Open Positions

We are currently looking for qualified graduate candidates to join our group. The research areas are mainly associated with analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, electroanalytical chemistry, surface chemistry, and bioanalytical chemistry (biosensors). Please see "Graduate Studies" section for detailed application process and requirements. Our general research interests and some fundamental concepts of the techniques commonly used as well as examples of research projects can be found here.

A post-doctoral position supported by an NSF CAREER award is currently filled (Feb. 20, 2011). More than 40 applications were received for the position. We appreciate those of you who expressed their interest in our research, and wish them good luck in their future career. We will post a notice here if a new opening becomes available in the near future. Prospective applicants should email your complete CVs (with a list of publications and  the contact information of three referees) to Dr. Wujian Miao.  

Visiting Scholars and Exchange Students are also welcomed to join us. Please email Dr. Wujian Miao for further information.