We're thrilled to announce the winners and finalists of our 2016 contest. Thank you to all who entered.  Issue 44.1&2 is out now, and you can order it in the MR Store.


Poetry Winner:


Hannah Craig, “O It Rises”


Poetry Finalists:


Allison Adair, “Fable”

Jacob Appel, “Murder-Suicide”

Kasey Edison, “Fear of fire”

Martha Silano “Dear Mr. Keats,”

Jessica Plante, “The World’s Trespass on the Body's Central Disruption”

Yerra Sugarman, “On the Anniversary of My Mother's Death-Day”

Devi Laskar, “Bobbing/”

Sally J. Johnson, “[It is autumn here but the weather is so warm”

Len Lawson, “Praise Song for the Waters”

Rich Ives, “You Can’t Live in a House”

Aaron Krol, “The Saints”

Elisabeth Murawski, “How Attractive, Then, The Nightmare Skeleton”

Ryan Harper, “Francesco on Black Friday”

Maureen Ash, “The Sky Below”

Bernard Horn, “The Porch”

Patricia Colleen Murphy, “June”

Fergus McAlistser, “Destitution”




The 2016 Summer Issue, MR 44 1&2, is here and available for purchase at the MR Store.


Good News: Two stories from MR are on Best American's 100 Distinguished Stories list: Kathleen Sachs's "The Opposite of Denim" and Aurelie Sheehan's "Wolf in the Basement", both in issue 41.3. Check them out on the Issues page.


The 2016 Winter Issue is available for purchase at the MR Store.


The 2015 Summer Contest Issue is now available for purchase at the MR Store.


MR 2014 Fiction Prize winner Kirstin Valdez Quade named a 5 Under 35 by the National Book Foundation. Her collection Night at the Fiestas has recently been published.






Fiction Winner:


Courtney Sender, “Marguerite”


Fiction Finalists:


Heidi Diehl, “Big Shadow”

Vedran Husic, “Documentary”

Gwen Kirby, “Jerry’s Crab Shack: One Star”

Adam Latham, “Night Vision”

Christopher Mohar, “This Baby”

Mary Lynn Reed, “Legs”



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