The editors of Mississippi Review are pleased to announce the winners and finalists for the 2023 Prize. Along with the winners in all three genres, some of the finalists below will be published in our Summer Prize Issue. Adam Clay, Editor of Mississippi Review, was this year's judge in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

MR Fiction Winner
Steph Del Rosso – “Out of Body”

MR Poetry Winner:
Dante Di Stefano – “Dear John Ashbery (Please Clarify)”

MR Nonfiction Winner
Ruby Haack – “Aftermath”

MR Fiction Finalists:
Darcy Casey – “Nicotiana”
Hana Choi – “Lotus Nails & Spa”
Claudia Dibbs – “How to Survive a Recession”
John Jodzio – “Ham”
Sara Veglahn – from "The Monsters"

MR Poetry Finalists:
Despy Boutris – “Self-Portrait with Sertraline”
Molly Howes – “Early Lesson”
Caroline Laganas – “My Great-Grandmother's Missing Butter Knife”
Henry Mills – “The Light Bulb Fills With Water”
Christopher Brean Murray – “Biopic”
Dana Roeser – “Will This Become a Life?”
Ivy Schweitzer – “Whitewashed”
Veronica Silva – “In Celebration of the Mother”
Hannah Smith – “Trail Running”
Natalie Tombasco – “Viciousness in the Kitchen”
Matthew Tuckner – “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”
Kate Wexell – “Warning Call”
Tianyu Yi – “Aftercare”

MR Nonfiction Finalist:
David Stevenson – “Securing the Shadows”


All entrants will receive a copy of the Prize Issue, which will be published in June 2023. We are grateful to everyone who submitted the work for this year's contest. The 2024 contest will open for submissions on August 15, 2023.