The editors of Mississippi Review are pleased to announce the winners and finalists for the 2020 Prize. Along with the winners in all three genres, the finalists below will be published in our Summer Prize Issue:

MR Fiction Winner, selected by Olivia Clare:
Yolanda Movsessian - “The Death of a Storyteller”

MR Poetry Winner, selected by Angela Ball:
Katherine Gaffney - “Quickening (Or Motherhood: An          Absence)”

MR Nonfiction Winner, selected by Joshua Bernstein:
Danielle Dubrasky - “Juliet”

MR Fiction Finalists:
Cara Bayles - “Checkout”
Melanie McGee Bianchi - “Ballad of Cherrystoke”
Jerry Harp - “Marathon”
Neshat Khan - “Gifted”
Jenni Moody - “Posie and the Bear”

MR Poetry Finalists:
Rachel Galvin - “Corpse Pose”
Jenn Givhan - “I Awoke Contemplating Sex Work to Feed my          Children,”
Samantha Grenrock - “King of the Cow-Killers”
Benjamin Gucciardi - “Salve Regina”
Zach Linge - “Jazz Outside St. Mark’s Wildlife”
Nicholas Molbert - “Cup licking: an addendum”
Bret Shepard - “Radiation Hotel”
Alina Stefanescu - “Intensely, At Something”
Casey Thayer - “Slide”
Mark Wagenaar - “The Architect”
G.C. Waldrep - “A Red Book for Humphrey Repton”
Tobias Wray - “False Spring for Telemachus”

MR Nonfiction Finalist:
Stephanie Pushaw - “On Being Wrong: an essay in parts”

All entrants will receive a copy of the Prize Issue, which will be published in June 2020. We are grateful to everyone who submitted the work for this year's contest. The 2021 contest will open for submissions on August 15, 2020.