We are currently looking for qualified graduate candidates to join our group. The research areas are mainly associated with analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, electroanalytical chemistry, surface chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry (biosensors), and photocatalysts. Please see "Graduate Studies" section for detailed application process and requirements. Our general research interests and some fundamental concepts of the techniques commonly used as well as examples of research projects can be found here.

Visiting Scholars and Exchange Students are also welcomed to join us. Please email Dr. Wujian Miao for further information.

  Current Group Members (Click the title for photos):

(1) Postdoctoral Associates:


(2) Graduate Students:

Pradip Bastola

Tamanna Shanta

Arun Siddarth Sridhar

(3) Visiting Scholars:


(4) Undergraduate Students:

Sarah Nicole Cook

Murshiva L Harris

Nathaniel Branimir Kurtz


(5) Rotation Graduate Students:



(6) Other Students




Past Group Members (Click the title for photos):

(1) Postdoctoral Associate:

Dr. Guizheng Zou (2011-2012, now in Shandong University, China)

Dr. Mahesha  Bharatha Herath (Summer 2012)

(2) Graduate students:

Tommie Pittman (Graduated with MS degree in August 2008)

Shijun Wang (Graduated with PhD degree in May 2010)

Suman Parajuli (Graduated with PhD degree in May 2011)

Yiliyasi Wusimanjiang (Graduated with PhD degree in May 2016)

(3) Visiting Scholars:

Dr. Milka Neshkova (from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

Dr. Jian Shi (from Nantong University, China)

Dr. Xiaohui Jing (from Nantong University, China)

Dr. Cunwang Ge (from Nantong University, China)

Dr. Lin Li (from Linyi University, China)

Dr. Aixiang Wang (from Linyi University, China)

Dr. Mahesha  Bharatha Herath (Spring 2012)


(4) Undergraduate Students:

(a) From USM:

Dale A. Rossado Jr. ("D. J.")

Nicholas Greham

Traveon T. Ferguson

Hiren Patel

Erick T. Moffett

Thomas (Tommy) Maestri

Carrie Hofmann

Diamonisha Harrington

Rebekah Shows

Michaelia Graves

David Curtis

Keith Stewart

Matthew Yelverton

William Seawell III

Paul Stoulig III

Kathleen Johnson

Brandon Johnson

Jacob Gersh

Alexander Meyer




(b) Outside of USM

Bethtrice Thompson (Jackson State University)

Lamaryet Moody (Delta State University)

Jenifer Milam (Texas State University)

Emma Harris (Mississippi University for Woman)

Alfred Chen (Oklahoma Baptist University)

Daniel A. McCurry (State University of New York-Binghamton)

Ramsey Hanna (University of Mary Washington – Fredericksburg, VA)

Allen Reed (University of the Cumberlands, Kentucky)

(5) Rotation Graduate Students:

Xiaolan Li

Amit Kumar

Erendra Manandhar

Nerissa Lewis

LaCrissia Bridges

Emily Vogel

Joshua Phillips

Johnathan “Hugh” Broome

Aaron Davis

Frederick "Fritz" McFarland

Rashid Mia

Xinyi Zhao


(6) Other Students

Taylor McAlister (Petal High School Student)

Gajin Yoo (ACS SEED, Oak Grove High School)

Paul Lee (ACS SEED, Oak Grove High School)

Christina Legradi (ACS SEED, MSMS)



Some Group Photos (Click the title for photos).