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Index to Volumes 17 to 26

17 (1978-79) - 18 (1979-80) - 19 (1980-81) - 20 (1981-82) - 21 (1982-83)

22 (1983-84) - 23 (1984-85) - 24 (1985-86) - 25 (1986-87) - 26 (1987-88)


Vol. 17 1978-79 Back to Top

Adkins, Howard C.1979. "The Historical Geography of Extinct Towns." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 123-152.

Barker, James F. 1979. "Designing for a Sense of Place in Mississippi Small Towns." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 162-178.

Barton, Michael. 1979. "Painful Duties: Art, Character, and Culture in Confederate Letters of Condolence." Vol. 17, no.2, 23-134.

Black, Patti Carr. 1979. "Preserving the Sense of Place: State Policy." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 79-85.

Bodenhamer, David J. 1979. "Images and Impressions of Mississippi and the Sense of Place: Native View/Outside View FORUM I." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 58-61.

Campbell, Will D. 1979. "Staying Home or Leaving." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 14-23.

Cissna, Volney. 1979. "Zoning: A Means of Encouraging and Protecting the Sense of Place." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 89-92.

Clements, William M. 1978. "'Collecting Birdskins': A Role for the Nonfiction Regionalist." Vol. 17, no.1, 5-14.

Downey, James. 1979. "Mississippi Music--That Gospel Sound." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 216-223.

Feeley, Margaret Peller. 1979. "Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood: The Negative Way." Vol. 17, no.2, 104-122.

Gillespie, Dorothy. 1979. "Overcoming Barriers: The Woman Artist in the South." Vol. 17, no.2, 80-86.

Hales, Graham. 1979. "Preserving, Creating, and Destroying the Sense of Place: Public Policy and Decision Making FORUM II." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 70-71.

Havice, Christine. 1979. "Feminist Art History: A Review Essay." Vol. 17, no.2, 87-94.

_______. 1979. "Optimistic Observations." Vol. 17, no.2, 75-79.

_______. 1979. "The Southeastern Women's Caucus for Art." Vol. 17, no.2, 6-7.

Hederman, Rea S. 1979. "The Newspaper's Role and the Sense of Place." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 118-122.

Hudson, Roy. 1979. "Mississippi: A Native View." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 62-64.

Langer, Sandra L. 1979. "The Sister Chapel: Towards a Feminist Iconography, with Commentary by Ilise Greenstein." Vol. 17, no.2, 28-41.

Lewis, Peirce. 1979. "Defining a Sense of Place." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 24-46.

May, Robert E. 1978. "Gone With the Wind as Southern History: A Reappraisal." Vol. 17, no.1, 51-64.

McCane-O'Connor, Mallory. 1979. "The Squaw as Artist: A Reevaluation." Vol. 17, no.2, 8-15.

_______. 1979. "Women Artists in the Southeast: A North Florida Sampling." Vol. 17, no.2, 69-74.

McClendon, Sarah. 1979. "Mississippi's Image: A View from Washington.'" Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 114-118.

Mealor, W. Theodore, Jr. 1979. "Myths of Mississippi's Rural Landscape: Change and Challenge." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 189-215..

Morris, Willie. 1979. "A Sense of Place and the Americanization of Mississippi." Vol. 17, nos.3-4,3-13.

Palmer Richard H. 1978. "The Aristocratic Motif in the Drama of Russia and the American South." Vol. 17, no.1, 65-88.

Pittman, Paul. 1979. "Change in Mississippi and the Media." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 108-114.

Polson, Margaret R. 1979. "The Feminine Sensibility and Inner Space: Some Thoughts Concerning Jungian Psychology in Art." Vol. 17, no.2, 42-51.

Sallis, Charles. 1979. "Images of Mississippi." Vol. 17, nos. 3-4, 67-69.

Scarborough, William K. "From Prosperity to Poverty: Economic Growth and Change to 1900." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 153-161.

Shewmake, Mitzi. 1979. "Relationships and Images: Two Winston-Salem Artists." Vol. 17, no.2, 16-27.

Simms, L. Moody, Jr. 1978. "Nineteenth Century Virginia Portraiture: Gennaro Persico, James W. Ford, and Louis M. D. Guillaume." Vol. 17, no.1, 15-28.

Skaggs, Merrill Maguire. 1978. "Roots: A New Black Myth." Vol. 17, no.1, 42-50.

Smith, Frank E. 1979. "A Sense of Place for Today and Tomorrow." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 92-102.

Spivey, Ted R. 1978. "Aiken's Eliot: Toward A Revision." Vol. 17, no.1, 29-41.

Stringer, Gary A. 1979. "Mississippi in the Media FORUM II I." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 103-108.

Thorne, Robert. 1979. "Preserving Cultural Resources." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 86-88.

Vandenberg, Laura Lieberman. 1979. "Southern Histories, Contemporary Opinions: Three Atlanta Women Artists." Vol. 17, no.2, 52-68.

Wade, F. John. 1979. "The Development of Mississippi's Economy Since 1950." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 179-188.

Wales, Robert W. 1979. "Environment, A Sense of Place and Public Policy." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 71-79.

Walker, Nancy. 1979. "Feminist or Naturalist: The Social Context of Kate Chopin's The Awakening." Vol. 17, no.2, 95-103.

Williamson, J. W. 1979. "Uninventing Appalachia: A Review Essay." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 230-238.

Young, T. D. 1979. "Mississippi: A Personal View of its Past and a Hope for Its Future." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 47-57.

_______. 1979. "Mississippi: Two Views from the Outside." Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 64-67.


Cliff, Michele, ed. The Winner Names the Age: A Collection of Writings by Lillian Smith (Rose Gladney). Vol. 17, no.2, 139-142.

Cox, Richard. Caroline Durieux: Lithographs of the Thirties and Forties (Elsa Honig Fine). Vol. 17, no.2, 135-137.

Crews, Harry. A Childhood: the Biography of a Place (Tom Graves). Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 239-240.

Delmore, Alton. Truth is Stranger Than Publicity (Bill C. Malone). Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 241-243.

Engle, Gary D. This Grotesque Essence Plays From the American Minstrel Stage (Comer Pound). Vol. 17, no.1, 101-102.

Fadiman, Regina K. Faulkner's "Intruder in the Dust": Novel into Film: The Screenplay by Ben Maddow as Adapted for Film by Clarence Brown (Noel Polk). Vol. 17, no.1, 93-95.

Fine, Elsa Honig, Lola B. Gellman and Judy Loeb, eds. Women's Studies and the Arts (Elizabeth A. Meese). Vol. 17, no.2, 137-139.

Harrington, Evans and Ann J. Abadie, eds. The South and Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha: The Actual and the Apocryphal (Marjorie Smelstor). Vol. 17, no.1, 104-106.

Harwell, Richard Barksdale. The Mint Julep (John Edmond Gonzales). Vol. 17, no.1, 99.

Jeane, Gregory D. and Douglas Clare Purcell. The Architectural Legacy of the Lower Chattahoochee Valley in Alabama and Georgia (Jesse 0. McKee). Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 243-244.

Killorin, Joseph, ed. Selected Letters of Conrad Aiken (Jac Tharpe). Vol. 17, no.1, 102-104.

Marquis, Donald M. In Search of Buddy Bolden: First Man of Jazz (Raoul Jerome). Vol. 17, no.1, 100-101.

Polk, Noel, ed. William Faulkner: The Marionettes (Edwin T. Arnold III). Vol. 17, nos.3-4, 244-246.

Sugg, Hedding S., Jr. A Painter's Psalm: The Mural in Walter Anderson Cottage (Cheryl McAllister Saunders). Vol. 17, no.2, 142-144.

Terrill, Tom E. and Hirsch, Jerrold (eds.), Such As Us: Southern Voices of the Thirties (Marice C. Brown), Vol. 17, no.1, 95-98.


Center for Southern Folklore. Four Women Artists (Kenneth L. Ames). Vol. 17, no.1, 89-92.

*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 18 1979-1980 Back to Top

Bates, Randolph. 1980. "Writing about Percy: Reviews." Vol. 18, no.3, 158-163.

Bendixen, Alfred. 1980. "Cable's The Grandissimes: A Literary Pioneer Confronts the Southern Tradition." Vol. 18, no.4, 23-33.

Berkove, Lawrence. 1980. "The Free Man of Color in The Grandissimes and works by Harris and Twain." Vol. 18, no.4, 60-73.

Bigger, Charles P. 1980. "Walker Percy and the Resonance of the Word." Vol. 18, no.3, 43-54.

Brinkmeyer, Robert H. 1980. "Percy's Bludgeon: Message and Narrative Strategy." Vol. 18, no.3, 80-90.

Brock, Van K. 1979. "Images of Elvis, the South, and America." Vol. 18, no.1, 87-122.

Brown, Jared A. 1980. "The Theater in the South During the American Revolution." Vol. 18, no.2, 44-59.

Bryant, Keith L. 1980. "The Role and Status of the Female Yeomanry in the Antebellum South." Vol. 18, no.2, 73-88.

Burne, Glenn S. 1980. "The Metamorphosis of the Self: A Review Essay." Vol. 18, no.4, 95-98.

Christensen, Jerome C. 1980. "Lancelot: Sign for the Times." Vol. 18, no.3, 107-120.

Clark, William Bedford. 1980. "Humor in Cable's The Grandissimes." Vol. 18, no 4, 51-59.

Cowser, R. L. Jr. 1980. "Alvin Ailey: A Major Force in Contemporary American Dance." Vol. 18, no.2, 32-43.

Curran, Ronald T. 1980. "Biology and Culture: Hollywood and the Deliverance of Dickey's Weekend Backwoodsmen." Vol. 18, no.4, 81-90.

Dale, Corinne. 1980. "Lancelot and the Medieval Quests of Sir Lancelot and Dante." Vol. 18, no.3, 99-106.

Deen, Jeannie 1979. "A Young Girl's Fancy ...," Vol. 18, no.1, 169-172.

Egan, Joseph J. 1980. "Lions Rampant: Agricola Fusilier and Bras-Coupé as Antithetical Doubles in The Grandissimes." Vol. 18, no.4, 74-80.

Eubanks, Cecil L. 1980. "Walker Percy: Eschatology and the Politics of Grace." Vol. 18, no.3, 121-136.

Gann, Daniel H. and Joe Weixlmann 1980. "A Walker Percy Bibliography." Vol. 18, no.3, 137-57.

Gardner, Stephen M., Jr. 1979. (photographer), "The First Goodbye." Vol. 18, no.1, 65-86.

Geist, Christopher D. 1980. "Violence, Passion an Sexual Racism: The Plantation Novel in the 1970s." Vol. 18, no.2, 60-72.

Hammontree, Patsy G. 1979. "Audience Amplitude: The Cultural Phenomenon of Elvis Presley." Vol. 18, no.1, 52-60.

Hardy, John Edward. "Percy and Place: Some Beginnings and Endings." Vol. 18, no.3, 5-15.

Holditch, W. Kenneth. 1980. "The Grandissimes and the French Quarter." Vol. 18, no.4, 34-50.

Johansen, Ruthann K. 1980. "The Sound of Jubilation: Toward an Explication of Agee's Musical Form." Vol. 18, no.2, 18-31.

Kanchanawan, Nitaya. 1979. "Elvis, Thailand, and I." Vol.18, no.1, 163-168.

Kendall, William C. 1979. "And Now Direct to You from Hillbilly Heaven." Vol. 18, no.1, 61-64.

Kirkby, Joan. 1979. "The Memphis Faun: A View from Australia." Vol. 18, no.1, 11-26.

Kissel, Susan S. 1980. "Voices in the Wilderness: The Prophets of O'Connor, Percy, and Powers." Vol. 18, no.3, 91-98.

Lawson, Lewis A. 1980. "Moviegoing in The Moviegoer." Vol. 18, no.3, 26-42.

Malone, Bill C. 1979. "Elvis, Country Music, and the South." Vol. 18, no.1, 123-34.

McRae, Gay. 1979. "Notes of a Fan-atic." Vol. 18, no.1, 173-180.

Middleton, Richard. 1979. "All Shook Up? Innovation and Continuity in Elvis Presley's Vocal Style." Vol. 18, no.1, 151-161.

Pearson, Michael. 1980. "Art as Symbolic Action: Walker Percy's Aesthetic." Vol. 18, no.3, 55-64.

Pratt, Linda Ray. 1979. "Elvis, or the Ironies of a Southern Identity." Vol. 18, no.1, 40-51.

Richardson, Thomas J. 1980. "Honoré Grandissime's Southern Dilemma: Introduction," Vol. 18, no.4, 1-12.

Ringe, Donald A. 1980. "Narrative Voice in Cable's The Grandissimes." Vol. 18, no.4, 13-22.

Rushing, Jane G. 1980. "The Wind: A Review Essay." Vol. 18, no.4, 91-94.

Smelstor, Marjorie. 1980. "Frances Newunan: A Rediscovered Novelist." Vol. 18, no.2, 5-11.

Telotte, J. P. 1980. "Charles Peirce and Walker Percy: From Semiotics to Narrative." Vol. 18, no.3, 65-79.

Tharpe, Jac. 1979. "Will the Real Elvis Presley . . . ?" Vol. 18, no.1, 3-10.

Tucker, Stephen R. 1979. "Visions of Elvis: Changing Perceptions in National Magazines." Vol. 18, no.1, 27-39.

Weixlmann, Joe and Daniel H. Gann. 1980. "A Walker Percy Bibliography." Vol. 18, no.3, 37-57.

Wolfe, Charles. 1979. "Presley and the Gospel Tradition." Vol. 18, no.1, 135-150.


Brown, Marice. Amen, Brother Ben: A Mississippi Collection of Children's Rhymes (Ovid S. Vickers). Vol. 18, no.2, 98-100.

Browne, Ray B. The Alabama Folk Lyric:A Study in the Origins and Media of Dissemination (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 18, no.4, 100-101.

_______. "A Night with the Hants" and Other Alabama Folk Experiences (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 18, no.4, 99-100.

Fishwick, Marshall. Springlore in Virginia (Jac Tharpe). Vol. 18, no.2, 95-98.

Fitzgerald, Sally, ed. The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor (Robert H. Brinkmeyer, Jr.). Vol. 18, no.2, 92-94.

Gandy, Joan W. and Thomas H. Gandy. Norman's Natchez: An Early Photographer and His Town (Rita DeWitt). Vol. 18, no.2, 94-95.

Liddell, Viola Goode. A Place of Springs (Lee Emling Harding). Vol. 18, no.4, 104-105.

Mullen, Patrick B. I Heard the Old Fishermen Say (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 18, no.4, 103-104.

Newcomb, William W., Jr. German Artist on the Texas Frontier (Glen E. Lich). Vol. 18, no.2, 103-105.

Solomon, Jack and Olivia Solomon. Cracklin Bread and Asfidity: Folk Recipes and Remedies (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 18, no.4, 101-103.

Strandberg, Victor. The Poetic Vision of Robert Penn Warren (Bernetta Quinn). Vol. 18, no.2, 89-91.

Sullivan, Chester. Sullivan's Hollow (Lee Emling Harding). Vol. 18, no.2, 100-101.

Watson, Sterling. Weep No More My Brother, (Robert G. Walker). Vol. 18, no.2, 103-105.

*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 19 1980-1981 Back to Top

Adams, Michael. 1981. "'How Come Everybody Down Here Has Three Names?': Martin Ritt's Southern Films." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 143-155.

Aho, Arnold J. 1980. "Introduction to Technology and Town Form: FORUM." Vol. 19, no.1, 71-73.

Armour, Robert A. 1981. "History Written in Jagged Lightning: Realistic South vs. Romantic South in The Birth of a Nation." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 14-21.

Austin, Wade. 1981. "The Real Beverly Hillbillies." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 83-94.

Barbera, Jack. 1981. "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 183-197.

Barker, James F. 1980. "Order and Image in the American Small Town" (Introduction), Vol. 19, no.1, 3-7.

Blakely, Edward J., and Ted K. Bradshaw. 1980. "The Impact of Recent Migrants on Economic Development in Small Towns." Vol. 19, no.1, 30-49.

Bradshaw, Ted K., and Edward J. Blakely. 1980. "The Impact of Recent Migrants on Economic Development in Small Towns." Vol. 19, no.1, 30-49.

Broe, Mary Lynn. 1981. "Bohemia Bumps into Calvin: The Deception of Passivity in Lillian Hellman's Drama," Vol. 19, no.2, 26-41.

Buono, Michael J. 1980. "Strategies for Energy Conservation in Small Towns." Vol. 19, no.1, 73-82.

Campbell, Edward D. C. Jr. 1981. "'Burn, Mandingo, Burn': The Plantation System in Film, 1958-1978," Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 107-116.

Chew, Martha. 1981. " Flannery O'Connor's Double-Edged Satire: The Idiot Daughter vs. The Lady PhD.," Vol. 19, no.2, 17-25.

Clinton, Charles A. 1980. "Continuity and Change in a Small Southern Town." Vol. 19, no.1, 62-70.

Craycroft, Robert. "Small Town Public Policy: Strategies for Downtown Revitalization." Vol. 19, no.1, 15-29.

Curran, Trisha. "Gone with the Wind: An American Tragedy." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 47-57.

Davis, Nicholas. "Beulah Land." Vol. 19, no.1, 184-196.

Davis, Thadious M. 1981. "Southern Writers: Notes Toward a Definition of Terms." Vol. 19, no.2, 10-16.

Dean, Michael P. 1980. "Ellen Douglas's Small Towns: Fictional Anchors." Vol. 19, no.1, 161-171.

Ehrlich, Evelyn. 1981. "The Civil War in Early Film: Origin and Development of a Genre." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 70-82.

Fazio, Michael. 1980. "Architectural Preservation in Natchez, Mississippi: A Conception of Time and Place." Vol. 19, no.1, 136-149.

Fine, Elsa Honig. 1981. "Southern Support of the Visual Arts: Focusing on Women" Vol. 19, no.2, 1-9.

Folks, Jeffrey J. 1981. "William Faulkner and the Silent Film." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 171-182.

Ford, Robert M. 1980. "Vision to Reality: How to Achieve Architectural Quality in Small Towns," Vol. 19, no.1, 82-94.

French, Warren. 1981. "'The Southern': Another Lost Cause?" (Introduction). Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 3-13.

Jeffrey, David K., and Donald R. Noble. 1981. "Harry Crews: An Interview." Vol. 19, no.2, 65-79.

Jeter, Ida. 1981. "Jezebel and the Emergence of the Hollywood Tradition of a Decadent South." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 31-46.

Keller, John W., and Ray B. Weisenburger. 1980. "Adversity and Change in Small Town and Rural Area Planning: State and Local Management Responses in Kansas." Vol. 19, no.1, 50-61.

Kindem, Gorham. 1981. "Southern Exposure: Kudzu and It's Grits." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 199-206.

Lee, David D. 1981. "Appalachia on Film: The Making of Sergeant York." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 207-221.

Lyndon, Donlyn. 1980. "Order, Investment and Appropriation." Vol. 19, no.1, 8-13.

Maland, Charles."Agee: A Film." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 225-228.

Murray, Ronald. 1980. "Tradition and Continuity in Architecture: Toward a More Rational and Democratic nvironmental Process," Vol. 19, no.1, 95-103.

Noble, Donald R., and David K. Jeffrey. 1981. "Harry Crews: An Interview." Vol. 19, no.2, 65-79.

Norden, Martin F. 1981. "Business and Love in the Post-Reconstruction South: Warner Brothers' Bright Leaf." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 95-106.

O'Donnell, Victoria. 1981. "The Southern Woman as Time-Binder in Film." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 156-162.

Phillips, Robert L. 1980. "Shelby Foote's Bristol in 'Child by Fever'." Vol. 19, no.1, 172-183.

Plecki, Gerard. 1981. "The South in the Films of Robert Altman." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 134-142.

Schroeder, Fred E. H. 1980. "Types of American Small Towns and How to Read Them." Vol. 19, no.1, 104-135.

Schuth, Wayne. 1981. "The Image of New Orleans on Film," Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 240-245.

Silverman, Joan L. 1981. "The Birth of a Nation: Prohibition Propaganda." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 23-30.

Skaggs, Merrill Maguire. 1981. "Poe's Longing for a Bicameral Mind." Vol. 19, no.2, 54-64..

Spears, Ross. 1981. "Regional Filmmaking: The James Agee Film Project." Vol. 19, nos. 3-4, 223-225.

Stephens, Lenora Clodfelter. 1981. "Black Women in Film." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 164-170.

Stephenson, William. 1981. "Fawn Bites Lion: Or, How MGM Tried to Film The Yearling in Florida," Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 229-239.

Teague, Frances. 1981. "The Alabama Shakespeare Festival." Vol. 19, no.2, 43-53.

Telotte, J. P. 1981. "The Human Landscape of John Ford's South." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 117-133.

Wegner, Hart. 1981. "A Chronicle of Soil, Seasons and Weather: Jean Renoir's The Southerner." Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 58-69.

Wells, Gerald K. 1980. "The Small Town Editor: Guardian of Respectability." Vol. 19, no.1, 150-160.


Davenport, Guy. DaVinci's Bicycle: Ten Stories (Elizabeth Inness-Brown). Vol. 19, no.2, 86-89.

Dawidoff, Robert. The Education of John Randolph (Neil R. McMillen). Vol. 19, no.2, 84-86.

Falk, Signi. Tennessee Williams (Albert E. Kalson). Vol. 19, no.2, 81-84.

Hirsch, Foster. A Portrait of the Artist: The Plays of Tennessee Williams (Albert E. Kalson). Vol. 19, no.2, 81-84.

King, Richard H. A Southern Renaissance: The Cultral Awakening of the American South, 1935-1955 (Peggy Whitman Prenshaw). Vol. 19, no.2, 80-81.

Londre, Felicia Hardison. Tennessee Williams (Albert E. Kalson). Vol. 19, no.2, 81-84.

MacKethan, Lucinda Hardwick. The Dream of Arcady: Place and Time in Southern Literature (Laurie Brown). Vol. 19, no.2, 90.

Toole, John Kennedy. A Confederacy of Dunces (Cheryl McAllister Saunders). Vol. 19, no.2, 89-90.


Spears, Ross. Agee: A Film (Charles Maland). Vol. 19, nos.3-4, 225-228.

*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 20 1981-1982 Back to Top

Bonner, Judith Hopkins. "George David Coulon: A Nineteenth Century French Louisiana Painter." Vol. 20, no.2, 41-61.

Bonner, Thomas, Jr. "Christianity and Catholicism in the Fiction of Kate Chopin." Vol. 20, no.2, 118-125.

Brinkmeyer, Robert H., Jr. "Wasted Talent, Wasted Art: The Literary Career of Jean Toomer." Vol. 20, no.1, 75-84.

Cizek, Eugene D. "The Creole Architecture of Nineteenth Century New Orleans." Vol. 20, no.2, 62-86.

Cowser, R. L., Jr. "Kingfish of American Opera: An Interview with Carlisle Floyd." Vol. 20, no.3, 5-18.

DeBord, Larry W. and Gary L. Long. "Harry Crews on the American Dream." Vol. 20, no.3, 35-53.

DeMetz, Kaye. "Minstrel Dancing in New Orleans' Nineteenth Century Theaters." Vol. 20, no.2, 28-40.

Devlin, Albert, J. "Jackson's Welty." Vol. 20, no.4, 54-91.

Ehlers, Leigh A. "'An Environment Remembered': Setting in the Novels of Frances Parkinson Keyes." Vol. 20, no.3, 54-65.

Evans, Elizabeth. "Eudora Welty: The Metaphor of Music." Vol. 20, no.4, 92-100.

Guillaume, Alfred J., Jr. "Love, Death, and Faith in the New Orleans Poets of Color." Vol. 20, no.2, 126-144.

Holditch, W. Kenneth. "The Singing Heart: A Study of the Life and Work of Pearl Rivers." Vol. 20, no.2, 84-117.

Idol, John L., Jr. "Edna Earle Ponder's Good Country People." Vol. 20, no.3, 66-75.

Ilacqua, Alma A. "Paul Green--In Memoriam: A Bibliography and Profile." Vol. 20, no.3, 76-87.

Kreyling, Michael. "Modernism in Welty's A Curtain of Green and Other Stories." Vol. 20, no.4, 40-53.

McDonald, W. U., Jr. "An Unworn Path: Bibliographical and Textual Scholarship on Eudora Welty." Vol. 20, no.4, 101-108.

McDowell, Peggy. "New Orleans Cemeteries: Architectural Styles and Influences." Vol. 20, no.2, 9-27.

Miller, Terry E. "Old Time Shape-Note Singing Schools in Eastern Kentucky." Vol. 20, no.1, 35-45.

Ninkovich, Frank A. "The New Criticism and Cold War America." Vol. 20, no.1, 1-24.

Pyron, Darden Asbury. " Margaret Mitchell: First or Nothing." Vol. 20, no.3, 19-34.

Reinecke, George. "Alfred Mercier, French Novelist of New Orleans." Vol. 20, no.2, 145-176.

Salley, Coleen Cole. "Nineteenth Century New Orleans in Books." Vol. 20, no.2, 177-185.

Tharpe, Jac. "Interview with Erskine Caldwell." Vol. 20, no.1, 64-74.

Van Noppen, Martha. "A Conversation with Eudora Welty." Vol. 20, no.4, 7-23.

Vande Kieft, Ruth M. "Eudora Welty: The Question of Meaning." Vol. 20, no.4, 24-39.

Watson, James G. "Literary Self-Criticism: Faulkner in Fiction on Fiction." Vol. 20, no.1, 46-63.

Wills, J. Robert. "Prevailing Shadows: The Plays of Lee Pennington." Vol. 20, no.1, 25-34.


Andrews, William L. The Literary Career of Charles W. Chesnutt (Robert Hemenway). Vol. 20, no.3, 90-92.

Blanchard, Kendall. Choctaws at Play: The Serious Side of Leisure (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 20, no.4, 114-15.

Claudel, Calvin Andre. Fools and Rascals (Louisiana Folktales) (Edward C. Lynskey). Vol. 20, no.3, 94-95.

Fontenay, Charles L. Estes Kefauver: A Biography (Mark Royden Winchell). Vol. 20, no.3, 95-96.

Fowler, Doreen and Ann J. Abadie. A Cosmos of My Own: Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha 1980 (Mark Royden Winchell). Vol. 20, no.4, 110-111.

Frady, Marshall. Billy Graham: A Parable of American Righteousness (Mark Royden Winchell). Vol. 20, no.1, 89-91.

_______. Southerners: A Journalist's Odyssey (Laurie Brown). Vol. 20, no.1, 91-92.

Hallowell, Christopher. People of the Bayou: Cajun Life in Lost America (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 20, no.3, 92-94.

Harper, Francis and Delma E. Presley. Okefinokee Album (Marice C. Brown). Vol. 20, no.3, 92-94.

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Vol. 21 1982-1983 Back to Top

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*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 22 1983-1984 Back to Top

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*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 23 1984-1985 Back to Top

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*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 24 1985-1986 Back to Top

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*Names of reviewers are given in parentheses.

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Vol. 25 1986-1987 Back to Top

Apter, Andrew. 1987. "Levi Lee at Play with the Audience." Vol. 25, no.4, 99-106.

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