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We're thrilled to announce issue 46 1&2, our 2018 Prize Issue,
which you can order in the MR Store. The issue features:


MR Poetry Winner, selected by Adam Clay:

Cody Smith: “Self-Portrait as a Liminal Space”


MR Poetry Finalists:

Jordan Bissell: “Body”

Kai Carlson-Wee: “O Day Full of Grace”

Colby Cotton: “Devotional”

James D’Agostino: “Kindled Measures Going Out”

Amanda Hawkins: “Bears Ear National Monument and Other Diminishing Lands”

Carolyn Hembree: “New Orleans Nocturne”

Diane Kerr: “The Distinguished Thing: A Colloquy”

Jessica Lindberg: “Floyd County Poem”

Jenny Molberg: “Eating Alone”

Damen O’Brien: “Canned Conch”

Jen Rouse: “The Cephalopod Speaks”

Mara Adamitz Scrupe: “Milfoil”

Heidi Seaborn: “Tuesday”

Mark Wagenaar: “Aubade with Prayer, Samaras & Ant Colony”



MR Fiction Winner, selected by Anne Sanow

Andrew Bales: “Pinkie”


MR Fiction Finalists:

Rowena Alegría: “Janet Cramer, Class Whore”

Maria Anderson: “Chiroptera”

Remy Barnes: “The Zed College of Human Administration”

Allison Pinkerton: “We Must Ford the River”

Jim Ruland: “Clown Detective”

Jamie Lyn Smith: “Lifeguards”

Sharon Solwitz: “Vibrato”



MR Nonfiction Winner, selected by Justin Taylor

Elizabeth Logan  Harris: “The Old Part of the House”


MR Nonfiction Finalists:

Caylin Capra-Thomas: “Sillage”

Catherine Chen: “A Way You’ll Always Be”



Editor’s Note: Maria Anderson’s short story “Chiroptera,” in Mississippi Review Issue 46 1&2, appeared with a different set of edits than the final version the author requested. We apologize for this error and have included the correct version of the story here.




Issue 45.3 is available in the MR Store.


Poetry by Rosebud Ben-Oni, Emma Bolden, Jonathan Fink, Peter Gizzi, Tanya Grae, Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine, Jennifer L. Knox, Ada Limón, D.A. Powell, Michael Robins, Natalie Shapero, James Shea, Jennifer K. Sweeney, G.C. Waldrep, and Candice Wuehle


Nonfiction by Traci Brimhall, Joe Jiménez, Darlin' Neal, and Hilary Plum


Fiction by Kim Chinquee, Stuart Dybek, Marta Evans, Juan Martinez, Thomas Mira y Lopez, Jessi Phillips, David James Poissant, Misha Rai, Mathias Svalina, and Kellie Wells




Good News:


Two stories from MR are on Best American's 100 Distinguished Stories list: Kathleen Sachs's "The Opposite of Denim" and Aurelie Sheehan's "Wolf in the Basement," both in issue 41.3. Check them out on the Issues page.


MR 2014 Fiction Prize winner Kirstin Valdez Quade named a 5 Under 35 by the National Book Foundation. Her collection Night at the Fiestas has recently been published.






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