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Issue 44.1&2, Summer 2016

Prize 2016 Featuring the winner of poetry, Hannah Craig, and fiction, Courtney Sender, as well as work by Allison Adair, Jacob M. Appel, Maureen Ash, Heidi Diehl, Kasey Edison, Ryan Harper, Bernard Horn, Vedran Husic, Rich Ives, Sally J. Johnson, Gwen E. Kirby, Aaron Krol, Devi S. Laskar, Adam Latham, Len Lawson, Fergus McAlister, Christopher Mohar, Elisabeth Murawski, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Jessica Plante, Mary Lynn Reed, Martha Silano, and Yerra Sugarman

ISSUE 45.3, Winter 2018

ISSUE 45.1 & 2, Summer 2017

ISSUE 44.3, Winter 2017

Seven short stories by Elizabeth Wagner

Prize 2017 Featuring the winner of poetry, Bess Cooley, and fiction, Sarah Hulyk Maxwell, as well as work by Art Allen, Aaron Baker, Lillian Bertram, Ansley Clark, Catherine Freeling, Andrew Gottlieb, Elisa Gonzales, Emma Hine,

Samuel Piccone, Michael Pontacoloni, Sara Joy Márquez, Nancy Pearson, Jennifer Sperry Steinorth, Elizabeth Theriot, Lindsey Crittenden,

Wendy Herlich, Joanna K. Pearson, T. Hurt,

Eric Schlich, Aaron Tillman




Featuring poetry by Rosebud Ben-Oni, Emma Bolden, Jonathan Fink, Peter Gizzi, Tanya Grae, Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine, Jennifer L. Knox, Ada Limón, D.A. Powell, Michael Robins, Natalie Shapero, James Shea, Jennifer K. Sweeney, G.C. Waldrep, and Candice Wuehle, nonfiction by Traci Brimhall, Joe Jiménez, Darlin' Neal, and Hilary Plum, and fiction by Kim Chinquee, Stuart Dybek, Marta Evans, Juan Martinez, Thomas Mira y Lopez, Jessi Phillips, David James Poissant, Misha Rai, Mathias Svalina, and Kellie Wells.

ISSUE 43.3, Winter 2016

Winter 2016, Featuring prose by: Robert Boswell, Sharon Dilworth, Brian Evenson, Clarke Levidiotis, Mary Miller, Michael Sheehan, Jess Walter, Kevin Wilson, Dan Beachy-Quick, Jenny Boully, Stacey D'Erasmo, and Barrett Swanson. Featuring poetry by: Bonnie Jo Campbell, Victoria Chang, Daniel Khalastchi, Ted Kooser, Sharon Olds, Gregory Orr, and Alan Shapiro

Issue 43.1&2, Summer 2015

Prize 2015 Featuring the 2015 winner of poetry, Sarah New, and fiction, Charles Ramsay McCrory, as well as work by A.H. Jerriod Avant, Nicole Balin, Juliana Daugherty, Samantha Deal, Laura Donnelly, Erica Ehrenberg, Emily Geminder, Lana I. Ghannam, Emily Hipchen, Kristin Inciardi, Mariana Lin, Matt Mauch, Timothy O'Leary, Dana Roeser, Wesley Rothman, Adam Schwartz, Carol Smith, Kathleen Winter, Geoff Wyss

Issue 42.3, Winter 2015

Winter 2015, Novella Issue: Featuring novella's by Katie Chase, Kevin A. González, Jaimy Gordon, and Paola Peroni



Issue 42.1&2, Summer 2014

Prize 2014 Featuring the 2014 winners of poetry, Harold Whit Williams, and fiction, Kirstin Valdez Quade, as well as work by Janet Kim Ha, Suzanne Jeschke, Jeff Martin, J.P. Dancing Bear, Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Earl Burkhalter, Kimberly Burwick, M. Soledad Caballero, Leslie Williams, Peter Cooley, Claudia Cortese, Laura Judge, Owen Lewis, Theadora Siranian, Corrie Lynn White, Leslie Williams, Rebecca Zweig



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Issue 41.1&2, Summer 2013

Prize 2013 Featuring the 2013 winners of poetry, Caitlin Cowan, and fiction, David Armstrong, as well as work by Charles Atkinson, Catherine Carter, Roger Craik, Geffrey Davis, Emma Duffy-Comparone, Chelsea Jennings, L.S. Klatt, Tori Malcangio, Charlotte Matthews, Lauren Moseley, Elisabeth Murawski, Mike Schneider, and Audrey Walls

Issue 41.3, Winter 2014

Winter 2014 Featuring prose by: Ron Carlson, Molly Antopol, Aurelie Sheehan, Cara Blue Adams, Matthew Neill Null, Tom Macher, Kelly Ramsey, Kathleen Sachs Featuring poetry by: D.A. Powell, Caki Wilkinson, Dean Young, Karen Whalley, Tony Hoagland, Martin Shaw, Lauren Shapiro, Allan Peterson, Jaime Quatro, Bob Hicok, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Circe Maia, Michael Robbins, Thea Brown, Jon Davis, Judith Clark, Jerry Williams, Sydney Bolding, Michael Snediker





Issue 40.3, Winter 2013

Fiction and Non-Fiction issue featuring Nate Brown, Lydia Davis, Joe Dole, Stuart Dybek, Jim Gavin, Edward Hagan, Alan Heathcock, Leslie Jamison, William J. Lepetomane, Ander Monson, Peter Orner, Caryl Pagel, Adeena Reitberger, David Shields

Issue 40.1&2, Summer 2012

Prize Issue, featuring fiction and poetry from Lauren Watel, Katie Cotugno, Gail R. Henningsen, Josh Peterson, Richard Spillman, Mary Emma Koles, J.P. Dancing Bear, Portia Carryer, Mary Fitzpatrick, Lauren Hilger, Martha Hollander, Rich Ives, Michael Karl, Rachel Inez Lane, Dan O'Brien, Jill Osier, Jenny Molberg, Sarah Pemberton Strong, Susan THomas, Emily Van Kley, Harry Waitzman, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Leslie Williams

Issue 39.1-3, 2011

Mississippi Review 30 Year Anthology: A tribute to the work of editors Frederick Barthelme and Rie Fortenberry. Almost 900 pages of fiction and poetry from writers like John Barth, James Tate, Amy Hempel, Larry Brown, Rita Dove, Charles Simic, and many, many others

Issue 38.3, Summer 2011

Prize 2011 Judged by Julia Johnson. Rachel Swearingen, Cheryl Alu, Laurie Blauner, Elisabeth Cohen, Peter Grimes, Michael Pearce, David James Poissant, Harry Waitzman, Susan Browne, J.P. Dancing Bear, Johanna C. Dominguez, Paul Doty, Ansel Elkins, Bryan Emory-Johnson, Julie Hanson, Elizabeth Harmon, Sara Hong, Rich Ives, Mary Emma Koles, Debra Marquart, Elisabeth Murawski, Patricia Colleen Murphy, Frank Ortega, Nancy K. Pearson, Laura Read, Jonathan Rice, Jesse Schweppe, John Surowiecki

Issue 38.1&2, Winter 2010

Prize 2010 Judges Frederick Barthelme and Angela Ball. Cheryl Alu, David Driscoll, Cary Groner, Chelsea Lemon Fetzer, Kristen Iskandrian, Lee Johnson, Rich Ives, Kate Kraukramer, Jim Ruland, Melissa Swantkowski, Susan Thomas, Kaveh Bassiri, Andrea Carter Brown, Deborah Brown, Laurie Capps, Joseph Michael Farr, Jeff Hoffman, Rich Ives, Vandana Khanna, Martin Lammon, David Dodd Lee, Matt McBride, Joe Sacksteder, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Cecilia Woloch

Other Prohibited Items, Martha Greenwald

Winner of the 2010 Mississippi Review Poetry Series. "Sonic delight in words and word combinations dominate Other Prohibited Items. The poet almost, not quite, but almost, bows out to let something else think for her. She says: 'Given choices but no time at all to think/-I'd always wondered, sweetie, what I'd do.' Every poem in this book says what we might do with all the time in the world."-Dara Wier, Contest Judge

Minimum Heroic, Christopher Solerno

Winner of the 2010 Mississippi Review Poetry Series. "Chistopher Salerno provides us with a universe just as it is coming into being. These poems are richly layered, intricately imagined, elaborately textured, and not often tamed. What a poet thinks about poetry and what he thinks about us is apparent in every poem's existence. I love reading this book."-Dara Wier, Contest Judge.

Fifty Poems,

Liana Quill

Winner of the 2010 Mississippi Review Poetry Series. "Lucid, succinct, indirect, provocative. Quill's book offers us 50 chances to think not so much of what a poem's words say but of what poetry's essential presence proposes and lets us have. Take it home, take it on a train, take it on a plane, take it on a bus, there's a 100% chance you'll think thoughts you'll wonder you hadn't thought before."-Dara Wier, Contest Judge.

Issue 36.1&2, 2008

MR Prize 2008 Judges Frederick Barthelme & Angela Ball. Laura LeCorgne, Cheryl Alu, Colin Bassett, Jacalyn Carley, Ravsten Cottle, David J. Fleming, Jennifer Pashley, Helen Phillips, Dalia Rosenfeld, Helen Wing, Lawrence Wood, Lisa Katz, Tina Barr, F.J. Bergmann, Chard DeNiord, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Rachel Contreni Flynn, Charles Fort, Elizabeth Harmon, Chloe Joan Lopez, David Ray, Vern Rutsala, M. A. Schaffner, Kent Shaw, Justin Sider, Susan Thomas, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Maya Jewell Zeller

issue MR 36.3

Lit Magazines Edited by Travis Kurowski & Gary Percesepe. Jane Armstrong, Claire Bateman, T.C. Boyle, John Brandon, Richard Burgin, Aaron Gilbreath, Daniel Grandbois, Mary Grimm, Raymond Hammond, Eli Horowitz, Rene Houtrides, Travis Kurowski, Victoria Lancelotta, John Leary, Herbert Leibowitz, Maureen McCoy, Rick Moody, Speer Morgan, Benjamin Percy, Gary Percesepe, Stacey Richter, Jill Allyn Rosser, Marco Roth, Jim Shepard, B.R. Smith, Jodee Stanley, James Whorton, Jr., Catherine Zeidler,

Issue 34.1&2, 2006

Prize 2006 Michelle Richmond, J.T. Bushnell, William Giraldi, Tao Lin, Aimee Parkison, Jennifer Pashley, Glen Pouciau, Richard K. Weems, Steven Wingate, Ann Guzzardi, Beverly Burch, David Tucker, Duffie Taylor, Jen Currin, J.P. Dancing Bear, Lisa Bower, Susan Roberts

Issue 35.3, 2007

New Fiction Edited by Gary Percesepe. Ann Beattie, T.C. Boyle, Jane Armstrong, Will Boast, Kim Chinquee, Mary Grimm, John Holman, K. Kvashay-Boyle, Victoria Lancelotta, Jeff Landon, Tao Lin, Mary Miller, Rick Moody, Hannah Pittard, James Whorton, Jr., John Barth

Issue 33.1&2, 2005

MR Prize 2005 Judges Frederick Barthelme & Angela Ball. Jennifer Maier, F.J. Bergmann, John Setliffe Bourne, Andrea Carter Brown, J.P. Dancing Bear, Beth Ann Fennelly, Kenneth Hart, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Peter Huggins, Dani K., Nadine Meyer, Kate Braverman, Charles Yu, Jennifer Pashley, Dawn Raffel, Jennifer Hurley, Susi Klare, Ann Bronston, Linsey Abrams

Issue 33.3, 2005

Location/Dislocation Edited by Ken Foster. Stevan Allred, Daphne Beal, Raul Correa, Elizabeth Crane, Sean Ennis, Emily Franklin, Amanda Gersh, Anne Gisleson, Cynthia Gralla, Shelia Kohler, Emer Martin, Jan Meissner, Lincoln Michel, Joanna Pearson, Marian Pierce, Roxana Robinson, Felicia C. Sullivan, Terese Svoboda, Lynne Tillman, Wells Tower, Pragya Trivedi, Suzy Vitello

Issue 31.1&2, 2002

MR Prize 2003 Judges Frederick Barthelme & Angela Ball. Marlys West, Ellen Bass, Andrea Carter Brown, Susan Browne, Suzanne Cleary, Todd Colby, Nancy Vieira Couto, Shannon Doyne, James Grinwis, Heather Hartley, Judith Hemschemeyer, David Hernandez, Marc Jampole, Sarah Jefferis, Lisa Katz, David Kirby, Ralph Malachowski, Malcolm McCollum, Michael Milburn, Dan O?Connell, Brad Richard, Angela Williams, Lisa Glatt, A. Papatya Bucak, William Giraldi, Richard Lange, Jennifer Pashley, Lisa Pears

Issue 32.3, 2004

MR Prize 2004 Judges Frederick Barthelme & Angela Ball. Kim Addonizio, Julie Berman, Kate Braverman, Mary Beth Caschetta, Wah-Ming Chang, Amity Gaige, Roy Kesey, John Leary, Nate Liederbach, Ander Monson, Laura Kate Taylor, Joanne Tracy, H.E. Wright, Maureen Passmore, Renee Ashley, Ellen Bass, Susanna Childress, Sybil Pittman Estess, Susan Facknitz, Charles Fort, Judith Hemschemeyer, David Hernandez, Charlotte Matthews, Cory McClellan, Nicole Melanson, Erin Murphy, Chris Pappas, Stan Sanv


Issue 29.3, 2001

Selected by DC Berry. Eric C. Brown, Doug Doe, Marcia Aldrich, Darla K. Beasley, Ron Burch, A.B. Emrys, Molly Antopol Johnson, Adele Megann, C.R. Resetarits, Gordon Weaver, Charles Harper Webb, Cynthia Ward Walker, Gregory Orr, Martin Arnold, Thomas Reiter, Dara Wier, Dan Albergotti, James Applewhite, Robert Archambeau, Mary Jo Bang, Adam Clay, Peter Cooley, Robert Cooperman, Peter Cummings, Phil Dacey, Brendan Galvin, Victor Gishler, William Greenway, Kevin Griffith

Issue 30.3, 2002

New Fiction Selected by Rick Moody. Amy Hempel, Mohammed N. Ali, Christopher Kennedy, Julia Slavin, Elizabeth Gaffney, Miranda July, Steve Kistulentz, Courtney Eldridge, Paul Maliszewski, Shelley Jackson, Charles Bock, David Ryan, Ryan Boudinot, Maile Chapman, Mary-Beth Hughes, Tara Ison, Dana K. Standefer, Fiona Maazel, Stacey Richter

Issue 29.1&2, 2000

MR Prize 2001 Judges Frederick Barthelme, Mary Robison, Angela Ball. Wesley Gibson, Tara Jill Ciccarone, Paul Diamond, Amy Dickman, Lou Fisher, J. Kelly, Karen Kevorkian, Liane Lemaster, Traci Sobocinski, Stephanie Wilbur, Matthew Thorburn, Eduardo C. Corral, Kevin Craft, Lisa Katz, Jeffrey Levine, Leslie Anne McIlroy, G.A. O'Connell, Peter Serchuk, Vivian Shipley, David Shumate, Marlys West, Patti White.

Issue 28.3, 2000

World Poetry Selected by Angela Ball. Anibal Beca, John Diviney, Juan Carlos Galeano, Margarito Cuellar, Hector Carreto, Kathleen Snodgrass, Choi Young-Mi, Jung Yul Yu, James Kimbrell, Rebecca Galeano, Oscar Hahn, James Hoggard, Hahm Dong-Seon, Jean-Mark Sens, Stephen Knight, Carmelia Leonte, Mihaela Moscaliuc, Michael Waters, Anatoly Naiman, Margo Shohl Rosen, Ivan Onate, Marta Petreu, Adam J. Sorkin, Christina Illias-Zarifopol, Giovanna Pollarolo, Oliver Reynolds, Pablo Salgado, Damir Soda

Issue 28.3, 1999

Interviews Michael Rosovsky, Rick Bass, Jennifer Levasseur, Kevin Rabalais, Tim Gautreaux, Eden Elieff, Thom Jones, Jaime Clarke, Bret Easton Ellis, Rebecca Boyd, Padgett Powell, David Ryan, Rick Moody, Charles Bock, Mary Gaitskill

Issue 28.1&2, 1999

MR Prize 1999-2000 Judges Frederick Barthelme, Mary Robison, Angela Ball. Greg Rappleye, Jennifer Wheelock, Sarah Jefferis, Margaret Young, Andrea Scott, Lynne Martin Bowman, Jason Bredle, Charles Fort, Debra Marquart, James Magorian, Ralph Malachowski, Christopher Matthews, Katherine Soniat, Mary Ann Samyn, Ann Bronston, Kiki Delancey, Gerald Majer, S. Graber, Jesse Murphree, Lou Fisher, Traci Sobocinski, David Ryan, Rae Meadows, Jaime Clarke, Glen Pourciau, Aaron Jason

Issue 27.1&2, 1998

MR Prize 1998 Judges Thom Jones and Lucie Brock Broido. Larissa Szporluk, Leslie Adrienne Miller, Jan lee Ande, Rana M. Jaleel, Jennifer Martelli, Suzanne Owens, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Malys West, Curtis Sittenfeld, Ann Bronston, Kyle Jarrard, Ad Hudler, Devon Jackson, David Ryan, J.P. Jones, Traci Sobocinski, Incigul Sayman

Issue 26.3, 1998

New Fiction Rick Bass, John Holman, Brian Oberkirch, Beck Finley, Andrew Alexander, Chris Semansky, Doug Lawson, David Alexander, Greg Sanders, Emily Snow Hackbarth, Jay Marvin, N.M. Kelby, Megan Sheehan, P.J. Rondinone, Ron Carlson, James Poniewozik, Rob Hardin, Richard K. Weems, Shelley Hunt, Kyle Jarrard, Susan Hubbard, Robert Olen Butler

Issue 26.1&2, 1997

MR Prize 1997 Judges Padgett Powell and Angela Ball Patricia Clark, Stephen Knauth, Andrea Carter Brown, Elizabeth Kostova, George O?Connell, David Kirby, Chard deNiord, Jon Erickson, Aviva Luria, Louis Mazzari, Richard Schmitt, Anthony Varallo, Ann Bronston, Bill Gordon, Michael Dahlie, Kiki Delancey, Wendy Brenner, Dallas Wiebe, Kathryn Chetkovich, Adam Frey, Brock Clarke

Issue 25.1&2, 1996

MR Prize 1996 Judges: Mary Robison & Frederick Barthelme. Stacey Richter, Michael Dahlie, Terese Svoboda, Edward H. Fischer, Curtis Harnack, Philip Avins, Jaime Clarke, Denise Stallcup, Jill Marquis, Mark Thorson, Antonia Sweet, Alex Bove, Marie Manilla, Paul Diamond, B.D. Feil, Lailee Mendelson, Karen Kevorkian, C. Rusch, Tim Watt, Andy Mozina, John G. Wallace, Perry Glasser, Lynne Butler Oaks, Virginia Harabin

Issue 24.3, 1995

Caribbean Writing Selected by Michael Mays Norval Edwards, Mervyn Morris, Allan Vorda, Jamaica Kincaid, Keith Jardim, Edward Baugh, Everton Sylvester, Claudia Rankine, Vanessa Spence, Ralph C. Thompson, Jane King, Earl McKenzie, Kwame Dawes, Howard Fergus, Brenda Williams, Arthur Scott, Ian McDonald, Anthony McNeill, E. A. Markham, Geoffrey Philp

Issue 24.1&2, 1995

MR Prize 1995 Judge:Amy Hempel. Jason Brown, Ben Marcus, Terese Svoboda, David Gilbert, Ian Lirenman, Steven Lattimore, Karen Shepard, Ron Nyren, Brett Berk, Kristi Coulter, Sandra Jacobs, Dennis Hathaway, Alyson Hagy, Peter C. Brown, Marty Levine, Christine Schutt

Issue 23.3, 1994

Stanley Plumly, Steven Bella, Rita Dove, Kevin Stein, Guillaume Apollinaire, Donald Revell, Laurie O?Brien, Michael Waters, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Christopher Howell, John Barth, Tom Drury, John Dufresne, Terese Svoboda, Elizabeth Gilbert

Issue 23.1&2, 1994

MR Prize 1994 Judge: Veronica Geng. Ken Craven, Tim Melley, Ann Henry, Joseph Ferguson, Charles Marvin, R. Bartkowech, Martin Naparsteck, Cortright McMeel, Wendy Brenner, David Keith, R. Sebastian Bennett, Daniel Mueller

Issue 22.3, 1994

Seven short stories by James Robison

Issue 21.3, 1993

New British Fiction Ian McEwan, Janice Galloway, Will Self, Roddy Doyle, Sam North, Iain Sinclair, James Kelman, Martin Amis

issue 20.3, 1992

Steve Watkins, Steven Carter, Jefferson Adams, David Baker, Suzanne Cleary, William Cobb, Guy Gallo, Chard De Niord, Richard Frost, Catherine Hammond, Bernard Horn, Richard Jackson, John Calvin Hughes, Jonathan Baumbach, David A. Harvey, Jon Silkin, Susan Ludvigson, Khaled Mattawa, William Page, Hillel Schwartz, Kathy Managan, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Donald Magnum

Issue 20.1&2, 1991

Interviews with Allan Vorda, Jamaica Kincaid, Jeremy Lewis, J.G. Ballard, Dannye Romine Powell, Peter Taylor, Eleanor Ross Taylor, Larry McCaffery, Sinda Gregory, Paul Auster, Kenneth Gangemi, Eudora Welty, Kathy Acker, Robert Stone, Kevin Bezner, Ishmael Reed, Marianne Hauser, Kim Herzinger, Kazuo Ishiguro, Lewis Shiner

Issue 19.3, 1991

MR19/3 Special Poetry Issue featuring Bin Ramke, Norman Dubie, Tomaz Salamun, and more!

Issue 18.2&3, 1990

Beginnings Jiro Adachi, Karren L. Alenier, Derek Alger, Lori Negridge Allen, Laura Altshul, Kevin Avery, Jon Barnes, Carole Bellacera, Susan Benjamin, M. Killeen Blake, Valerie Block, Elsie Ervin Bock, Lewis Bogaty, and 100 others

Issue 19.1&2, 1990

Workshops Bruce Barton, Matthew Biberman, Kathy Bright, Maria Caruso, Jessica Chalmers, Christine Conklin, Ed Dee, Tony Earley, Sarah Elmendorf, Cynthia Lou Evans, Paul Garrison, Toni Graham, Suzanne Greenberg, Virginia Harabin, Andrea Lasley, Mase Lewter, Lee Ann Mortensen, Catherine Redfield, Teresa Rittenhouse, Lisa Sandlin, Jackie Tai, Raymond Thibeault, Steve Watkins, Mark Wisniewski, Philip Asaph, Sally Ball, Cori Brackett, Tom Breidenbach, Liz Brixius, Kevin Cantwell, David Chin

Issue 17.3, 1989

Sara Lewis, Christopher Howell, Marlene Cookshaw, Mark Doty, Stephen Kuusisto, Raymond Federman, Elizabeth Inness-Brown, David Lipsky, Kathy may, Mary O'Rourk, Joseph Hutchison, Alice Mattison, Jean Tardieu, James Gill, Jean Pierre Vallotton, Rodger Kamenetz, Rich Ives, Wallis Wilde-Menozzi, Anthony Sobin, Katherine Haake

Issue 18.1, 1989

Elizabeth Tallent, John Holman, Bin Ramke, David Michael Kaplan, Cynthia Kadohata, Paul Hoover, Michael Carlson, Jeannine Savard, Mark Halliday, Alan Feldman, James Nolan, Maxine Chernoff, Larry French, Ariel Dorman, Christopher Merrill, Helga M. Novak, Sammy McLean, J-son Wooi-chin, Paul Lisicky

Issue 15.3, 1987

Charles Marvin, Tomaz Salamun, Michael Biggins, Shelby Hearon, Eugene Dubnov, Christopher Newman, John Heath-Stubbs, Raymond Federmant, Robert Pawlowski, Stephen Murabito, Marcia Southwick, W.T. Pfefferle, Renee Manfredi, Michael Carlson, Edward Kleinschmidt, Larry French, Alexander Theroux, Leon Rooke, Joyce Carol Oates, Norberto Luis Romero, H.E. Francis

Issue 16.1, 1988

Richard Burgin, Michael Cadnum, Norman Dubie, Maxine Chernoff, Eugene Dubnov, John Heath-Stubbs, Fred Hoffman, Primo Levi, Ruth Feldman, Robert Garner McBrearty, Alexandre O?Neill, Richard Zenith, Maria Luisa Puga, Leland H. Chambers, Bin Ramke, Alberto Rios, Mary Ruefle, Yasunari Kawabata, Lane Dunlop, Roger Weingarten, Debbie L. Wesselmann, Peter Wild, Lisa Zeidner

Issue 14.3, 1986

Marian Thurm, Indira Ganesan, Peter Cameron, Rachel Pastan, Jesse Green, Janice Eidus, Anderson Ferrell, Jill Ciment, Sara E. Lewis, Gary Glickman, Amy Hempel








Issue 15.1&2, 1986

E.M. Cioran, Richard Howard, Larry Brown, Leon Rooke, Mark Fishman, Lisa Zeidner, Lucie Brock-Broido, David Kresh, Eugenio Montale, Ned. E. Condini, Rodger Kamenetz, G. S. Sharat Chandra, Rich Ives, Jonathan Landers, Michael Cadnum, Pia Zaninelli, Fred G. Leebron, Sandra J. Kolankiewicz

Issue 13.3, 1985

Larry McCaffery, Sinda Gregory, Edmund White, Larry Brown, Ben Brooks, J.D. Dolan, Alvin Greenberg, Norman Dubie, Gail J. Peck, M.R. Hutcheson, Jon Daunt, W. Bishop, C. Stephen Finley, Rose Solari, Michael Donaghy, John J. Stickney, Marilyn Stablein, Richard Burgin, Stephen Dixon, Lewis Bogaty

Issue 12.3, 1984

David Michael Kaplan, James Howard Kunstler, Ellen Votaw Miller, Stephen Dixon, Steven Dixon, Peter Spielberg, James Tate, Susan Magovern, Carol Dunne, Frances Mayes, John Bensko, Michael Knoll, Mark Doty, Elizabeth Thomas, Johnny Duvall Jr., Aleda Shirley, Debra Bruce, Tama Janowitz, Laura Marello, Phillip Lopate, Richard Burgin

Issue 11.3, 1983

Rob Dyer, Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari, Robert Brinkley, Mikhail Bakhtin, Patricia Sollner, Jonathan Goldberg, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Jean-Loup Thebaud, Ruth Brinkley, Robert Brinkley, Luce Irigaray, Sara Speidel

Issue 12.1&2, 1983

Francois Camoin, Michael Covino, Mary Caponegro, Sandra J. Kolankiewicz, Lisa Zeidner, Jose Emilio Pacheco, George B. Moore, Jose Emilio Pacheco, George B. Moore, Henry Tim Chambers, W. Bishop, William Zaranka, Molly Peacock, Marea Gordett, David Groff, James Solheim, James Nolan, Herbert Morris, David Moser, Doug Crowell, Sergei Dovlatov, Anne Frydman, Dazai Osamu, Lane Dunlop

Issue 10.3, 1982

John Hawkes, J.F. Sellers, Michael Cadnum, David Diefendorf, Judy Lopatin, Joseph Grieco, Eugenio de Andrade, Alexis Levitin, Dorothy Foltz-Gray, Robert Miklitsch, Lee Upton, Beth Joselow, Mark Doty, Scott Wright, John Yau, Nicholas Rinaldi, Jonathan Baumbach, Jonathan Brent, Bruce Kleinman, Alvin Greenberg

Issue 11.1&2, 1982

John Holman, Robert McBrearty, David Michael Kaplan, Gustavus Lind, Robert Dunn, Tama Janowitz, Larkin Warren, Rodger Kamenetz, Sue Standing, David Weiss, Frances Mayes, William Page, Nancy Esposito, Greg Kuzma, Pat Carrothers, R. Bartkowech, James Solheim, Rosaire Appel, Bev Jafek, David Low, Jean Davidson, Dazai Osamu, Lane Dunlop

Issue 10.1&2, 1981

Yoshiko Shigenkane, John Wilson, Motoko Naruse, Russell Banks, W.D. Blackmon, Richard Martin, Tom Ahern, Kathleen Hirsch, George Steiner, Douglas Messerli, James Gallant, H.E. Francis, Marian Thurm, Peter Cooley, Beverly Lowry, Maxine Chernoff, Robert Earle, Angelina Muniz, Lois Parkinson Zamora, Juan Cortez-Villon, Paul Hoover, Frank Gannon, Debra Bruce, David Rollow, Manuella Cortez, Tama Janowitz

Issue 9.3, 1981

Albert Samain, A. Mangravite, Lucie Brock-Broido, Doug Crowell, Richard Burgin, Sandra J. Kolankiewicz, Margot Treitel, Mary Robison, Vern Rutsala, Richard Kostelanetz, Edward Zorensky

Issue 9.1&2, 1980

Alvin Greenberg, Charles Simic, Guy Davenport, Noberto Luis Romero, H.E. Francis, Angela Ball, Mark Mirsky, Steve Ketterer, Lance Olsen, Robley Wilson, Galway Kinnell, Kathryn Kramer, William Ferguson, Janice Eidus, Susan Ludvigson, Marianne Boruch, Pam Nall, Nicholas Rinaldi, Yumiko Kurahashi, Lane Dunlop, Lisa Zeidner

Issue 8.3, 1979

James Applewhite, William Doreski, Dorothy Foltz-Gray, Carol Baker Hansen, Janet Kaufman, Jane Miller, Sharon Olds, Molly Peacock, Mary Ruefle, Herbert Scott, Brian Swann, James Yates

Issue 8.1&2, 1979

John Hawkes, Kenward Elmslie, James Robison, Ricardo Cortez, Gilbert Sorrentino, Doug Crowell, Laura Furman, Pati Hill, Judy Lopatin, Joe David Bellamy, Kate Farrell, Thomas Baer, Charles Henley, Joyce Carol Oates, Mark Mirsky, Lisa Zeidner, Tom Whalen, John Barth

Issue 7.3, 1978

Thomas Baer, Gordon Lish, A.R. Ammons, Margaret Atwood, Frederick Busch, Robert Dana, Paulette Bates, Richard Cortez, Richard Hugo, R.K. Meiners, Richard Frost, Leon Stokesbury, L.S. Asekoff, Howard Nemerov, Raymond Federman, Raymond Carver

Issue 7.1&2, 1978

Adolfo Bioy Casares, Suzanne Jill Levine, Kenneth Bernard, Pati Hill, Ann Beattie, David Diefendorf, Vicki Linder, Lisa Zeidner, Doris Betts, Pia Zaninelli, John Batki, Sotere Torregian, James M. Davis Jr., Russell Banks, Joseph McElroy

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