennessee: A Planned American City (Edward L. Blake, Jr.). Vol. 27, no.2, 109-110.

Young, Thomas Daniel, and Elizabeth Sarcone, eds. The Lytle-Tate Letters: The Correspondence of Andrew Lytle and Allen Tate (Robert C. Petersen). Vol. 27, no.2, 93-95.


Alvarez, Louis and Andrew Kolker, prod. and dir. American Tongues (Donald R. Mott). Vol. 27, no.4, 129-131.

Dunlap, Benjamin, prod. and writ., and Jim McMahan, dir. Tales of the Unknown South (Carol M. Ward). Vol. 27, no.2, 111-112.

Smith, Rick, writ. and ed. Uncle Earl (Gerry K. Veeder). Vol. 27, no.2, 113-114.

Snyder, Karen, prod. View from the Stoop (H. Wayne Schuth). Vol. 27, no.4, 131-133.

Spitzer, Nicholas R., dir. Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana (Robert Arnett). Vol. 27, no.4, 133-134.

*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.


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Vol. 28 1989-1990 Back to Top

Allums, Larry. 1990. "From Classical to Christian: Versions of the Hero in the Novels of Caroline Gordon." Vol. 28, no.3, 63-70.

Bach, Peggy. 1990. "Evelyn Scott's Fiction for Children." Vol. 28, no.4, 45-54.

Beiswenger, Eleanor and Steven T. Ryan. 1990. "Introduction." (Gordon issue). Vol. 28, no.3, 5-8.

_______. 1990. "Introduction." (Scott special feature). Vol. 28, no.4, 5-7.

Bonner, Judith H. 1989. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South: Part II." Vol. 28, no.1, 155-213.

Boyle, Anne. 1990. "The Promise of Polyphony, the Monotony of Monologue: Voice and Silence in Caroline Gordon's Later Novels." Vol. 28, no.3, 71-87.

Brown, Ashley. 1990. "Caroline Gordon's 'Old Red.'" Vol. 28, no.3, 53-62.

Catledge, Oraien E. 1989. "Portfolio of Photographs." Vol. 28, no.1, 61-68.

Childs, Bruce. 1990. "Clarksville Women: A Photographic Essay." Vol. 28, no. 3, 97-114.

Core, Deborah. 1990. "Caroline Gordon, Ford Madox Ford: A Shared Passion for the Novel." Vol. 28, no.3, 33-42.

Dale, Corinne. 1990. "The Power of Language in Lee Smith's Oral History." Vol. 28, no.2, 21-34.

Davidson, Mary V. 1990. "Defying the Stars and Challenging the Moon: The Early Correspondence of Evelyn Scott and Jean Stafford." Vol. 28, no.4, 25-34.

Desmond, John F. 1990. "Walker Percy, Flannery O'Connor and the Holocaust." Vol. 28, no.2, 35-42.

Forsythe, Jeanne Middleton. 1990. "This Nest of Vipers: A Review Essay." Vol. 28, no.4, 117-121.

Hamel, Anita. 1989. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South: Part I." Vol. 28, no.1, 83-153.

Hill, Dorothy Combs. 1990. "An Interview with Lee Smith." Vol. 28, no.2, 5-19.

Jasud, Lawrence. 1989. "Cabbagetown: A Review Essay." Vol. 28, no.1, 69-82.

Makowsky, Vernonica A. 1990. "Caroline Gordon on Women Writing: A Contradiction in Terms?" Vol. 28, no.3, 43-52..

Ross, Danforth. 1990. "Caroline Gordon, Uncle Rob and My Mother." Vol. 28, no.3, 9-22.

Ryan, Steven T. 1990. "An Interview with Bruce Childs." Vol. 28, no.3, 89-96.

_______. 1990. "The Terroristic Universe of The Narrow House." Vol. 28, no.4, 35-44.

Scott, Evelyn. 1990. "Selected Letters of Evelyn Scott." Vol. 28, no.4, 63-76.

_______. 1990. "Writing for Children." Vol. 28, no.4, 55-61.

Severens, Martha R. 1989. "Charleston in the Age of Porgy and Bess." Vol. 28, no.1, 5-23.

Sides, Wayne and Jeanie Thompson. 1990. "Litany for a Vanishing Landscape." Vol. 28, no.4, 77-97.

Thompson, Jeanie and Wayne Sides. 1990. "Litany for a Vanishing Landscape." Vol. 28, no.4, 77-97.

Toomey, David M. 1990. "A Jungian Reading of Light in August's Christmas Sections." Vol. 28, no.2, 43-57.

Walsh, William. 1990. "An Interview with James Seay." Vol. 28, no.4, 99-115.

Waters, Charles M. 1990. "Benfolly in Fact and Fiction." Vol. 28, no.3, 23-32.

Welker, Robert L. 1990. "The Love-Death Vision of Evelyn Scott, an Overview." Vol. 28, no.4, 9-23.

Young, Stephen Flinn. 1989. "An Interview with Judith McWillie." Vol. 28, no.1, 25-39.

_______. 1989. "Post-southernism: The Southern Sensibility in Postmodern Sculpture." Vol. 28, no.1, 41-60.


Anderson, Nancy G., ed. Family Fiction: Unpublished Narratives by Lella Warren (Reginald Abbott). Vol. 28, no.3, 123-125.

Beers, Henry Putney. French and Spanish Records of Louisiana (Paul E. Hoffman). Vol. 28, no.4, 128-129.

Brinkmeyer, Robert H. The Art and Vision of Flannery O'Connor (Arthur F. Kinney). Vol. 28, no.4, 123-125.

Carr, Virginia Spencer. Understanding Carson McCullers (Lee Emling Harding). Vol. 28, no.4, 126.

Clendinen, Dudley, ed. The Prevailing South: Life and Politics in a Changing Society (Edward C. Lynskey). Vol. 28, no.3, 116-118.

Conkin, Paul K. The Southern Agrarians (Thomas J. Bonner, Jr.). Vol. 28, no.2, 70-71.

Driggers, Stephen G. and Robert J. Dunn. The Manuscripts of Flannery O'Connor at Georgia College (Arthur F. Kinney). Vol. 28, no.3, 126-129.

Feibleman, Peter. Lilly: Reminiscences of Lillian Hellman (Susan Rosowski). Vol. 28, no.2, 62-64.

Fitzgerald, Michael W. The Union League Movement in the Deep South: Politics and Agricultural Change During Reconstruction (Morton Rothstein). Vol. 28, no.4, 129-130.

Fox-Genovese, Elizabeth. Within the Plantation Household: Black and White Women of the Old South (Joanne V. Hawks). Vol. 28, no.2, 74-75.

Giannone, Richard. Flannery O'Connor and the Mystery of Love (Jan Nordby Gretlund). Vol. 28, no.3, 129-131.

Gleason, David King. Virginia Plantation Homes (Samuel Wilson, Jr.). Vol. 28, no.3, 121-122.

Gurganus, Allan. Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (Stanley R. Hauer). Vol. 28, no.2, 59-60.

Ingalls, Robert F. Urban Vigilantes in the New South: Tampa, 1882-1936 (Neil R. McMillen). Vol. 28, no.2, 78-79.

Kirschten, Robert. James Dickey and the Gentle Ecstasy of Earth: A Reading of the Poems (Dawn Trouard). Vol. 28, no.2, 72-74.

Lofaro, Michael A. and Joe Cummings, eds. Crockett at Two Hundred: New Perspectives on the Man and the Myth (Shelley Armitage). Vol. 28, no.2, 75-77

Lornell, Kip. Happy in the Service of the Lord: Afro-American Gospel Quartets in Memphis (James C. Downey). Vol. 28, no.2, 80-81,

Lucas, Mark. The Southern Vision of Andrew Lytle (Anne Foata). Vol. 28, no.2, 71-72.

Marrs, Suzanne. The Welty Collection: A Guide to the Eudora Welty Manuscripts and Documents at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (W. U. McDonald, Jr.). Vol. 28, no.2, 81-82.

McMillan, James B. and Michael B. Montgomery. Annotated Bibliography of Southern American English (Stanley R. Hauer). Vol. 28, no.2, 83-84.

McWilliams, Tennant S. The New South Faces the World: Foreign Affairs and the Southern Sense of Self, 1877-1 950 (Dewey W. Grantham). Vol. 28, no.2,

Mogen, David, Mark Busby and Paul Bryant, eds. The Frontier Experience and the American Dream: Essays on American Literature (Fred Erisman). Vol. 28, no.3, 115-116.

Numbers, Ronald, and Todd L. Savitt, eds. Science and Medicine in the Old South (Thad F. Waites). Vol. 28, no.3, 119-121.

O'Brien, Michael. Rethinking the South (Randy L. Meyer). Vol. 28, no.3, 118-119.

Powell, Richard J., ed. The Blues Aesthetic: Black Culture and Modernism (Stephen F. Young). Vol. 28, no.2, 85-89.

Raper, Julius Rowan. Ellen Glasgow's Reasonable Doubts: A Collection of Her Writings (Kathryn Lee Seidel). Vol. 28, no.2, 68-69.

Roberts, Bruce. Plantation Homes of the James River (Samuel Wilson, Jr.). Vol. 28, no.4, 126-128.

Rubin, Louis D., Jr. The Edge of the Swamp: A Study in the Literature and Society of the Old South (Robert L.Phillips, Jr.). Vol. 28, no.2, 64-66.

Sullivan, Walter. Allen Tate: A Recollection (Robert C. Petersen). Vol. 28, no.2, 60-62.

Taylor, Helen. Gender, Race, and Region in the Writings of Grace King, Ruth McEnery Stuart, and Kate Chopin (Beth Harrison). Vol. 28, no.2, 66-68.

_______. Scarlett's Women: Gone With the Wind and Its Female Fans (Alice Hall Petry). Vol. 28, no.3, 125-126.


Richard J. Powell, cur. The Blues Aesthetic: Black Culture and Modernism (Stephen F. Young). Vol. 28, no.2, 85-89.

Burns, Kenneth L. and Richard Kilberg, prod. Huey Long ( Donald R. Mott). Vol. 28, no.2, 91-92.

Headwaters Television and Appalshop Films, Inc. Dreadful Memories: The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning 1910-1983 (Donald R. Mott). Vol. 28, no.4, 131-132.

Johnson, Anne Lewis, Andrew Garrison and Buck Maggard. So Was Einstein: A Look at Dyslexic Children (Donald R. Mott). Vol. 28, no.3, 132-133.

Johnson, Anne Lewis, Mimi Pickering, Buck Maggard, Andrew Garrison, Martin Newell, Susan Wehling and Dee Davis, prod. Lily May Ledford (Stuart A. Selby). Vol. 28, no.4, 132-134.

*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 29 1990-1991 Back to Top

Alexander, Margaret Walker. 1991. "Natchez and Richard Wright in Southern American Literature." Vol. 29, no.4, 171-176.

Arms, Valarie Meliotes. 1990. "A French View of William Styron." Vol. 29, no.1, 47-70.

Barnett, James F., Jr. 1991. "The Natchez Indians and the Trace." Vol. 29, no.4, 17-20.

Bonnemains, Jacqueline. 1991. "Checklist of Topographical Drawings, 1828-1837, of Sites on the Mississippi River between Vicksburg and New Orleans by the Naturalist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur (1778-1846) in the Museum of Natural History, Le Havre, France." Vol. 29, no.4, 83-96.

Bonner, Judith H. 1990. "Bibliography of the Visual Arts and Architecture in the South, Part III." Vol. 29, no.1, 141-178.

Ciuba, Gary M. 1991. "The Discords and Harmonies of Love: Reynolds Price's New Music." Vol. 29, no.2, 115-30.

Doyle, Don H. 1991. "The Mississippi Frontier in Faulkner's Fiction and in Fact." Vol. 29, no.4, 144-160.

Dupuy, Edward J. 1991. "The Dispossessed Garden of William Alexander Percy." Vol. 29, no.2, 31-41.

Elliot, Jack D. 1991. "Natchez and the Primal Experience of the Nation." Vol. 29, no.4, 8-16.

Francis, William A. 1990. "Fate, Fortune and the First Novel: An Interview with Sheila Bosworth." Vol. 29, no.1, 85-102.

Gentry, Marshall Bruce. 1991. "Flannery O'Connor's Attacks on Omniscience." Vol. 29, no.3, 53-61.

Guice, John D.W. 1990. "A Trace of Violence?" Vol. 29, No. 4, 123-143. Hale, Allean. "Of Prostitutes, Artists and Ears." Vol. 29, no.1, 33-45.

Hartin, Edith T. 1991. "Reading as a Woman: Reynolds Price and Creative Androgyny in Kate Vaiden." Vol. 29, no.3, 37-52.

Hinz, Evelyn J., and John J. Teunissen. 1991. "'They thought of sons and lovers': D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Wolfe." Vol. 29, no.3, 77-89.

Jenkins, Robert L. 1991. "African-Americans on the Natchez Trace, 1800-1865." Vol. 29, no.4, 43-62.

Kramer, Victor A. 1991. "New Ways of Seeing: A Review Essay." Vol. 29, no.3, 127-131.

Kreyling, Michael. 1991. "The Natchez Trace in Eudora Welty's Fiction." Vol. 29, no.4, 161-170.

Ladd, Barbara. 1991. "'An Atmosphere of Hints and Allusions': Bras-Coupé and the Context of Black Insurrection in The Grandissimes. " Vol. 29, no.3, 63-76.

Lewis, Douglas. 1991. "John James Audubon (1785-1851): Annotated Chronology of Activity in the Deep South, 1819-1837." Vol. 29, no.4, 63-82.

_______, trans. 1991. "Checklist of Topographical Drawings, 1828-1837, of Sites on the Mississippi River between Vicksburg and New Orleans by the Naturalist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur (1778-1846) in the Museum of Natural History, Le Havre, France." Jacqueline Bonnemains. Vol. 29, no.4, 83-96.

Masselink, Noralyn. 1991. "Apparition Head Versus Body Bush: The Prosodical Theory and Practice of John Crowe Ransom." Vol. 29, no.2, 17-30.

May, Stephen. 1991. "Rekindled Recognition: The Southern Art of Gari Melchers." Vol. 29, no.2, 43-67.

Mott, Donald R. 1991. "Robert Russett: A Retrospective." Vol. 29, no.3, 133-139.

Pollack, Harriet. 1990. "On Welty's Use of Allusion: Expectations and Their Revision in 'The Wide Net,' The Robber Bridegroom and 'At The Landing.'" Vol. 29, no.1, 5-31.

Prenshaw, Peggy Whitman. 1991. "A Conversation with Seven Fiction Writers." Vol. 29, no.2, 69-93.

Remini, Robert V. 1991. "Andrew Jackson's Adventures on the Natchez Trace." Vol. 29, no.4, 35-42.

Robbins, Kenn. 1991. "Out of Irony." Vol. 29, no.3, 119-126.

Shelton, Frank W. 1990. "Suttree and Suicide." Vol. 29, no.1, 71-83.

Smelstor, Marjorie. 1991. "'The World's an Orphans' Home': Horton Foote's Social and Moral History." Vol. 29, no.2, 7-16.

Teunissen, John J., and Evelyn J. Hinz. 1991. "'They thought of sons and lovers': D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Wolfe." Vol. 29, no.3, 77-89.

Waldrep, Christopher. 1990. "Historians, Ideology and Southern Plain Folk as Mill Workers: A Review Essay." Vol. 29, no.1, 179-187.

Ward, Jerry W., Jr. 1991. "Sterling D. Plumpp: A Son of the Blues." Vol. 29, no.3, 5-36.

Weston, Ruth D. 1990. "'Alone, Yet Not Alone': A. G. Mojtabai's Antiphon in Ordinary Time." Vol. 29, no.1, 103-117.


Adler, Thomas P. A Streetcar Named Desire: The Moth and the Lantern (W. Kenneth Holditch). Vol. 29, no.2, 133-135.

Baughman, Ronald, ed. The Voiced Connections of James Dickey: Interviews and Conversations (Dawn Trouard). Vol. 29, no.2, 156-158.

Bishir, Catherine W. North Carolina Architecture (Samuel Wilson, Jr.). Vol. 29, no.4, 178- 180.

Boles, John B., ed. Masters and Slaves in the House of the Lord: Race and Religion in the American South, 1740-1870 (Randall H. Harber). Vol. 29, no.3, 158-159.

Bradford, M.E., ed. From Eden to Babylon. The Social and Political Essays of Andrew Nelson Lytle (Anne Foata). Vol. 29, no.1, 193-195.

Brown, Larry. Big Bad Love (Thomas Richardson). Vol. 29, no.4, 181-183.

Burch, Robert. Tyler, Wilkin, and Skee (Anne Lundin). Vol. 29, no.1, 195-196.

_______. Skinny (Anne Lundin). Vol. 29, No. 1, 195-196.

Burrison, John A., ed. Storytellers: Folktales and Legends from the South (Carol S. Manning). Vol. 29, no.2, 147-148.

Carter, Forrest. The Education of Little Tree (Patricia Galloway). Vol. 29, no.4, 185-186.

Comer, Suzanne, ed. Common Bonds: Stories by and about Modern Texas Women (Jo LeCoeur). Vol. 29, no.2, 150-151.

Gaudet, Marcia, and Carl Wooten. Porch Talk with Ernest Gaines: Conversations on the Writer's Craft (Kiyoyuki Ono). Vol. 29, no.3, 159-161.

Griffith, Albert J. Peter Taylor (Ashley Brown). Vol. 29, no.2, 135-137.

Hall, Martha Lacy. The Apple-Green Triumph and Other Stories (Larry Johnson). Vol. 29, no.2, 148-149.

Hall, Wade. The Rest of the Dream: The Black Odyssey of Lyman Johnson (Norman Lederer). Vol. 29, no.3, 150-151.

Hendrick, Willene, and George Hendrick, eds. Ham Jones, Ante-Bellum Southern Humorist:An Anthology (Susan V. Donaldson). Vol. 29, no.2, 152-154.

Howell, Benita J., ed. Cultural Heritage Conservation in the American South (Lynn Gammill). Vol. 29, no.2, 141-142.

Howland, Mary Deems. The Gift of the Other: Gabriel Marcel's Concept of Intersubjectivity in Walker Percy's Novels (Patrick Samway, S.J.). Vol. 29, no.1, 189-190.

Inge, Tonette Bond, ed. Southern Women Writers: The New Generation (Barbara C. Ewell). Vol. 29, no.1, 196-197

Kelley, Robin D.G. Hammer and Hoe: Alabama Communists During the Great Depression (Norman Lederer). Vol. 29, no.4, 177-178.

Kinnamon, Keneth, ed. New Essays on Native Son (Michel Fabre). Vol. 29, no.2, 154-156.

Lanza, Michael L. Agrarianism and Reconstruction Politics: The Southern Homestead Act (Michael Kreyling). Vol. 29, no.1, 197-198.

LeGuin, Charles A., ed. A Home-Concealed Woman: The Diaries of Magnolia Wynn LeGuin, 1901-1913 (Carey Wall). Vol. 29, no.3, 156-157.

Lich, Glen E. Fred Gipson at Work (Elliott West). Vol. 29, no.3, 146-147.

Litoff, Judy Barrett, David C. Smith, Barbara Wooddall Taylor, and Charles E. Taylor, eds. Miss You: The World War II Letters of Barbara Wooddall Taylor and Charles E.Taylor (Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith). Vol. 29, no.4, 184-185.

MacKethan, Lucinda H. Daughters of Time: Creating Woman's Voice in Southern Story (Beth Harrison). Vol. 29, no.2, 145-147.

McMillen, Sally G. Motherhood in the Old South: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Infant Rearing (Mary H. Huch). Vol. 29, no.2, 140-141.

Nash, Mary. Skulls Are Forever: A Book of Secret Truths, Words and Images (Stephen Flinn Young). Vol. 29, no.3, 161-163.

Ownby, Ted . Subduing Satan. Religion, Recreation, and Manhood in the Rural South (Joe M. Cooper). Vol. 29, no.2, 142-143.

Parker, Frank R. Black Votes Count: Political Empowerment in Mississippi after 1965 (Norman Lederer). Vol. 29, no.3, 152-153.

Price, Reynolds. The Tongues of Angels (Edith T. Hartin). Vol. 29, no.3, 142-144.

Ruppersburg, Hugh. Robert Penn Warren and the American Imagination (James H. Justus). Vol. 29, no.3, 144-145.

Sams, Ferrol. The Passing, Stories (Thomas E. Dasher). Vol. 29, no.3, 153-156.

Savitt, Todd L., and James Harvey Young, eds. Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South (Jim Puckett). Vol. 29, no.2, 151-152.

Severens, Kenneth. Charleston: Antebellum Architecture and Civic Destiny (Camille Wells). Vol. 29, no.3, 147-149.

Simpson, Bland. The Great Dismal: A Carolinian's Swamp Memoir (Steve Jobe). Vol. 29, no.1, 191-193.

Spivey, Ted R., and Arthur Waterman, eds. Conrad Aiken: A Priest of Consciousness (Edward Butscher). Vol. 29, no.2, 137-138.

Stone, John. In the Country of Hearts: Journeys in the Art of Medicine (Dean Cromartie). Vol. 29, no.3, 141-142.

Trouard, Dawn, ed. Eudora Welty: The Eye of the Storyteller (Donald R. Noble, Jr.). Vol. 29, no. 2, 143-145.

Urgo, Joseph R. Faulkner's Apocrypha: A Fable, Snopes, and the Spirit of Human Rebellion (Theresa M. Towner). Vol. 29, no.2, 113-133.

Ward, William S. A Literary History of Kentucky (Wade Hall). Vol. 29, no. 2, 138-140.

Wilds, John, and Ira Harkey. Alton Ochsner, Surgeon of the South (Thad F. Waites). Vol. 29, no.3, 149-150.


Alter, Ann, and David Mould, prod. Ten Miles to Fetch Water (Gerry K. Veeder). Vol. 29, no.4, 190-192.

Barret, Elizabeth, dir. Coal Mining Women (Carol M. Ward). Vol. 29, no.4, 187-188.

Dali, Christine, dir. Wild Women Don't Have the Blues (Gerry K. Veeder). Vol. 29, no.4, 188-190.

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