Vijay Rangachari

Associate Professor of Biophysical Chemistry


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



Biophysical chemistry

Protein misfolding and amyloid formation in neurodegenerative diseases

Intrinsically disordered proteins in norm and pathology

















My lab is interested in deciphering the underlying molecular mechanisms that underpin protein aggregation and amyloid formation. My lab is also interested in delineating the mechanisms involved inflammation-induced amyloid formation, which is thought to occur in conditions such as traumatic brain injury.  Several intrinsically disordered proteins play a role in amyloid pathogenesis and we are interested in the structure and mechanisms that dictate their functions in biology. In addition, development of structure-based design of  'conformation-specific' molecules that are directed towards recognizing pathogenic 'cross-beta sheet' polypeptide structures is also of interest in my laboratory. We strongly believe that inter-disciplinary approaches are imperative to translate molecular theories into meaningful therapies. 


We collaborate with several research groups, whose valuable contributions keep our quest alive...


           Preetam Ghosh:  Virginia Commonwealth University, VA

           Ashwin Vaidya:  Montclair State University, NJ.

           Melissa Moss:  University of South Carolina, SC

           Yona Levites:  University of Florida, FL

           Sarah Morgan: University of Southern Mississippi.

           Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy: University of Michigan

           Ulrich Hansmann: University of Oklahoma



Graduate Students:  You will be trained in Protein Biophysical Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Molecular Biology and Rational Design and Molecular Recognition tools.  Contact me for further details.


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